Brandon Tenold: Slaughter High

I review the slasher movie “Slaughter High” (1986), starring Caroline Munro and the world’s most middle-aged teenagers.

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Reviewer/Riffer/Lover of strange films from across cinema history.


  1. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    I honestly thought it was going to be the janitor.

  2. Those teenagers are so old that they would fit in perfectly with a Power Rangers casting call.

  3. This video is actually pretty damn funny. I’m going to find more of this dude’s stuff.

  4. Already watched your entire backlog on Youtube. Looking forward to your new stuff.

  5. 1:20 It is in fact pretty easy to explain, as it is one of at least two things:

    1) One writer try sell one slack script to few studios, and when they notice they change details because there is no point in abandoning already started work (not that rewriting scripts isn’t common). Good example is Disney The Wild, which was delayed whole year in release because of Madagascar. Also..

    2) Exploit studios search and hook up to better studios work, selling similar product. This way someone do mistake from time to time, and they save on promotion. That how it is in cases when there is gap between quality in released products.

    There are also other weird cases like WoW: Mists of Pandaria, which was clearly inspired by Kung-Fu Panda. But here is gap between release time, so it don’t count.

  6. You handled this movie well, good sir. Well done. =)

  7. Sir, this is the first video of yours I have gotten to watch and I must say well done and you can count me as a new fan, keep up the great work and I’m looking forward to checking out your backlog (haha nice reefer madness will be my first stop)

  8. Marty the Killer who knew? I believe this film has a cult status. ALso one of my guilty pleasure films. Also there was a planned sequel to this film but it was shelved when the Actor Simon Scuddamore, committed suicide.

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