Brad Tries Who Said Muuu?

I guess I should eat the candy bar to find out the secret to this riddle.

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. This actually peaks my interest. Yum. ^.^

  2. That thing is a Kinder Bueno knockoff if I’ve ever seen one!

  3. This is udderly ridiculous. This is so cheesy! Some people never loin! I hate to be the one to toot my own horn, and I should hold my tongue. And I know this is your bread and butter, but I think you just don’t know what’s at steak here! Maybe we should just a round. Or just chuck it. You don’t want to get shanked. I’m just ribbing you. Well, I got to hoof it.

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