Brandon Tenold: Wicked City

I review the notoriously violent and sexually-charged anime film “Wicked City” (1987), featuring mutant demons, tentacle sex and one seriously dirty old man. Pokemon this ain’t boys and girls…

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  1. 12:42 Interestingly, that’s how tentacle monsters came to fruition. As a way to bypass a rule that genitalia must be censored.

  2. Anime nowadays is;t any more cutesey nor panty shot filled than it has EVER been. You just have to watch better anime. Yes, what’s being shown on western tv… yeah, that tends to unfortunately suck. Thing is, there has ALWYAS been the cutesey anime. And there has always been the ultra violent, ultra nudity filled shows. True then, true now. You just have to look for it. It’s not like Wiked City was all that mainstream.

    • Thank you i HATE when people say things like that i was like that one time and it so stupid thinking a it hurts there is always somethings there is good and somethings there is bad and only there thing there is chance is the way to them with the tools we haft today and that its

    • maybe so, but the cutesy shit is sure as hell pushed alot more.

  3. I have a feeling the title card artist really likes to draw tig ol bitties!

  4. Moviemantweeter1999

    Good review but man is this movie messes up but that’s what anime was like so no more complaining I guess. I hope you release the review for the sequel next week?

  5. I remember someone giving me a copy of this movie on VHS back in high school.

    Ah, those were the days.

  6. Great review Brandon.

    I remember seeing this movie on syfy or whatever channel used to air anime in the early 2000’s along with Demon City Shinjuku and Blood Reign.

    Aside from DBZ and Toonami, watching uncut tentacle rape anime on cable was good times..

  7. Jeez I honestly wasn’t sure whether or not you’d post this one to Channel Awesome… after watching this I think I need to watch something a bit more wholesome… on to Brad’s I Spit on Your Grave Review!

  8. What’s to say that Makie is pregnant by Taki and not by the Oddworld Scrab like thing from earlier in the movie?

  9. I like how you said anime made today and you show anime from the early 2000s. I know what ever you say about anime is coming out your ass.

    • “He Is My Master” is from 2005, which would be mid-2000’s and not ‘early’, so I guess anything you say about anime is coming out your ass. 😉

      • I was off by 4 months. You was off by 10 years. About the modern anime you are totally right. (I mean Attack on Titan was nothing but little pantsu. Gundam Unicorn was nothing but pantyshots of giant robot girls.//Sarcasm)
        You are focusing on stuff you don’t like and ignore what you would like.

        I do like your review. Most people would just say this anime is filth and has no value. I am glad to see you point out the positive aspect of Wicked City. You should try that with new anime.

  10. Oh damn, I just watched you get gang raped, but let me ask if you’re okay like you only missed a day of work or something.

  11. You want something seriously fucked up, Watch the Live action version of Wicked City.

    • According to the youtube suggestions that popped up upon the ending of the video it does appear that he has.

      Nice review Brandon. I’m curios to know if you had considered doing a crossover with Sage for this review since he’s the main reviewer of F’d up anime on ChannelAwesome.

  12. For those of you blasting on Brandon’s review about new and old anime, get over yourselves. Once you become our age, you’ll hate your children’s anime and they’ll blast yours. Inevitable cycle. It will happen.

    As for the review, I like that you’re showing anime that is lost in the archives of a previous generation and is refreshing from the usual that Funimation likes to put on TV.

  13. Brandon I love you like no dude should love another dude; you’re fucking happiness in a jar!

  14. You’re going to review Lifeforce sometime in the future? Hooray! One of my favorites!

    As for this movie, I couldn’t sit through it. Tentacle porn is one of the few things that I can’t take. I can take bodies getting ripped apart and foul mouthed language, but I can’t take tentacles.

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