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I take a look at the OTHER dinosaur movie of 1993 with the Roger Corman produced “Carnosaur”. Hey, Gene Siskel gave it a thumbs up…

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  1. I’ve only ever seen clips from this, but I do distinctly remember seeing that VHS cover at Blockbuster video in the mid 90s. Even as a grade schooler I could tell it was a cheap Jurassic Park knock off.

  2. Well, technically Raptors from movie are Deinonychus or something similar (Jurassic World basically confirm that they are in fact mutants and not really look like they should, what explain lack of feathers and in fact is how they were depicted by book as Crichton was supporter of bird origin theory, but did go with more standard look to not confuse people of his time). Anyway Spielberg in fact was fully aware of that just did go with Velociraptor as it sound cooler.

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