Brad Watches Every Episode of Fuller House

Filmed about a week ago, Brad reviews every episode of Fuller House.

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  1. The Mysterious M

    I watched Full House as a kid, I liked it. I can see why people don’t like it, but I do.

    That being said, my view of Fuller House is much more mixed. I thought the show itself was okay. I found it tended to be better when it didn’t focus on or call back to the original series.

    Personally, I thought Andrea Barber was the best part of the show.

  2. As goodie-goodies as I am, I have never liked Full House. However, it sounds like they’re trying to be more adult-themed. So… who is this show for then?!

  3. My favorite AFHV was with a kid. It was a kid doing Karate in front of a duck, and then the duck starting chasing after the kid, which caused him to scream bloody murder. It was so hilarious. I was sad that it took second place to a 6 or 7 year old flexing with big muscles.

  4. I watched the first episode. It was a good reunion episode, but it was clearly meant to transition people into the new show. I know the 2nd will be quite different and I can’t even work up the interest to check it out.

  5. am I the only one who hated max (the middle child) like he was pretty annoying.

  6. I hated Full house. I liked Step By Step.

  7. I liked episode 4, because Stephanie didn’t wind up having to learn a lesson about not lying. She just keeps pretending it’s her baby.

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