What Is Reality? – Bat-May

What is Reality is the second appearance of The Riddler in Batman: The Animated Series. While in his first appearance Edward Nygma trapped our characters in a giant maze game, this time things shift to more of a digital frontier as Batman and Robin try to outsmart Nygma in a virtual world of his own creation. Check out this episode for a great mix of retro and futuristic imagery, a strong villain, and a few memorable moments.

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Day Of The Samurai – Bat-May

Day of The Samurai is a sequel to 'Night of the Ninja' from early this season. It's one of the more sophisticated episodes Walter has reviewed so far with plenty of subtitles for the Japanese language scenes, the legend of an ancient fighting technique, and a climatic battle on the side of a volcano. Does this episode hold up on a re-watch? Find out now as Walter continues his deep dive into Batman: The Animated Series.

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