Cabin Fever (2016) – Blood Splattered Vlog

This week The Horror Guru reviews CABIN FEVER (2016)!

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  1. My thought: I would have rather seen a movie based on the conventional meaning of the phrase “cabin fever”: maybe have a bunch of people trapped someplace where they can’t leave, and have a couple of them start going insane for inexplicable reasons. And maybe have it be a disease that causes the insanity, so that whenever someone survived, they became infected and continued to spread the disease.

  2. I remember two versions of Death At A Funeral. Both versions have Peter Dinklage.

  3. Not a big fan of Cabin Fever, but I’m glad to hear you liked Let Me In.

  4. Yeah, not a fan of Cabin Fever, or Eli Roth in general really. The best part is that weirdo hick kid at the beginning.

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