Brandon Tenold: Turkish Batman

I return to Turkey with “Turkish Batman” (1973), where the dark knight shoots people, roughs up women and frequents strip clubs. And you thought Christopher Nolan’s Batman was gritty!

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  1. Moviemantweeter1999

    good review Brendan me buddy. did you move because of the new setting it looks like it but It’s probably a house in new York or Chicago but who knows. maybe it will lead to a team up i’m not sure yet? but wow this movie was intense any other rip-off movies from other countries you wanna do. Hope that the next review is just as grand but longer and i’ll catch you on the flipside buddy.

  2. In Turkey, he should be known as “Bangman” cuz he can’t stop banging all those chicks!

  3. And then Batman sleeps with… everyone?

  4. They had Turkish Girl in Gold boots in there somewhere.

  5. is there a butt plug at 9:11 in this movie? x)

  6. The Saint was awesome! 😀 Roger Moore was great in that, and he delivered much the same role as Bond later.

    Btw, as much fun as your subtitles are, sometimes you could elaborate on what the movie REALLY is about.

  7. Like, is it ever explained why the badguys keep killing all these random women? I mean, apart from the turkish audiences apparently having death fetish.

  8. Glad to hear Bob the Goon get some respect here.

  9. That’s my favorite title card for this show so far.

    “Smoking kills…immediately I guess.” It certainly does if you are playing the Pumpkinhead PC game.

    If I were to guess where you are I’d have to say…a hotel room?

  10. Well, technically, Batman was in Turkey long before the US. (Look at a map…)

  11. I’ve seen reviews from you, Brad, & Ed, & yeah, this is the weirdest soundtrack ever. Slightly more awkward & displaced than the music on The Blacklist.

  12. Damn that Police Squad part was too much XD But really, if Bruce Wayne (our version) had sex with… you know, multiple women at a time, since he is a billionaire and all, he might not be so upset as much. Look at this Bruce Wayne (or whatever his name was), some woman would be killed for whatever reason, he’d beat up the killers, move on, sleep with someone else. Seems less stressful to me.

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