Can Hype Kill a Good Film?

Is it possible to be TOO hyped up? Can hype kill a good film?

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  1. Saw this earlier on your blip page and excellent editorial, Doug.

    As a kid, my friends and I read the Lord of The Rings novels and we were always hoping a movie would come out, so imagine how our minds were BLOWN in 2001 when we went to see The Fellowship of The Ring.

    While the movies deviated from the books at times, I still think they helped LotR become more of a staple than it’s ever been.

    One of the worst examples of hype killing a movie for me was Snakes on a Plane. I said this on Il Neige’s video, but the hype made us think it would be a fun campy movie but it was more serious than we expected.

    Awesome to see Gaming Wildlife as the featured producer of the week. I’ve always enjoyed their work.

    • Lord of the Rings was an example of a book to film adaption done right, i also loved the books as a kid so was very excited to the await the film versions, and they paid off big time, but he should have brought attention to The Hobbit, as that was an example of something done wrong, i mean after being blown away by the LOTR trilogy, i like many were eagerly hyped up by the prospects of Peter Jackson bringing middle earth back to the big screen and doing The Hobbit, and the hype lasted 10 years!! but what happened? The studio decided to milk it for everything its worth and tried too hard to replicate the success of the original trilogy. The huge difference was Lord of the Rings had so much source material to work off whereas the Hobbit was more simplistic, i always thought if they were going to make a movie adaption it’ll be spanned in 2 parts…. if only.

  2. You might as well ask if something can be both ‘cool and mainstream’ and as an overwhelming rule, if something was cool beforehand, once it became too mainstream, it stops being cool.

    • I think it also has to do with the kind of response you get from people related to that work.
      For instance, back in the early 2000th there was a game franchise called Legacy of Kain, people praised it for it’s Gothic and sophisticated story and it’s groundbreaking gameplay. In 2014 the franchise got a new installment in the form of Nosgoth, an asymmetrical PvP game. The problem with it though, is that it alienated the fans of the old story-driven franchise and it attracted a new fanbase of MOBA players. Thus, it became mainstream, to the cost of alienating everyone that used to be a fan of it. I think a similar debacle can be made about Shin Megami Tensei and Persona

    • Basically what the Nostalgia Critic is acknowledging is that we are all hipsters, at least when it comes to movies: it’s all cool when only a few people know about the movie but when it becomes mainstream they completely invert their opinions about it.

  3. The Amazing Spider Man 2 anyone? or Metroid Other M, … can the Nostalgia Critic review Metroid Other M with someone?

    • It would be really hard since videogames are hardly linear stuff that you can commentate on. It would take a lot of effort and It would be a VERY long video. For TASM2 I must say that while it’s flawed, it’s still a pretty good movie I enjoyed a lot personally, but the more I think about it I realize that it’s not that everyone hates/loves the movie. ‘Tis just that some people are more vocal about their opinions than others.

      • Lots of video game reviewers have a similar style to The Nostalgia Critic and their videos are usually under half an hour

        • game reviews aren’t really TNC specialty. There’s plenty of other talent here, on Cinemassacre and on similar sites.
          Previous commenter is correct though, an in depth game review would be a lot more time consuming I think.
          Check out the NC review of the Simpsons game he made in response to a AGVN video.

    • TASM2 is a good example about a how a hype killa good film, The problem with TASM2 were the trailers and advertising, many people complain because they believed that the movie would be a movie of action, many action but was a movie focused on the relationship of Peter and Gwen.

      A good movie with a bad advertising.

      • That’s true for some of the movie. Remember how overhyped Rhino was? Yea, that was a huge mistake on Sony’s part. I used to think that was all that was wrong with the movie, but then I started to realize it just didn’t really have as good of a story or flow as well as other super-hero movies. It was just setting up stuff Sony thought they might make later. Yes, it is kinda sad that we probably won’t have a Sinister 6 movie anymore, but honestly, maybe it wasn’t worth the risk. I’d gladly watch TASM2 over Spider-man 3, but if TASM2 came on TV at the same time something like Jurassic Park or Star Wars episode 4 was on, would I really watch it over those?

      • Agree, I liked TASM 2 a lot. The worst thing you say about it is that it gets very slow in parts, but the ending was great, cast was great, etc. Should have cut out the Rhino though.

  4. Personally I can’t stand the hype backlash itself. I’m tired of people telling me Frozen was all these terrible things just because they’re sick to death of being exposed to it.

    I don’t care! Play all the songs (except Fixer Upper) all damn day! Give me more Olaf, more Elsa, more Kristoff! It is good, it SHOULD be celebrated!

    It’s the same for many things. If someone that I love is being given tons of exposure, good! More people can see something that I think is good. If it’s something I don’t like . . . well that’s only really happened once, but my problem was with the movie not with what others thought about it.

    (If you’re wondering, it was James Cameron’s “Misanthropy: the movie.”)

    • See, the problem is, though, that those who originally saw it hyped it up so much that once the stragglers saw it, they had overbuilt expectations, and were almost inevitably disappointed. I know people that absolutely LOVE Frozen because they saw it cold and could enjoy it without knowing what to expect. I am, however, one of the people that saw it much later, after everyone else told me how fantastic and wonderful and new it was, and how much better it was than the other Disney movies. And so, when I saw it, I had all these high expectations. Sadly, the film could not live up to that. I think the film is fine, but I can think of just as many Disney movies I prefer for different aspects.

      Tangled’s story resonated with me more than Frozen.

      And the music… Well, I’m not going to say it’s BAD, but I’m not going to say it’s the best score Disney’s ever done. I leave that distinction as a toss-up between The Hunchback of Notre Dame and Beauty and the Beast.

      • Heh, Beauty and the Beast and Hunchback are my two favourite Disney films as well, with Rescuers Down Under following. They’re films that I enjoy so much that I barely notice any of the minor problems (which all films have). You can enjoy a movie that’s got loads of nitpicks but the best are ones where you don’t instantly notice anything wrong.

        As for Frozen, I did not like the first trailer, it did not do the film any favours. I can’t stand Olaf, his design is hideous and his voice annoying. And Sven is way too dog like for me to really like him, he feels like a real cliche. His saving grace is that Kristoff does his talking, that actually is a bit funny.

        Anna is definitely not my favourite princess, she’s a bit too ‘adorkable’ for me, she really does not seem 18. It is good to have her as you need a wide range of different princesses with different personalities and stuff, she’s just low on my list of favourite princesses. I really don’t like her build a snowman song, that just irritated me.

        And when I first saw this movie, one of things I hated most was how they turned Hans into a villain at the last moment. Yes, I know there meant to be clues he’s a villain but confusingly, there are also clues that say he’s not. Like the bit where his horse accidentally lets him fall in the water, and he smile fondly after the crazy girl he’s just meant. I still feel it would have been really daring to keep him a nice guy and have Anna conclude that she should get to know both guys instead of going the easy route and just slashing her together with Kristoff. Who I thought might have suited Elsa considering how much he loves ice but meh.

        I still enjoyed the film, it did have good songs and the way Anna saved Elsa was a really good moment. I actually missed Tangled at the cinema and I haven’t watched it enough times to resonate with me but it was also a good movie. And Maximus was a lot funny than Sven.

      • Running With Scissors

        I saw the film the first day it was out and still got to see a ton of hype online for Disney’s new masterpiece. After watching it I thought, “Yeah, that was all right.” There were a lot of times where I could see that invisible hand, though; the two main characters (especially with how ‘not like other princesses’ Anna was), Olaf, Hans being evil…and my eyes rose in fear when I started realizing that they were giving a production number to the rock-smurfs at the beginning of the last third. (I mean, isn’t that kind of like putting “Under the Sea” after Ursula hypnotizes Eric? Doesn’t really help build the mood.) My dad and I spent a long time talking about its shortcomings, but overall we thought it was okay. But after the hype exploded all over the place, I’ll admit it was a little harder to accept those flaws. And when I finally watched the movie at home, on a low-quality television that doesn’t really complement the visuals and songs that the movie really gets its staying power from, I have to say that the quality melted away (ba dum tss) and it had easily skyrocketed from impressive occasionally to just…”ugh”. So I’m not saying I’m immune to hype, but Frozen was never a solid product to begin with. If a different movie or show got this much hype I think I wouldn’t mind.

        A good example is Five Nights at Freddy’s. I think it’s safe to say that game is splattered all over the walls of any game-enjoyer’s consciousness. It is definitely overhyped. But…still, every time I play it, I’d be lying if I said my heart didn’t start to beat and I couldn’t see the excellence and innovation it had. Also, if Avatar: The Last Airbender or Gravity Falls went everywhere, my opinions about them would NOT budge.

        My favorite Disney movie is Beauty and the Beast. Hunchback and Aladdin are close seconds and I find myself liking Tangled more and more every day. Alan Menken, man. Alan Menken.

        • See I don’t like Freddy’s. Not because of it’s hype though, no because of it’s genre. I despise horror in all of it’s forms. So I will never play this game. I can’t say I hate it but I don’t have any interest in it.

          I admit, I don’t know what movie all of you were watching but Frozen in my eyes was a near beat for beat perfect Disney movie. I sometimes don’t understand why others see what they do. They can explain it all they want but what they see as problems never bother me.

          The music? Unparalleled. The characters? Loved every one of them? The twist? Oh GOD THAT TWIST! I had chills! Didn’t see it coming, but bought it hook, line, and sinker.

          Call me a sucker all you want, I’d rather be a happy fool than a world weary cynic.

    • I watched the movie with an open mind and found it to be disjointed and average at best. It’s nothing to do with the hype. Not everything that was popular was good nor just because there is over hype does not mean the movie is unfairly derided. Frozen has NEVER been a god movie.

  5. I can agree 100% with you Doug. Even though I enjoy the Nostalgia Critic show, Doug Walker is the person I’d like to see more and this editorial just confirms my claim.
    Your arguments are so true in this video which reminds me of people constantly calling Frozen a shit movie, while I just kept to personally enjoying it.
    This really just ended up reminding me of how much of a wise person you really are, and while I will enjoy every NC review every now and then, I will look out for these editorials so I can come out every week with some new life or movie philosophy to aid me in my quest of existence.

  6. I’d argue in a counter to the loss of the “special” feeling of liking something that not many people know about, once you see that a lot of people like something, you can talk about the WHY someone likes it. I liked Lord of the Rings as books just fine, but I LOVED the films, and for kind of an odd reason — because of the choreography and music. Yeah, the acting was good, as well as all the other filmic elements, but the score and how all the motion, action, and shooting was paced to fit with it… it felt like a ballet. My mother, on the other hand, likes the costumes and the detail with everything they had to build. So, you can still have that special connection to something.
    On top of that, with great epics like Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and yeah, I’d even argue Frozen, once you get big crowds of people into something, you start getting perspectives you didn’t think of before. Just check out TVTropes’ Fridge Brilliance page for Frozen, you’ll find things you hadn’t even realized were right there! So… yes, overhype is possible, but I’d argue good products ultimately won’t be diminished just because you get sick of hearing the soundtrack or images everywhere.

    • Yeah. I’d agree that the films themselves aren’t destroyed or diminished in quality due to overhype. Rather, it’s our perceptions that change. As someone who saw Frozen after all the hype, I can honestly say I ended up disappointed because the hype had raised my expectations, which, considering those expectations were ‘best Disney movie evar! The soundtrack is so great!’ meant I was almost inevitably disappointed. It’s not a bad film by any means, but I think there are plenty of other Disney movies that are better in various ways, and I just don’t get why it’s so utterly popular over everything else. I guess hype can definitely ruin the experience in that way.

  7. Well, we all still know for certain that hype can kill a good GAME.
    (Looks at Destiny and Evolve.)

  8. I’m just going to come out and say it…


  9. Surprised you didn’t mention a certain sequel when talking about Christmas Story being everywhere.

  10. This is a topic I have thought about to myself, especially because of the Frozen hype (as well as popular cartoons such as Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, and even MLP: FIM or anything that has a fandom), and you bring up some angles I never really thought about. Especially about the pack mentality of watching something for the first time with an audience versus watching alone as a repeat viewing. My stance on the issue is it doesn’t matter if something is overexposed: if you like it that’s great. But don’t get so caught up in forcing it down other people’s throats.

    I think it’s best to go into anything that’s popular with an open mind. Not everyone is going to have the same tastes, and sometimes things can be overhyped… but that doesn’t make them bad. And it doesn’t make an individual bad or part of some kind of pack if they like something that happens to be popular… On the opposite end of the spectrum, if a person likes something that isn’t popular, that’s not a bad thing either.

  11. In some cases I think that we as an audience are very impressed when we see something very unique. Borat and Christmas Story were very different than most movies in their own way. But when they became very popular and were showing all the time, they felt less unique and more familiar. When something becomes too familiar we simply start to feel they are cliche. It is the same reason why we view tropes negatively. They aren’t bad on their own, people are just very resistant to seeing to idea of seeing the same thing over and over. With movies we hardly see we forget and can fall in love all over again, but once you feel you’ve gained everything you can from something, you feel sick of it, and wonder if it’s time to move on to greener pastures.
    Movies are like drugs that we build resistances to. Frequent use forces us to try a different poison or get something stronger.

  12. Dammit Doug, seeing all that Grinch merchandise made me piss my pants.

  13. Advice for the future Doug. Maybe showcase another producer with an actually entertaining video and not an update video.

    • Additional advice for Doug – When you’re going to showcase a video plug for another producer and they give you a video to do it with, yeah…don’t wait a month and a half to put it up. It makes you look lazy.

  14. I gotta say, I never, EVER liked Frozen from the first moment I saw it. It’s not because of the hype, not exactly, but mostly just because I really don’t think it’s a particularly good film, and I don’t like a single one of the songs–doesn’t help I don’t like the vast majority of musicals to begin with. The hype, though, is what killed my enthusiasm for even the few things I did think the film did well, and now I just want it to leave, much like MLP: FIM, I want it to stop getting shoved in my face every five minutes.

    As for the question, can overexposure and overhyping destroy a film? Well… I think yes, and no. It more destroys people’s perceptions of it since they will inevitably get sick of it, which is why I think (and hope) Frozen and its hype will burn itself out in not too far a future. At least god I hope it does -_-”
    But the film is nevertheless the same and has the same level of quality and effort put into it regardless. So for me, I think that I can separate a film or series from their hype.

  15. Frankly, my opinion of most of these hasn’t changed. I never cared about Christmas Story, and what little bit I have seen just annoys me most of the time. I still like Frozen, I just tune out when it run across it. To be honest, I have actually heard “Be a Man” from Mulan more than “Let It Go” from Frozen, and that’s just in the past two months.

  16. 7:38-7:44 What are you talking about? People STILL won’t shut up about ‘The Dark Knight’!

  17. Hype can definitely have a negative effect on movies. I know there’s been times when I’ve heard how amazing and wonderful a particular movie is, and then when I saw it it may have been really good while still falling well short of the hype. That makes it seem much worse than it really is.

    Also, some people get an over-inflated sense of individuality by hating on a popular movie. It starts off as “I’m not going to like something just because it’s popular” and gradually shifts into “I’m not going to like this because it’s so popular.”

  18. yeah, I can totally relate to this. when I first saw Frozen, I loved it! it was my new favorite Disney Princess movie, and I even considered Let it Go to be my favorite song from …ANY kids movie in a really long time.

    now though, I really really wish people would stop talking about it. I mean, yeah, I liked it a lot, but…it’s been a year and a half. move on….

    this also brought something with me that really gets annoying as well; when something is super super popular and everyone else loves it, but I just..don’t. like, I don’t really like Star Wars. or Lord of the Rings. I mean, they’re okay, sure, but…..I like Mass Effect WAY more than Start Wars, and even though I know people are going to call me a stupid pussy idiot for saying this, but personally, I like Harry Potter a lot more than Lord of The Rings. I don’t mean the movies, I don’t really like the HP movies either, but I’m a huge fan of the books, and I like them more than LOTR, movies or book. just my opinion, just my own personal tastes, but when you just aren’t really at all into something that the rest of the world sees as this great masterpiece of awesome, it just gets really annoying.

    • Heh. There’s nothing wrong with liking Harry Potter more than Lord of the Rings. Harry Potter has more three-dimensional characters, a better paced story, and generally better writing if you do a side-by-side comparison.

      The LOTR movies DO improve on a lot of problems the books had, though, and allow the good bits to shine through beautifully. Comparing the movies side-by-side, I’d choose LOTR. Comparing books, though, Harry Potter wins hands down.

  19. Moviemantweeter1999

    Good editor is. Thanks for reminding me that when there’s garbage that gets popular(fifty shades of Grey, transformers,the star wars prequels etc). There comes something good along that gets as much attention as the garbage stuff. I also would like you to come to a con in Virginia and bring Todd in the shadows along since he used to live here. I also hate when people watch Michael bay movies it’s just giving him more money to make more transformers movies(which there’s a fifth one on the way and they’ll probably be two more after that).

  20. In addition to overexposure via merch and the like, this is also a sign of just how much the current internet culture has affected perception and reaction.

    I’m glad you brought up The Lion King, because that was a comparison I was ready to make. That movie can come out and be enjoyed for a long time, and those who would criticize it or be sick of hearing about it wouldn’t have the platform they do now. Sure you’d still hear some people say they were sick of it, but they wouldn’t have the kind of cultural sway they do now. Now with such a connected culture, combined with this merchandising push, it’s possible that very same film could have experienced the backlash Frozen is experiencing now. Even a classic like Beauty and the Beast may have seen similar treatment under these conditions. Even if somehow it’s not bashed, it could become a target later for inspiring a knock-off or two for years following.

    The “secret handshake” is harder to do nowadays mainly because we now have a constant exposure to absolutely everything in pop culture (and less popular culture). More and more it’s becoming less possible to just simply find a movie, like it and either turn others onto it or find people who are in your position. It’s just assumed everyone can know everything thanks to Google. Whatever someone discovers for the first time has been seen by many others, and it’s easy to find what opinions of said material are. A person might feel foolish for forming an opinion that isn’t what they see because they’re afraid they might be missing something the long-time fans know or what important cultural impact they might have to consider about it. Complaining is easy, so that’s what a good chunk of online comments are made of. It takes effort to think of why not to dismiss something, because that’s taking a personal stance that leaves a person open to criticism.

    The environmental factor is huge, as said in this video. With Frozen what I tend to remember is the first (and so far only) time I watched it in a theater. There wasn’t hype, though a good word had gotten around. I was pleased by what I saw (though even I’ll admit to flaws in it), and I’ll likely watch it again at some point. What made it really work, though, was joining with an audience in our own temporary bubble where we were shut off from everything else and could just watch this film. The same can be said for Guardians of the Galaxy and The LEGO Movie, two things I made sure to tell plenty of people about immediately after watching them. In both cases, the audience augmented the movie in a very meaningful way, thus further strengthening my own sentiment for it.

    Maybe that’s something we have to touch on again: Our own relationships with these movies, along with just about anything we like. We need to remember how said movie impacted us, no matter what number time we’ve watched it. Time definitely helps with this as hype wears off, since that’s the “natural order,” but for the time something is everywhere that’s something we all need to remember.

  21. Hype is outright poison, case in point Phantom Menace.
    Phantom Menace is not a good movie but at the very least it’s decent one. However the minute they announced a new Star Wars movie was coming the hype began until by the time the movie actually came out they had to stop people preordering tickets! All that Hype for mediocrity and attached to something that so many people love so very much? No wonder it’s one of the most hated movies of all time.
    And before any of you point fingers I will inform you that I was introduced to the prequels in a completely different way hence why I don’t hate them like the rest of you do.

    • The Prequels were just poorly written though. I mean, inject enough bad comic relief, CG, and plot convenience and it’ll kill just about any film.

      • True but name any other movie ruined by those things that is hated as viciously as Phantom Menace.

        • It’s kind-of difficult to hate something as hard as the Prequels because they came off of a successful and well received franchise, but here’s a list of films that come close that mostly follow the same or similar reasons give-or-take one or two points:

          Food Fight
          A Christmas Story 2
          The Last Airbender (the film)
          After Earth
          Wild Wild West
          Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
          The Host… the effects weren’t bad, but good crap, that film had crazy plot convenience!

          If I took more time I could probably think of more examples, but you kind-of get the point. Plot convenience and bad CG can really mess stuff up. I’d give an example related to bad comic relief but it’s usually not a huge deal and Jar Jar is THE example of the worst way to use comic relief. Taking someone meant for a joke and shoving them all over the place even if he isn’t wanted before making him a central figure in the plot.

  22. Hype can certainly kill “interest” in a film. There’s been several films I was hyped to see before they were released, then I kept seeing the trailers for them several times an hour on tv. Day after day of the same trailers made me lose interest and today I still haven’t seen most of those movies. Nowadays I just don’t get hyped for films partly because everything I ever wanted to see has been done and partly because I’ve been disappointed too many times after being overly hyped to start with. It’s just not worth it.
    As far as the after-hype goes – that shit can take a long time to go away. My sympathies go out to the entire human race for having to deal with other people’s annoying hype.

  23. Hype has fucking destroyed Frozen. It’s an okay movie, but the popularity behind it makes me want to fucking hate it!

  24. Hype and backlash are both fleeting; time is what reveals the truth. Star Wars is good. Juno is pretentious and annoying. A few more years and a more honest appraisal of Frozen will emerge.

    Which is that it’s shit.

  25. The hype killed the first Predator for me. Many hailed it to me as something that the movie ultimately couldn’t live up to. I don’t think it’s a bad movie by any means, I just simply couldn’t enjoy it completely. When it comes to Frozen, I watched it on release day, and I thought it was good, but never THAT great, hype was pretty annoying for me on that matter.

  26. I watched “Frozen” on the opening day. Watching the “Let it Go” scene for the first time made me feel like a five year old girl again when everything was magical and new and nothing had made me feel like that in a very long time. It’s the first Disney movie soundtrack I bought since “Mulan” and I listened to it a lot. THEN it became popular. I was happy that it was popular, that people liked it as much as I did and it was great. But there is such thing as too much of a good thing and I got tired of seeing it EVERYWHERE. I work in a mall, there’s literally no escaping it. I stopped listening to the soundtrack, I haven’t seen the movie since I saw in theatres (I went twice), and I avoid it like the plague now because I want to be able to still enjoy it when I do see it again and still enjoy the soundtrack when I feel like listening to it because overexposure makes one get tired of something, even if it’s good.

    It’s like the radio. A great song comes out and then it gets popular and the radio plays it over and over and over and over again. It’s why I can’t stand “Don’t Stop Believing” anymore, even though I loved the song for a long time. (Thanks “Glee” for making it popular again, jerks. LOL) I’m not one of those people who hate things just because they’re popular, but because their popularity has led to overexposure to the point of ridiculousness.

  27. Yes hype kills things. People hyped the hell out of Guardians of the Galaxy, a film which I shut off half way through. I mean people kept telling me it was amazing but what I watch was “meh” at best.

    Similar thing happened with Book of Life and Despicable Me 2, I saw people praise the films over and over (with DM2 even being nominated for an Oscar) but HELL they are two train wrecks of a film.

    So what I usually do is go into films expecting them to be awful, then I won’t feel bad if they are a failure. That is maybe why I liked Big Hero 6 because I went into the film with the mind set that it was a stupid film but was wrong and was surprised that I enjoyed it. On the other hand, some people went into the film expecting it to be amazing and were disappointed…

  28. Hey Nostalgia Critic, here’s a question for you to answer. Is the 1990’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles really better than the reboot, or is it as bad as any other 90’s superhero movie?

    • If a special edition ever comes out where they digitally fix a lot of the visual errors and goofs (laughing turtle has human mouth dead-center of his turtle mouth, crouching guy is visible in background of apartment interior scene, roof battle obviously takes place on a sound stage, etc.) I would actually “want” to watch it for the first time ever. Though I still fear it would be as hard to believe as the story/plot in the M. Bay movie, maybe worse.
      The live action “turtle suits” versions just never did it for me and I could never get past them. I’d really like to give that first one a try, one more time before I write it off forever.

  29. The stuff you said about lord of the rings is the exact same thing for Doctor Who. I’m grew up in Australia but live in Texas so when I was watching it when it was a small thing I had no one to talk to. But once people found out about it, they would not shut up about it. I now keep doctor who to myself just so people can’t spoil or just over obess about it in front of me.

  30. I don’t call Frozen as one of the greatest films of all time, but I still like it. I know Transformers isn’t cinematic greatness, but I’ll still see the movies and enjoy the action and story. I know you don’t like The Grinch movie, but I still enjoy the cartoony fun out of it; I also love A Christmas Story. The entire Star Wars Saga is my favorite film of all time, because of the story, the characters, the action, the effects, and the music; and I’m excited to see Episode VII at the end of this year.

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