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The Cinema Snob misses out on something Suicide Squad related, and instead gets struck with Bushwhacked Fever!

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  1. Oh, come on! The accordion bit was awesome ^_^!!

  2. Thanks to my IMBD research, I’ve already known that there is a 1935 movie that’s also called Suicide Squad, and after seeing the clips of that movie, I’m still happy I saw the DC Comics movie of the same name. Screw the critics and haters.

    I’ve actually remember seeing Bushwhacked being advertised on TV when it was coming out. Hell, I even remember seeing the trailer to this think when I went to see Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie. Thankfully, I never got Bushwhacked Fever.

    Nice joke with the opening of both this movie and Virtuosity. Oh, and from what I found out on Wikipedia, both movies were released on the same day, August 4, 1995.

    God, I also wish this was The Fugitive. Either that or U.S. Marshals.

    11:46- OH MY FUCKIN’ GOD!!!!!

    12:21- “Bees, my god.”

    15:34- Or being the Administrator of Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane…

    17:44- “This is intolerable!”

    Daniel Stern screaming at the end looks and sounds like Spoony screaming at Final Fantasy X. Thank Christ I never saw this movie.

  3. In the summer of ’95 we were too busy having life be awesome to care about crappy movies like this.

    Too much Chrono Trigger and Twisted Metal to play…too much amazing alt rock, hip hop, and grunge to listen to, too easy to find a decent job, far less idiotic racism to deal with on an average day, too much Seinfeld and Simpsons to watch, too much Lollapalooza to go see, too many mind altering chemicals to experience it all on…

    When life is that good, you can get away with stupid movies and no one cares. We were carefree and the internet was too young to contain more then a few angry BBS rants about a Daniel Stern rip of of Earnest Goes to Camp.

  4. I did not get that joke about not knowing your opinion an hour in. Or at least not the big about it being “topical.”

  5. “There will be no whacking in this movie!” Wait, Nowacking’s in this movie?

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