Camp Rock 2 – Disneycember

Just when you thought things couldn’t get as bad as the first Camp Rock, Disney delivers punishment for our sins. God help us.

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  1. Sorry for being a dick, but… they are making a third one. Lucky you though, it will only be released in 2019. Maybe they used all that time since Camp Rock 2 to create a movie for the ages, that will be at the same time good, insightful and thought-provoking? My guess is that it’s gonna be shit though.

  2. thatchickwithlonghair

    Lol Doug is mad. :’D

  3. I didn’t even know there was a Camp Rock 2. O.O Again, I didn’t expect you to get Breaking Dawn levels of pissed. Haha.

  4. I don’t even remember the first one. Well, that is your review. It’s that forgettable. I like how angry you are. This seems quite dumb. At least you can forget it.

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