Brad Tries: The State Fair 2015

With such items as deep fried sweet corn, a krispy kreme brurger, fried key lime pie, a pickle on a stick, and more!

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. Oh, I love seeing you guys eat nasty fatty food. 😀 Although, the cookie shot glass thing looks pretty good.

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I’m back. Cool video brad all of those things sound disgusting except the key line deep fried,the buttered hot dog,and that’s about it!!! Glad I don’t go to the state fair but would like to play some games(PLZ!!)

  3. Did you shave while you were at the state fair?

  4. That’s fun. 🙂 I want that fried key lime pie….

  5. Loved the video, especially seeing you guys have fun despite the behind the scenes issues. Krispy Kreme burgers are popular at the Dixie Classic Fair in Winston-Salem, NC. Which is maybe because it’s the home of that doughnut brand.

    I’m surprised Brad didn’t win his girlfriend a stuff carnival toy. It’s the classic gift for your first time at the fair as a couple.

  6. this video is like a capsule explaining why the USA is the fattest country in the world!

    my stomach turned for every one of those things, except the cookie shot glass

  7. I had to laugh at the girl who was last on the slide; I’m that person but usually in the opposite direction: When we float down the channel, since I weigh about 100 pounds, if I lay back and relax, I am swiftly way ahead of everyone else.

  8. Jesus Christ, Dave is fucking insufferable.

  9. In an episode of “The Boondocks”, main character Robert “Grandpa” Freeman refers to a variant of the “Krispy Kreme Burger” as “The Luther”, because the sandwich (with bacon, cheese, & grilled onion) was apparently named for the late great R&B singer Luther Vandross.

    There was an episode of Paula Deen on YouTube where she actually made her OWN mark on the infamous sandwich, but with a fried egg.

    Frontier League baseball team The Gateway Grizzlies of Sauget, Illinois have served this at their ballpark. Their version consists of a deep-fried Krispy Kreme doughnut around a black Angus all-beef patty, melted cheese, and two strips of bacon. Dubbed a “cardiologist’s worst nightmare”, their version is 1,000 calories. Aside from bringing in revenue from sales, it has drawn more fans to come out to the ballpark: apparently, attendance at games has increased and the burger is one of the most popular aspects of the park.

    In Astoria, Queens, a Lebanese burger restaurant began selling a halal-compliant version with turkey bacon in 2010. The restaurateur added the 1⁄4-pound (0.11 kg) burger to the menu after a friend experienced one while traveling through the Southern United States.

    The point is, this sandwich is EVERYWHERE. In EVERY culture.

    Some people call it sacrilege. Others call it a cardiologist’s worst nightmare.

    I call it “Faith In Humanity: Restored”.

    It’ll jack up my blood sugar, but DAMN it is WORTH it…

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