Brandon Tenold: Turkish Superman

It’s turkey time once again as I review “Turkish Superman” (1979), where the Turkish man of steel battles the twin threats of Lex Luthor (I think) and low production values.

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  1. You gotta admit they got the costume right in comparison to Turkish Batman and Spider-Man..

  2. Actually, Superman (the original character) was co-created with Jerry Siegel.

  3. Oh, these crazy Turkish movies. I want to know more about them, and why they’re not being made like this anymore.

  4. And when Superman uses his x-ray vision…was that woman just walking around wearing a bikini under her clothes all day?

  5. They did use music from a movie that was set in Turkey, Midnight Express.

  6. Superman never turned back time by reversing the rotation of the earth, the rotation of the earth reversed because Superman was traveling through time. Still stupid, just a different kind of stupid.

  7. Moviemantweeter1999

    I think your the second best new movie reviewer on this site right next to il neige(you would be better but I’ll have to watch more of your show and his show). That actor who played led luthor in the movie should have played peter parkers boss at the daily planet in that movie. You should do more superman related jokes because the bit when you said “Superman watch as he compolsates and let’s the bad guy get away” had me cracking up. Good review and can’t wait for the gamera movie marathon to start.

  8. hilarious stuff! I thought Lex looked more like the Turkish Vincent Price.

  9. I have to admit, though the character wasn’t right, the actor playing superman wasn’t bad. He had the right presence at least.

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