Bum Reviews: Maleficent

Is she a good witch or a bad witch?

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  1. Pretty much everyone in the country already knows why this movie just wasn’t as good as the animated original film, but I think the reason is a bit “deeper”. Frankly, if they wanted to make Maleficent have a tragic back story, I would have been fine. I conceivably would have been alright with her doing a Heel Turn Face by the end too. But in both cases, it would have needed the one thing that this movie was seriously lacking: that character wasn’t ‘Maleficent’. Plain and simple…she wasn’t. She was some rather bland individual who was trying her hardest to “look evil” and failed at it again and again. Angelina Jolie managed to pull off “the look” at least in scenes where she was fairly indifferent, but the moment she smiles even a little, the audience knows the truth. “Yeah, this character isn’t evil. She’s an overgrown kid in a costume pretending to be evil for Halloween.”

    I remember seeing the scene where she and the crow-turned-human were at that Dol Guldor ripoff and I thought: “Ok, NOW we’re going to see some good stuff. This is where she’s going to go all ‘Saruman the White’ on us and rebuild this castle into her evil lair and have all the fairies start making weapons and armor and becoming her army of goblins and we’re finally going to see ‘evil Maleficent’.” And…nothing happened. They kind of just decided to do the scene at the castle ruins for some reason. To me, that was a bigger letdown than her not turning into a dragon at the end.

    But even worse is the fact is not only does she not sell the idea of being evil…she really doesn’t sell the idea of being ‘good’ either. She seems so dang ‘indifferent’ to Aurora in this movie that I couldn’t really buy her ‘loving her’ at the end. In fact, I couldn’t really buy anyone in this film. It’s like no one knows their motivation for anything. They’re just doing things because the script tells them to in order to make the plot work.

    Anyway, ramble over. I loved this Bum Review like I pretty much love all Bum Reviews and I hope to see many more in the future.


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