Brandon Tenold: America 3000

It’s post-apocalypse time with “America 3000” (1986), where we learn that in the future, men and women just don’t get along! Special guest appearance by Linkara!

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  1. About half way through that I recognize A Man as the title character from Automan. At least he did something good in his career.

  2. …And then they died of leukemia!

  3. ‘Great so now I know what Hitler’s speech would have sounded like if it had been written by Dr Seuss.’

  4. Of all the series on this site why is it Brandon does the most movies I’ve seen?

  5. I for one would welcome my new female overlords in a post apocalyptic setting. Why? Because..

    I AM A MAN! *punch*

  6. I spy Eliminators on that DVD set? Hope to see some Denise Crosby changing/cyborg roman/keyboard smashing/80’s ninja goodness on this site someday.

  7. I’ve never seen your stuff before. I came for Linkara. I thought it was going to be a crossover. However, I found this pretty enjoyable.

  8. Am I watching Cloud Atlas…?

  9. No nudity? What a waste! of uh… showing that women can be strong and independent.. or something.

    Though it is strange that women were using men to have sex (and procreate I guess), men didn’t want to for 20 years, even went to war with them, and it’s all resolved with sex. It’s like one long ass punchline! Couldn’t the slave men just have said “Hey we don’t mind having sex with you, but can we at least have a bath every now and then?” It would have ended without so many dead. I also think Maze Runner took a lot of ideas from this film.. except for the maze.

  10. I know a guy who used to work for Canon Films. He has some great stories.

    Anyway, I’m really enjoying this series.

  11. I notice a lot people mentioning that the new reviewers that have been coming into the site are just not up to par. I have to agree with them, but at the same time (while not my favorite) I think Brandon here is above average and is genuinly entertaining and I look forward to what he reviews in the future. So in short, you go girl! (take that as you like)

  12. Moviemantweeter1999

    yeah awesome linkara cameo I like how he said the man line. I hope you do a crossover sometime in the future with channel awesome members since you’ve had two of them make cameos on this show but this time I like how it was set up into the script besides the cinema snob cameo last time. i’ll probably just give this one a pass and watch 2019:after the fall of America.

  13. Frau is german for Women. So in the year 3000 they use german and not english^^ BTW im Austrian, so germna related stuff is my mother tongues duty^^

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