Brandon Tenold: Queen Kong

It’s a gender-bending twist on King Kong with “Queen Kong” (1976), starring British actor Robin Askwith!

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  1. There’s also an animated musical, with Jodi Benson and I think Dudley Moore. It was direct to video and while I haven’t seen either film, I’ll bet it was better than the songs in this thing.

  2. So much yeeeeeees!

  3. Wow. Those be some big monkey tits!

  4. That’s pretty much my reaction to any musical. WTF, why are they suddenly singing?

  5. Death by Snusnu….

  6. Why did that bird thing have a hook foot?

    Man that ape/gorilla gag is really dumb. That’s like saying ‘that’s not a van, it’s a car’.

    Loved that ‘Uuuggggggggggggggggggggg…..’

    18:18 So in other words: Death…by SNU SNU! (I know I was beaten to it but I don’t care lol.)

  7. Moviemantweeter1999

    Nice middle finger dude. The bird in this movie kinda looks like the monster for the giant claw. I loved the fifty shades of ape joke don’t even get me started on the new movie that just opened. But I’m curious to know your thoughts on american sniper and what your next episode will be? Since you brought up the american sniper joke that was cool.

  8. I thought Dexter was a short red-haired kid with glasses and a lab coat. And his sister was always destroying his laboratory. He does have a monkey he’s been performing genetic experiments on.

  9. I have to admit, I laughed at the wave joke, even though I didn’t really get it. And that airplane scene was amazing! How many singing nuns were on airplanes in the 70’s for there to be so many parodies about it?

    Also, I don’t understand the movie at all in that, the lady wanted to make an amazing movie, but she never was filming anything. Total plot hole.

  10. The woman playing the director is Rula Lenska. Among other things, she went on to be in the radio shows of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (season 1 and 5). At least she was somewhat redeemed by that.

    Yes, this is British humour but it’s low-rent British Humour. All the bawdy British comedies from the 1970’s were much the same in terms of humour content. Makes you cringe now.

  11. na this is Carry On British Humour. Out dated innuendos that toddlers understand.
    But I’ll be honest, I understood the bagpipes joke… Its cultural. Referencing the Scottish Highlands and LowLa… Its a pun is the short answer 😛

    • I got it too (I say in the video that they only use it as the setup to a “you’ll take the highroad” punchline), what I don’t get is why they bothered having all that setup just to lead to a very lame pun!

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