Brandon Tenold: The Dragon Lives Again

It’s Brucesploitation time one more with “The Dragon Lives Again” (1977), where Bruce battles James Bond, Clint Eastwood and Dracula…seriously!

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  1. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    What is up with the choice of characters in this movie? Were the people who made this drunk?

  2. Actually the fight with Popeye was much better than Popeye’s movie.

    I kind of miss Robin Williams…

    • Oh, I miss him a lot.

      The guy had a dark mind. If you watched enough of his non highly grossing films, you could tell. World’s Greatest Dad, One Hour Photo, The Fisher King.

      Man, there was a side to Robin Williams that I truly miss.

      BTW, Tenold, this was another great video.

  3. This movie must have been made with the aid of lots of drugs. It explains everything. The balls to the walls action mixed with a huge amount of disorganization, and a plot that trips all over the place. Movies like this from the ’70’s probably have loads of drugs involved with making them. Hey, I know I may be wrong, but it’s as good a go-to answer as any.

  4. I think “Asian Doctor Who” is supposed to be Quai Chang Caine from the Kung Fu TV show.

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    i just saw your other one a few weeks ago so this was perfect timing man.Liked the review and by god was that movie weird.Vampires,dracula,clint eastwood,doctor who etc. It has everything.You should do more weird movies on this show…espically with the bruceplotation films.can’t wait to see what’s next time.

  6. I’m pretty sure the “Godfather” is supposed to be Sonny Chiba.

  7. There’s the name of your next show: ‘Weird Movie Purgatory With Brandon T.’

    You can use it for crossovers. 🙂

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