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What if Lola Was Funny in Space Jam?

Lola Bunny was new to the Looney Tunes' cast in 1996's Space Jam. For years after, she wasn't used much until being revived in 2011 as a whole different character. With Lola's characterization being somewhat limited in Space Jam, what would have been if the later, more comedy focused Lola debuted in the Michael Jordan/Looney Tunes crossover? Doug Walker asks, what if Lola was funny in Space Jam?

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Vendetta – Bat-May

"Vendetta" features the introduction of one Batman's most physically threatening villains, Killer Croc. This episode is absolutely beautiful from being above and underneath the ocean surface to the heavily shadowed rooms, the different locations make this episode feel like it's own unique thing within the series. Walter continues his deep dive into Batman: The Animated Series.

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