Bum Reviews: Avengers 2

Ultron sounds like that guy from Blacklist!

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  1. I haven’t seen this movie yet.


    Augh! *presses STOP button 456,564 times*

    Oh, well, I already know what happens at the end: The Avengers beat Ultron, and Bruce Banner and Black Widow have a ton of babies who turn into spiders when they get angry.

  2. Heart-Lightning

    Man, there is a lot of things wrong with this video:

    Actually, it was Scarlet Witch that brainwashed Tony Stark into making Ultron, not the staff.

    Another thing is that Ultron was created the moment Tony Stark and Bruce Banner left the room so he couldn’t do that. That’s why he had Jarvis there to help Ultron but Ultron dismantled Jarvis. Tony even said that Jarvis would have warned him if Ultron got hostile. So there was a program that would have alerted Tony about it.

    Scarlet Witch tried to read Ultron’s mind on what he was planning in the church, but she couldn’t due to him not being connected to the mind stone. Machine =/= mind. So she could only assume they had the same goal to destroy Tony Stark since both of their lives were “ruined” by him.

    Black Widow can’t teach anybody else to calm down Hulk due to the fact that Banner (and therefore the Hulk) has an emotional love connection to Black Widow. Even if Hawkeye, Tony, Thor and Captain America tried to do the same thing, it would not work because Hulk isn’t emotionally attached to all of them.

    The Hulk Buster is specifically designed in a worst case scenario against THE HULK. Ultron can be destroyed without it since Tony did that before engaging the Hulk. However, Ultron can just escape out into the internet and transfer into another body as he has been shown to and explained. Hulk Buster outfit would be wasted on Ultron.

    Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver switched sides because they were able to read Ultron’s mind when he was connected to the mind stone. When they found out Ultron was planning planetary extinction, they refused. They wanted to make Tony Stark pay for what happened to him, not destroy the entire planet. They even say so in the movie.

    The magic of Vision is the combination of the Mind Stone, Jarvis’s main programming, Thor’s lightning and the Vibranium body. Also Marvel Magic.

    Hulk has been always been able to think. Hell, that mediocre Incredible Hulk movie even showed it and that is part of the MCU.

    • That quite a lot of arguing for something as seemingly shallow as the Avenger movies. I get why Doug drops these details to let the movie seem stupid. This is the message of this bum review.
      As a fan I would be offended though, I get your point. Its not fair.

      • Heart-Lightning

        I’m just correcting details that the Bum review got wrong. It’s like of like (for example) “how do you get the detail about Scarlet Witch not being able to read Ultron’s machine mind wrong AND forget that she was then able to see Ultron’s intentions only through the mind stone”?

        Kind of major details to gloss over.

      • Its a Bum review man.
        Its the movie seen from the perspective of a drunk, drug addicted, hallucinating bum who probably only visited the cinema to get a warm place.
        Not a serious review.

        • The Mysterious M

          REALLY!? I never got that. The impression I always got from the bum reviews was that he represented that guy that WE ALL KNOW. That one friend everyone has; the guy who likes everything. He sees it and to him, it’s the “greatest thing ever.” The guy who, for the life of him, CANNOT find a bad movie.

      • The movie wasn’t shallow. It actually discussed some deep themes…it’s hard to notice between all the awesome action though.

      • If there is one thing I hate, it’s people who try to put down a movie like the Avengers, just because it “seems” like a basic superhero action film, making it okay to write it off as “shallow” when the final product is anything but. Both Avenger movies are action films with plots that are simple to follow at their core, but simple is not synonymous with stupid. These movies BY FAR are some of the best directed, best written, best acted, best shot action films made in years.

        Do any of you honestly think it’s easy to balance such a massive ensemble cast, making sure every character gets their chance to shine and play a relevant part in the plot? It’s not, but the Avengers pulled it off beautifully. I remember when the first one was coming out, and we all feared the movie would just be “Iron Man guest starring the Avengers,” but it didn’t. These movies really are a team effort, and everyone has a part to play.

        Wheedon is a master at staging his action scenes as well. Lots of well paced tracking shots that transition from one character to the next. Not million jump cuts and shaky cam everywhere. Also the final act, as intense as it was, never just turned into a mindless throw down. It kept the focus on protecting people. It was almost like the anti-Man of Steel.

        None of the Avengers were ever household names the way Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, or any of the more well know Marvel heroes like Spider-Man and Wolverine were for decades. They had to earn their popularity with movies that were actually good. And whether you want to admit it or not, Marvel Studios has yet to make a bad film. Sure, some are obviously better than others, but even their lesser films aren’t downright shitty, and easily trump a lot of the crap from the 90’s and early-mid 2000’s. Maybe it’s time some of us pull the proverbial stick out of our butts, because when these really are bad, and disserve to be called shallow, trust me, we will know.

        • Agree with everything you said except the “Marvel hasn’t made a bad movie” People do find the Incredible Hulk shitty same goes with Thor 2

          • I disagree. Neither of those movies are shitty, just average, and at the end of the day, harmless. Compared to comic book movies that really are shitty IE Both Fantastic 4’s, both Ghost Riders, X-Men 3 and X-Men Origins Wolverine, Green Lantern, Electra, Catwoman, they are freaking masterpieces.

          • Green Lantern was not shitty. It was goofy, over-the-top and weird, just like Green Lantern’s comics.

    • Daemian Lucifer

      Is this your first bum review?Because the whole point of them is that nothing is correct.

      • The Mysterious M

        Who? Me? I just explained what I always thought the bum reviews were. I never paid attention to the inaccuracies Chester makes, just the fact that he likes everything he watches

    • Is this your first Bum Review?

  3. Matthias van Trigt


  4. Since when is netting $110 million “doing poorly?”

  5. Best Bum Review yet. 😀

    Seriously, no joking, this is my new favorite Bum Review. Knocked it out of the park.

  6. Moviemantweeter1999

    What I didn’t like about the avengers:age of ultron (SPOILERS)
    1.They brought Paul Bettany in just to have him killed off by ultron
    2.Now that Hawkeye has kids black widow is just going to move on to love hulk that just felt dumb
    3.I feel like Quicksilver wasn’t that interesting I liked the quicksilver in x-men days of future past better.
    But that’s it I really liked the movie and thought it was pretty good but I found it weird that hulk went off in a jet and that they didn’t cut back to him!

    • “They brought Paul Bettany in just to have him killed off by ultron”

      And to become a wise super-android that kills off (maybe) Ultron.

    • 2. It was made pretty blatantly clear in the first movie that Clint and her were like brother and sister, not romantically involved.

      It has always been a question of whether she would become involved with Banner or Rogers, and they chose Banner.

    • Did you even see the movie? Paul Bettany didn’t get killed off by Ultron. He was still in the end of the film.

      How is the Quicksilver from Days of Future Past better? He only had one scene, and he never did anything of any real importance. All he did was help break out a guy from Prison, which turned out to be pointless considering that guy he broke out just turns around and makes the whole situation of the movie worse. At least this Quicksilver was relevant to the plot and got to actually be a hero and fight bad guys and save people.

  7. Loki The Flame Shield

    You know, I like Ultron in this movie waaay more than Loki. He was funny, yes, but he could still intimidate(that singing was creepy). He seemed like he was playing a Chess match the whole movie, whereas Loki was just a punching bag.

  8. Aw, I was hoping that your spoiler-free review would be attached.

    • That will be Sibling Rivalry when he can get with Rob…likely early next week, it will almost certainly have a Spoiler Corner attached.

      I am surprised the bum wasn’t scared of the big purple guy at the end though.

  9. I demand a black widow action figure!!!!!!!!

  10. Xeno-the-Hedgehog

    You laugh, you lose: Nick Fury and Luke Cage fuse to form Ghost Rider.

  11. Yeah the Fox News approach snap cleverness.

  12. “I’m Samuel L. Jackson and I’m still awesome” of course he is indeed, still Down with more Marvel’s Avengers movies unless they can bring something truly unexpected with twists to the table, actaully no new twists.


  14. Yay! I’m so glad that I finally got to see it and this video as well. I just saw the movie yesterday.

  15. I love these kind of review

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