Brazil – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara is joined by Malcolm to watch one of Doug’s favorite movies, Brazil.

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  1. Fun fact: When the movie was first released, the studio wanted to cut out the last minute of it so it would have a happy ending.

  2. I’ve never seen this movie. Although, I heard that Sucker Punch was inspired by this movie so I might enjoy this movie as well. I kinda understand how based on this video because both protagonists use daydreams to deal with their horrible lives.

  3. I’ts good to see that you both get along so well in real life, which probably helps set a positive mood when you’re working on reviews.

    Yeah, Brazil was my favorite movie for a while, because it’s this unique dystopian film that actually sets itself apart from other great dystopian films of that era (Terminator, Bladerunner, A Clockwork Orange, Mad Max) and holds up really well.

  4. The Movie Explorer

    Now you need to watch all of Terry Gilliam’s films! And follow those up with the Jeunet/Caro films (I saw the City of Lost Children because TG claimed it was one of his favorite films. Now it’s one of MY favorite films, too!).

  5. Okay, now the challenge: you’re going to have to watch it a second time to see if it grows on you.

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