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In the battle between dogs and cats, everybody is a bad boy. Nostalgia Critic looks over the hair raising insanity. It’s time to review Cats and Dogs!

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    A true hair-raising adventure indeed first before RockmanX3

    • Bah, you beat me again!


    • what? No Deadpool review? NC must not have been paying attention to the box office.

      More likely is he’s too pussy to attack ANY Marvel movie,due to fanboy/trendy backlash, or,like every comedian is outspoken about how perfect anything with comedy elements is,not because it’s good but because it’s advantageous to THEIR career

      I swear you could have the most average superhero movie,add comedy,and today’s idiots will spread their cheeks for it

      • oooor maybe he hasn’t gotten to it yet?

      • He already did Bum & Doug reviews on Deadpool, and the Doug review was him explicitly saying it was just average and a big hit for fans, but otherwise kind of overhyped. If you really want an NC with the same opinion, you might have to wait awhile, since the N stands for Nostalgia and he rarely places new movies under that banner.

        Honestly… 9_9

      • Why are you replying to someone else’s comment to say this? Hmm, it’s almost like you’re an attention where or something.
        And, yes, giving a positive review to a movie that’s already received thousands of them would “advance his career”…that’s the one thing that would really skyrocket him to international notoriety.

  2. I actually remember this… I don’t know if that is a good thing or bad thing.

  3. TheListenerCanon

    Oh, so this movie?

  4. Does this mean your going to do a clipless review of Deadpool? Because I’d be down for that.

    • As a person who has not made their feelings about the clipless review format a secret in the past… it MIGHT actually work. With all the other clipless reviews, it just felt forced, but with Deadpool, a character that seems tailor-made for the meta humor these jokes provide, it may actually be funny. Plus, it’d be absolutely hilarious to see Deadpool pick apart his own movie.

    • The ending may have been another jab at the big film distributors who have been taking down videos and channels on YouTube recently.
      I wouldn’t be surprised if he did a Deadpool review let alone a “negative” review. Heck, I’d watch it. I think the last time Doug/Critic did a review in which his opinion was opposite to the general audience was James and the Giant Peach and Ponyo.

    • The Mysterious M

      The way the video was going, it might be a clipless (and one of his rare “positive”) reviews, or it might be Cats & Dogs even more mediocre sequel.

  5. This movie is stupid…but personally I feel like it’s it an incredibly likeable kind of stupid. It’s so delightfully dumb, I can’t help but be amused by it.

  6. TooMuchFreeTime

    I actually won a prize related to this movie! It was only like 3rd place tho so it was just stuff like a balloon and a pin and maybe a shirt? Hell I can’t really remember anymore.

    • TooMuchFreeTime

      OH! There was a key chain or something that would play the “I think not baby puppy. It is you who is in trouble.” line! Too bad that was the ONLY line it played.

  7. Wait, if you watch all of the video one week before their release, you still have to wait for a week for the next video… What’s the use ?!

  8. Wow! Coincidence of all coincidence! I was just thinking about this movie yesterday. This was one of my favorite movies as a kid, but over the years, I’ve come to realize it really wasn’t that good.

    “Son of my mom!”…Um, that’s you, genius! You just used yourself as cursing.

    • Actually the implied joke is that usually someone says son of a b-word, also known as a female dog, he just straight up said “my mom” which would indeed technically be a b-word. Still not very funny though.

  9. The yellow flag bit was the best joke I’ve seen in an NC in a while. Nice.

  10. I admit I’ve seen this movie many years ago, but I was thankful NOT to see the crappy sequel. MikeJ did that task for me.

    • The reaction of the woman with the pie when the dog flies into the window makes me think this is what she looks like while having an orgasm.

      The acting of the dogs reminds me of what you said about the acting of the babies in the Baby Geniuses movies; “It’s basically someone’s home movie with a budget.”

      The “Testicle Chin” joke reminds me of the Ball-Chinian from Men in Black II.

      I agree that Mr. Tinkles is the best, and most memorable, character in this movie. It’s nice to see that Blowfeld’s cat from the Bond movies got to play the main villain in a movie.

      Tamera is still great as the alcoholic mother that reminds me of a more miserable version of Rosanne. And I’m actually not surprised that her character is a Trump supporter (which is hilarious, BTW).

      The image of Jeff Goldblum in a lab coat while wearing a face mask and covered in wires reminds of a more pathetic version of Doc Brown.

      The kid is this movie could have been worse. He could have been the CG baby from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn. And people still ridicule Jake Lloyd for playing Anakin Skywalker in The Phantom Menace.

      It doesn’t really shock me to know that the director of this film later did Son of the Mask? …Enjoy your Razzie for Worst Sequel for that movie, asshole.

  11. You know this movie is too anti cat. Maybe its because i like cats,But i feel they should have add like a trader cat or something and have the dogs learn that not all cats are bad. Because i feel this films was made just so the director so he could show of his odd hatred Torwerds them.

  12. Malcolm! Take off that horrible Duck Dynasty cap now and replace it with one from the Ducktales reboot because that was the REAL Duck Dynasty!

    Hilarious review as always Doug and co. I’ve never seen this movie, nor had any interest in seeing it, but you covering the original and MikeJ doing the sequel, I’ve got my bases covered.


  13. How dare you treat ALF so poorly!

  14. Yeah, I can understand why you like this family. Whatever happened to Shameful Sequels “Cats And Dogs: The Revenge Of Kitty Galore”? I’m surprised you didn’t mention that. It was the most popular non NC video here. I hope it wasn’t those guys at Fair Use. Thanks for mocking them again.

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      It was because other videos got more comments and it was partially cause of the blip shutdown

      • MidnightScreeningsman2014

        I knw but itd be great seeing them get angry at B V. S together and giving how I love when Joe and the internet loves when he gets angry yeah… And itd be so awesome them breaking down over the entrance over Darkseid just i’d be lmfaoing all the way!!!!!

  15. Oh man this looked so dumb when I was little…and it still looks dumb. That’s saying something because you can dangle keys in front of me and I would be entertained. Hell, I liked the Cat in the Hat movie when I was a kid I was dumb. So when THIS looked stupid, you know you fucked up.

    Also, that ending. Glad to see that Doug is willing to make fun of himself and not take things TOO seriously!

  16. Paying for Vessel is not something I would ever do as long as they force you to have that annoying watermark in the corner. No other video service does that. Sure, have it there when the controls are visible, but not otherwise.

    I have to figure out how to disable it every time I watch your videos.

  17. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    As alf said “I only gave you dated 80s references” poor old thing and I smirked at that how dare you treat alf so poorly comment up above. Good review as always and I wouldn’t really mind another clipless review since at least your waiting to do it 2 months and it feels like it’s been awhile but I pray to God you don’t do one on batman v superman dawn of justicd cause you c
    Just using the clips of the movie and ranting about it with angryjoe was some of the best stuff I had seen from you.

    Anyways I was fine with cats and dogs the movie and I don’t think it’s really that bad but just that the human characters were forgettable but except now I’ll remember that kid since you have him firmly in my mind(but probably just all the badlines and how he was like a weird character). Now you should review he sequel since it’s a thousand times worse and its kinda ironic on the site today since your reviewing cats and dogs and mikej is the featured producer again and last time he was he reviewed the sequel on that week and lets hope there’s another one this week that’d be awesome and not at all a coincidence to me if there was.

  18. Stupid movie based on silly myth that’s used time and time again. In original Ghostbusters it was funny joke but when you base movie around it it’s no longer funny.

  19. So our protagonist dog want be famous Russian space dog? Hell yes! Send him with one way ticket in space and lat him die from suffocation, because that what exactly happened with Łajka. D’oh..

  20. Playwright mc. Playwright

    And to think, I liked this movie when it came out.


  22. I don’t care what site you end up choosing, but please just pick one that uses Screenwave player instead of whatever this crappy player is.

  23. I am ashamed but also not at all ashamed of how much I loved this movie when I was a wee child, lol

  24. This review make my think about Felidae for some reason? I need my happy pile!

  25. TheSuicidalTeddybear

    let’s hope that he’s not reviewing deadpool next

  26. Neo-stalgia Fan 1

    As a kid I liked this movie fine. Seeing it now…yeaaaaahhhhh it is kinda stupid. Loved the gag at the end of the review by the way. X)”

  27. Askmewhatitmeanshoohoohoo

    BAAAD movie, but Mr. Tinkles was one of the most quotable characters amongst my childhood friends and I. Not sure what that says about us…

  28. I can’t believe this movie spawned a sequel… And yes, I’m familiar with Heifer International myself. I used to donate to it around Christmas.

  29. Wouldn’t it be funny if a dog asked why they hated cats and no one came up with an answer? The dogs just put him in jail or something?

  30. Hey Nostalgia Critic you think this was bad? Watch the sequel.

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