Brandon Tenold: Red Scorpion

Review of the Dolph Lundgren starring 80’s action movie “Red Scorpion” (1988). Are you ready to kick some commie ass, comrade?

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Reviewer/Riffer/Lover of strange films from across cinema history.


  1. TragicGuineaPig

    2:40 – “And I raa-aa-an, I ran so far a-waa-aa-aay!”

  2. SailorRustyBacon

    So that’s what I’ve been missing in my actionsploitation movies: Godzilla roarsplosions! That, and commando battle shorts! Those are kind of hot!

  3. The giant rubber monster in this movie is of course, Dolph Lundgren.

  4. There was also the movie about Clint Eastwood stealing the latest Soviet fighter jet, Firefox.

  5. Cuba and Czechoslovakia? Non of those country operated outside own territory! Cuban have own job in teasing Americans and almost anyone from central Europe would escape on west if they would have occasion for that. For them Russia was occupiers after all. Anyone who have at least basic knowledge about topic know that communist International forces were in 100% composed from Russians (this isn’t a joke).

  6. This movie looks awesome!

    Just look at all the real explosions!

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