Brandon Tenold: Challenge of the Tiger

It’s chop-socky time as I review the crazy kung fu flick “Challenge of the Tiger” (1980), AKA “Gymkata Killer”, starring Richard Harrison and Bruce Le…that’s Le with one ‘e’ you understand…

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    this movie must be that good if it has those things you said in the video.good review brendon and i must say between a fake bruce lee and a richard harrison man looking to love the next women he finds(jeez what a player) this movie looks intresting. i’ll have to check it out sometime

  2. This is probably my favorite review in Brandon’s archive… saw topless girls, got seduced by Richard Harrison, laughed my ass off. What more can you ask for?

    Keep up the good work Brandon 😀

  3. Erica Nicole Jones

    I guess I like the idea of Bruce lee and James Bond teaming up to bad it never happened for real

  4. I think maybe the “sperm killer” wasn’t so much a spermicide as it was a sterility formula. Assuming it’s effects could be made permanent an immoral governing body could use it in a eugenics program, making certain “undesirables” sterile so they wouldn’t be a problem in the next generation. You know, revolutionaries, the poor, brown people, jews, all the stuff Nazi’s don’t like.

  5. You at this point it’s not a question of will our friend Brandon have a crossover with the Cinema Snob but a question of when. Personally I cannot wait until they do.
    Oh and great review Brandon, another movie to add to my IMDB watchlist.

  6. Wow, Richard Harrison, you found the true path to happiness.

    How about reviewing the ‘Thunderbolt’ series, I recall one of them has an action sequence involving Richard Harrison on a skateboard wearing short-shorts.

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