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How could Disney have put out such a rotten egg? From unfunny jokes to straight up mean spiritedness, this is a flick that clucked up hard. The Nostalgia Critic review’s Chicken Little.

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  1. Please review the 1986 film Dangerously Close because I can easily see you reviewing my most hated film.

    • You’ve been asking that for weeks now. If you really hate this movie so passionately, then why not review it yourself?

      And if you’re response is going to be “Because I want Doug to do it”, then either become a Patron or contribute to one of his charities, because I personally don’t know any producers who take fans’ requests for free.

  2. I don’t know why Chicken Little gets such a bad rep. I think this movie is pretty accurate for its portrayal of how childhood is. It IS awkward cruelty. You have your parent who is only happy once you prove yourself to them. You have the majority of people who pick who they want to hate and you don’t want to be the one they pick. Teachers and coaches are rarely ever helpful. I get it. I saw this in the theaters as a kid and thought it was relatable. This movie is also how I discovered Spice Girls. I will admit that the animation does look a little dated nowadays and the jokes do kinda suck.

    • If you have parents who are only happy once you prove yourself, you have shitty parents, plain and simple. I never had that problem with my parents. I’ll give you the other stuff, but the problem with relating to Chicken Little through his suffering is that he’s not given much of a personality, and what personality he IS given is of the “for yourself in here” variety. This is complicated by the fact that nobody learns to be a better person out of the experience, because what transitions happen with the characters are very rushed at best and nonexistent at worst. And that doesn’t make up for the unpleasantness from the rest of the movie.

  3. The head trauma from the acorn gave him aphasia.

  4. Barbara Streisand in this world is a horse.

  5. You want a bird? We’ll give you a bird.

  6. Didn’t you dislike the “Beauty and the Beast” remake because it was too similar to the original, just with not as much to it? If so, it’s really not appropriate to list it among the movies that aren’t anything like their source material.

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