C2E2 Coverage March 20th, 2016 – Awesome Comics

The group checks out Chloe Bennet’s panel, some cosplayer interviews, Heather joins the group and Doug is kinda interview. The final day at C2E2 2016 is covered.

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  1. Ah…new guy…interesting….you’ve done well…new guy… 🙂

    Also, those co-hosts of yours are good to even though I don’t bye you just happened to find them!

    1:50 you guys are weird little people
    5:30 holy cow, giant cat!?!?

    Despite despising s2 of Agents of Shield, I can’t help but find it super cool to see Chloe Bennet

    Good luck, you new people 🙂 (looking forward to BvsS but not as much as Suicide Squad or Civil War)
    Must. Go. To. A. Convention. SOON!!!!

  2. Holy Shit! That is one huge Transformers cosplay! I wonder if it actually transforms.

    We got another host? Great! Welcome Heather! That’s the 3rd Heather on the site aside from Calluna and Battle Geek Plus.

    The 28th can’t come fast enough! Loving the Comic Book Men vibe I’m getting from this show.

  3. needed more brad jones!!

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I saw Sarah laughing at you guys!!! Loved that Doug’s gonna review batman v superman with you guys but why not get an interview with Brad that would’ve been awesome. Seriously though between tommorow the new NC musical review,Monday Comic Book awesome people premieres(I know that’s not what it’s called but had to do this comment as quick as I can),and fridays new some jerk crossover with count jackula its gonna be an awesome next few days for channel awesome videos.

  5. Okay. The hype that these videos have been giving is starting to work. I will check out this show when it comes out.

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