Brandon Tenold: The Dark

Have you ever been watching a zombie movie and thought it would be better if they were aliens that shot lasers out of their eyes? The producers of “The Dark” (1979) thought so too!

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  1. I remember renting this one when I was about 12 and having a stay over night at my friend’s house. It was a thing for us then — renting a horror movie, and staying up late.

    Yup. This movie was forgettable. It made for a thoroughly mediocre night.

  2. Ha! I have seen this one. I have to get an award for that… right? An award… anything… free snack, maybe?

    Yeah, I thought this might have been a fun-bad movie at the time, but… no it wasn’t. A lot of character drama with no connection to the actual baddie, one who doesn’t have any explanation for existing, much less going on a murder spree. It’s almost like Dick Clark had no idea how to do a horror movie, did he?

  3. 1:20 – That spot seriously deserved some Epic Kirk vs. Spock Battle Music.

  4. Moviemantweeter1999

    I think the alien in the !movie was at the junkyard the whole time,but yesah good review.

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