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Doug and Rob join the gang to discuss the newest Marvel movie, Captain America – Civil War.

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  1. I still think the movie universe is too grounded to introduce resurrecting the dead. Also, the Civil War comic is complete crap

  2. 15:26 really cause for me the letter was more like .. nothing has changed we are still friends

  3. I saw it this last weekend. I’m going to see it again this weekend! I haven’t done that since the Force Awakens. It was pretty good. The action scenes were good. The opening action scene’s 3D was good but it kind of tapered off after that. This Spiderman was just as good as Tobey McGuire. Not better though, in my opinion. Tom Holland is my new celebrity crush. I think that it was just as good as most of the other Marvel movies. I think it does deserve good reviews. However, I think that the reviews are even better than usual because Batman v. Superman came out last month. Compared to Batman v. Superman, yeah, it was a masterpiece.

    (SPOILER WARNING) I was surprised that it ended with the Avengers still divided overall. Maybe that happened in the comic but I don’t know. That was my only complaint. I wonder how they will come together for Avengers 3: Part I. Then again, Captain America DID say I will help you if you and the other Avengers need me at the end so that may be the answer. My favorite part, besides the action scenes though… was Scarlet Vision, as I call them. I want Scarlet Witch and Vision to get together.

  4. The movie definitely makes up for all the mistakes the comic made especially what happened to Spider-Man and Cap in the actual Civil War comic.

  5. Re Aunt Milf. Grannies these days are not wearing organdy dresses and high button shoes. A 66 year old woman today was 26 in 1966. She is not going to dress like HER grandmother.

  6. I loved this movie. However I do like Avengers more. I do love Joss Whedon, but honestly I love the Original Avengers movie because it was fun. When these characters first go together I wanted to see them have fun together. And you’re left with a kinda hopeful enthusiasm for what’s to come. I was very invested in the characters in Avengers. When Tony calls pepper at the end because he thinks he might die, the snarkiness, black widow and hawkeye’s friendship, tony and bruce’s science bros, loki’s charisma, there was so much about the original avengers to like and it wasn’t jaunting to see. I loved this movie but when Ironman sees his parents murdered, and how he just couldn’t catch a break through this whole film, or wanda in the cell, or hawkeye basically shitting on tony for his decisions, I love these characters and I love their bond they all share.

  7. Walter really needs to get a pop filter for his mic.

  8. TragicGuineaPig

    I just want to know one thing: Did REB BROWN finally get his much-deserved MCU cameo?

  9. Perhaps the saddest or most tragically ironic news following the Peggy Carter bit in this movie is that it is pretty much simultaneous with her TV show getting cancelled. “BTW babe your characters dead and your shows cancelled. But bonus we are on track for another billion $$$ movie!”

    • Agree with it being a great film, Captain America trilogy has been the most solid of all marvel movies, which yeah I did not think they would be my favorites! Also can’t wait for Black Panther movie now, great introduction to the character. Spiderman wasn’t bad, but I am still on Spiderman fatigue, ugh another reboot! Tom Holland did good, but I would have preferred to either keep Andrew Garfield or if they wanted reboot with younger Spiderman it would have been great to see Miles Morales instead.

      I have a friend who is not actually a big superhero movie fan (though I’m slowly turning him!), He saw Civil War and liked it, so goes to show you don’t need to see all the other movies to enjoy it. He was familiar with some chracters, but basically only seen Iron Man and some of the first Avengers, he’s comments afterwards included “I liked the smart flying guy that could shoot lasers” – which then launched me into a big explanation about who Vision was :p

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