Brother Bear 2 – Disneycember

A film that did little at the box office gets a sequel, great animation, and a pretty stupid story.

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  1. This one I didn’t mind, actually. I liked Nita, personally. I was glad to see another Disney woman of colour drawn like a real person, for starters. And I liked how the movie addressed, in an indirect way, choosing the path that makes you happy no matter how unconventional it is. Nita thought she wanted a traditional marriage to the tribe hunk, but she found out that he was a douchebag, and decided that she’d rather spend the rest of her life as a bear in the woods. Go figure. The movie didn’t end in a conventional “happily ever after” way (even if it did end in marriage), and I liked that.

    • Personally, I just though this one was mediocre. Not bad, but kind of generic, and that’s saying something compared to the first movie, which I personally didn’t think was bad either.

      I feel Brother Bear in general seems rather under appreciated, but I will admit there are plenty of problems with the films in context, so I can’t really wrong Doug for his own personal criticisms with them.

  2. Did someone else review this? Because this is the one I remember, not Brother Bear 1. And I’m pretty sure I’ve not seen either one.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I do actually like the original and I’m one of those big fans and I feel like that I watcjed this one when I was a kid but don’t really remember(despite Wanda Sykes being pretty funny). Guess I’ll have to go back one day and watch this one as well as the original.

  4. BEARS??? {/christopherwalken}

  5. I saw the first and liked it. Although, on an off note, the bloopers from the first movie creeped out so much as a kid. O.O Does anyone remember those from the first movie? No? Just me? Okay. Anyways, I never saw this one but I knew it existed.

  6. I would’ve respected this movie a lot if the two mains DIDN’T get together. Maybe became friends and learned something along the way, but still parted.

    Especially because I seriously hate the childhood friend is destined/doomed to become the love interest trope >_>

  7. I forgot that Brother Bear even existed in the first place.

  8. You’re mad at a bear wedding? You homophobe! Yeah, the animation IS nice. I never saw the original. Is Rick Moranis here? I love that guy so much.

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