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Time for some Euro-superhero action with “Argoman” (1967), where the titular hero steals, kills and holds women hostage…he IS the hero, right?

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    1:15 nice man from uncle advertisment imdb (too bad i probably won’t be able to see it again since the man from uncle was a box office bomb)!!
    3:13 nell is an american movie where I’m asumeing they just told Liam Neeson ans Jodie Foster to do funny accents and make sure the audience doesn’t understand it and poof movie!
    15:05 it feels like argo man wants to be in playboy magazine with that pose

    good review too and jennabelle exploding at the end was pretty dark (guess argoman was the real villian). Also i think thats Ben Affleck playing argoman but im not sure (probably one of his family members).

  2. Wow… Diabolik was just mundane and boring (really, a black ninja costume was the best he could come up with?) but this guy basically rips off Cyclops’ original costume?

    And yeah, I hear this was supposed to be a James Bond/Batman parody, but even so it doesn’t work very well when I find myself rooting for the sexy villainess instead of the murderous, lecherous egomaniac jerk who’s supposed to be a hero. Suprised that IMDB has all positive reviews from italians for whom this is a nostalgic childhood comedy.

  3. 01:50 Many people complain that characters like Superman don’t actually use their powers to take down criminals permanently. These people should love Argoman.

    I think these characters are less villains but more along the lines of pragmatic anti heros. I mean if you have a super power that gets you out of trouble you’d use it right? Diabolik for isntance started out as a straight up pulp villain protagonist and over time developed into an anti hero. And Argoman here seems like a mixture of Batman, Dr. Psycho and Arsene Lupin… and Glen Quagmire.

    03:40 And they completly ignore Wales again.

    04:30 Yeah, the villains in those movies are usually pretty lame.

  4. Well, if you needed any evidence that England should leave Europe… here you are!

  5. Nahh f**k! What a turd of a movie.
    I have to agree. The hero is the real villain of the picture. They should have just reversed the hero and villain roles and it would have been a much more enjoyable movie.

    Another great episode Brandon. Keep ’em coming.

  6. Well, since one of the italian subtitles is ‘Argoman the superdiabolic’, I think some of his villanousness was intentional. Also, Satanik and Diabolik actually ARE antiheros/villains and intended to be that (Diabolik is a bit more of the former, though).

  7. Hey Brandon,

    What happened to the rest of Gamera month. I remember you reviewed the first two, but nothing regarding any others?

    Anyway, I enjoy the reviews and keep up the good work.

  8. Yeah Argoman is cool and all, but he’s no Pumaman.

  9. I assume the ‘argo’ in ‘argoman’ was a reference to gold…

  10. “Jimmy Savile at a daycare” dude! wow, didn’t expect to laugh at something like that but still… wow…

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