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Appearing on several Top 10 Worst Lists, the time has come to look at one of the most despised Christmas movies ever, Christmas with the Kranks.

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  1. I actually quite liked this movie when I was younger. It’s not great by any means but it’s not Eight Crazy Nights at least.

    • That’s funny because I don’t mind 8EC despite being a major Happy Madison hater now, and I fucking hate this movie! It sucks Jamie Lee Curtis was reduced to do this, especially when her parents Tony Curtis and Janet Leigh (for those too young too knew, she was the screaming girl in the shower, but she’s actually one of my favorite actresses in particular). Then again, Janet Leigh has been in crap like Night of the Lepus, so who am I to judge!

    • Agreed. Granted there are a few things that should’ve been left out. One good example the Botox scene, and I honestly believe that should have been left out. But it’s not a bad movie, not great, but just like Grievous stated, it ain’t Eight Crazy Nights.

    • The clipless reviews ride too many coattails. The most popular movies and all. Show me NC:Leon the professional as a clipless review!
      Doug as Leon,Uncle Yo as Natalie Portman(NC is blackmailing him),and Tamara as Gary Oldman.
      or review low budget shit clipless,like a Chuck Norris thing for example,the NC episode would likely be better than it’s subject matter.(plus Orlando in a Red wig and beard)

    • We all have to change with the world when it does the same. That is the point he is trying to make. It can be very difficult and some of us are still trying to learn how to do it, but it’s necessary if we want to be able to flourish and learn to be better. He does so many new things and doesn’t rely heavily on the old gimmicks because it is the best way to be able to retain his audience and keep them interested. We all need to learn to learn to move forward, take value in that and know that in the long run, it’ll be what is best for us all.

    • It’s about time I make front page news, the Kranks were getting too much press!

  2. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    I watched the movie on Netflix to prepare!

    • I wish I’d figured that out sooner! bought it on Amazon Video for 8 bucks to not only finish my first viewing of it (which was years ago and unfinished because the DVD had to go back to Blockbuster) and to watch it again all the way through and be prepared for the review! Not the worst movie of all time, but it’s a childish exercise that regulates between being both stupid and offensive. It’s also manipulative too at that.

  3. What would be the next Christmas movie review? Surviving Christmas or Unaccompanied Minors?

  4. Glad to be in the top 10 of comments. 🙂 What an honor. Follow up comment to come when I’ve actually watched the video. LOL.

  5. Are you gonna talk about Space Ace? The video game that has the same animation as Dragon’s Lair? Just wondering.

  6. I love it when you include your parents in your reviews!

  7. Ooh, this should be fun. Christmas With The Kranks is one of the most morally bankrupt movies I’ve ever seen.

  8. Santa Christ is back!!!

    • Great review as always Doug, but I do want to talk about the end message of this video.

      I’ve been here since near the beginning around summer of 2008 when you fought with the AVGN, so I witnessed a lot of the changes firsthand and while I didn’t always agree with certain changes, the bottom line is at the end of the day, it’s still YOUR show and site and you should dictate the way you run things around here.

      I do have to give you kudos for manning up and acknowledging the things that the fans have been vocal and complaining about since people think “Internet Celebrities” live in their own worlds and refuse to listen to their fans. I’m glad you didn’t go all esults or Douchey McNitpick on your haters and at least acknowledge what the fans have been complaining about.

      But at the same time, the fans also need to realize that performers can’t always do the same thing over and over again and feel like they should be mad when things change. Especially with the rampant YouTube copyright problems killing producers and said producers burning themselves out doing the same thing over and over again as you showed 3 years ago in the Scooby Doo 2 review that originally ended the NC.

      I’m still in the minority that enjoyed Demo Reel and love the skits with Malcolm and Tamara. I always thought this place would benefit more with skits and stories rather than producers yelling in front of a wall saying a movie is bad.

      With that all said, I’ll still support the NC whether he yells in front of walls or fights Segata Sanshiro.

      Happy Holidays, Doug.

      • TheEndOfAllThingsSubtle

        While I didn’t like Demo Reel although there is nothing wrong with it just personal preference mainly I do like his new skits and keep on wondering why people hate on them.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself.

        I get tired of watching skits instead of reviews and wished he would just show how dumb the movies are (or just Hocus Pocus in this case), but at the same time, it was hilarious, so I didn’t mind it that much. I just seem to have mixed feelings on what should stay and what should go.

        I guess it’s mostly about balance.

      • I think the people who are the most vocal about this issue don’t really want the Nostalgia Critic so much as they want a monkey with symbols. Burnout Schmurnout, he should just never change and just scream at a camera with absolutely no variety. Who cares if Doug wants to do more or be more? He’s just some guy on the internet, which is is obviously tailored to MY tastes and MY tastes alone!

      • I can honestly say I’ve been around since near the beginning, back when he was still doing That Guy With The Glasses skits on the side, when Spoony was a big part of the site, and Lewis was just starting out. The time period around the AVGN fight was about when I stopped frequenting for about 6-9 months because I was getting tired of a certain prima dona attitude that was coming from the producers (not realizing at the time it was a schtick kinda like being the heels in a pro-wrestling match)…but I was also tired of listening to someone scream on a white screen tossing memes out every 20 seconds and basically all the criticism Doug gave of his previous stuff compounded why I stopped watching. When I came back, I have to say that some of the reviews were among my most enjoyable, but I don’t know if it was due to the reviews themselves, or simply the nostalgic love or hate I had for some of those movies in the later reviews.

        I was quite vocally among the critics of Demo Reel. I didn’t like it. I understood what Doug was going for, but I thought it was poorly executed and a bit unoriginal. I didn’t want to see more NC for the sake of NC, but at the same time I didn’t want to see more Demo Reel either, mostly because it was making parody of movies I hadn’t seen, didn’t understand why it was funny, etc. The whole allure of NC was that even if i didn’t remember the movie, I remembered the trailers, or heard about it from people. When you’re making a thinly veiled parody of movies that have just been released and/or subtly making nods to artsy film school sort of movies that maybe the common viewer hasn’t seen, it gets to be too alienating. These were the main reasons I was so vocal against Demo Reel, not because I didn’t recognize something great was going on under the surface, but because I thought it was inaccessible for far too much of Doug’s audience.

        That said, I have absolutely LOVED everything since the return of NC. I love the fact Doug is combining the things that could have eventually made Demo Reel a good show with the accessibility of NC. I love that NC is branching into newer films, and even doing clipless reviews. I think they’re unique and seriously, the Mad Max review, even though I have yet to see Fury Road, was absolutely my favorite NC review of all time, and Hocus Pocus may be in my top 5 (I had been contemplating watching that movie because it used to be a holiday tradition, but the review made up for not watching it 10 times over).

        So yeah, basically, I read the haters in the comments, and all their whining about the skits and how it’s just Demo Reel all over again, but I for one wanted to say that even though I was vocal about disliking Demo Reel to the point that I said I’d stop watching (and did until I heard NC was coming back so I watched the finale) that it annoys me that some people just seem to forget why Doug burnt out on NC reviews…they were literally like stamping out cookie cutter reviews every week to appease a crowd of people who hated on him then. Now people hate on him for not doing that. It’s stupid, really. I love NC, I love the editorials, I love the skits, and I love some of the new side projects like Pop Quiz Hot Shot. Honestly, just ignore the haters Doug, do you.

      • Im sorry I cant agree. Im ok with the clipless reviews when he has no choice,but that doesint save that god awful halloween review. I was annoyed by all the cameos and skits. Keep those to a minimum or find a perfect balance. IV been a fan of dougs since the start,but I still can make comments negative or positive about his reviews.

      • Hear hear, I agree with you 100%. People watch the videos, complain about them, then turn up next week to complain again.

      • Part of me feels he’s kinda hammering at the old times a bit too much. When asked at gunpoint if I liked the pre-Hiatus videos more than the post-Hiatus once, I’d say yes, and after his comeback, his reviews kinda suffered a bit from what felt like having no real idea what t do with the actors he still had.

        About half a year later, he found his rhythm though, and the episodes where legitimately good again, with some very awesome stints in between…but then we have extended stuff like Alice in Wonderland and especially Hocus Pocus. In the latter, I had problems following the review because I never saw the movie, and most of it depended on the viewer already knowing, what he parodies. The older reviews were a lot more simpler, and that’s what I liked about them. It was just him tearing up a movie with the help of some special effects and memes. It had its stinkers as well, But it usually worked very well. And I could show it to other people without explaining too much.

        That said, his newer episodes aren’t bad, and I really do enjoy them. Without the new direction, we wouldn’t have had the Avatar-Fight, and the Devil-Review in the elevator, and I wouldn’t have missed them for anything. Plus it gives Doug the chance to be creative and do other things, which I always support. But still: When he started this review with going back to his old place and announce a classic review, I was hyped for a focused, fast-paced review, with maybe a few nods to the situation. The “it wasn’t actually better in the past” doesn’t really apply to this, since we very much CAN revisit the past by watching the old videos and compare them to the new one. And comparing these two styles, I simply prefer the old one, and kinda wished it got a bit more respect here. As I said: I kinda wished he simply made one review completely in the classic way, before returning to his modern ideas. Especially the words of the old NC after the commercial break felt a bit too dismissive (not in the way that I agree with him, but that they had him say these things to hammer in a “everything is better now” perspective).

        Sure, there are the idiots, who just complain for the sake of complaining, or those who hate every change. But putting down every negative comment to “Internet comments are negative because Internet comments” is a bit short-sighted. Doug should do what he feels is best and what he is most comfortable with. But he should also accept, that some people simply prefer the old style without just refusing any change what so ever.

      • Excellent way of putting it.

        Personally I think Doug has been getting too much skit hate. There are more than there were in the old days but he’s blended them within the review itself because he’s trying to work within his limitations of lawsuit happy assholes WHILE working creatively.

  9. Or how about Deck The Halls and Jack Frost?

  10. the ending sounded more like an editorial or something

  11. I watched the movie with family last year and, though it was occasionally funny, I thought it was pretty rotten, with all the characters being obnoxious, the situations painfully contrived and over blown and a very disturbing moral. And the old people sub plot was awkward.

    That priest was in Newhart and was funny. Why!

    I remember Film Brain reviewing this. It was great!!

    I liked your old format: I thought the clips were funny,

    Wrong: this movie was purely wrong!!

  12. This isn’t even the end. There’s another bad Christmas film that came out this year called “Love the Coppers” that NEEDS to be reviewed next year.

  13. Just had to take shot at everyone who said the skits and cut aways suck and that you should stop doing them… Youtube is going to eat you alive tomorrow Doug.

    • Not only that, it ironically IS better the way he does it in this video. Maybe it’s time to stop… again. Because he can’t handle the complaints… again.

    • Yeah, I thought it was a great video on the whole, but that kinda pissed me off. I mean, it’s hard to do a “take that, critics” moment without coming across as a jackass already, but it’s worse when *you’re* who it’s directed at.

  14. “Before I had a budget and a studio” not to forget, before the actors and sketches that go on way too long.

  15. So. You didn’t tell NC of the Past to skip Demo Reel, huh? 😉

    • Of course not, because without Demo Reel he’d never have become NC of today, implementing the good idea that was underneath the horrible execution that was Demo Reel. 😉

  16. Part of the reason I always look forward to your Christmas reviews, Doug, is how sincere and heartfelt you can get about the films centered around it. It clearly means so much to you, and I really appreciate you sharing your feelings with us.

    Merry Christmas, Doug! Keep growing and changing and being your awesome self! xoxo

  17. WAIT JUST A MINUTE!!! People HATE Christmas Wit The Kranks?! THAT MOVIE WAS HILARIOUS!!!

  18. Which review is Linkara doing whEn he said “HOW DID YOU GET INTO SPACE!”

  19. *slow clap* Good show. Jolly good show, sir.

    That’s all I’ll say about the review itself. The movie… I don’t even know what to think of it. I think I was mostly neutral and never really laughed during it, managing to get through it all without nothing to think about…

    I think I need something to get my brain working again…

  20. Manly tears
    Manly Christmas tears

    Thank you for that sincere part at the end though, seriously. Merry Christmas to you, Ch. Awesome crew

  21. That ending there. This is the first time an NC review actually brought me to tears, it was that sweet and honest.

    As for the movie itself…
    Animal cruelty in movies? Not only is it okay for advertising, but make sure it’s a cat. Because apparently cruelty to cats is a-okay in the picture business. Boomer will live, but to hell with Mittens! >:( (Seriously, f*** you, Hollywood.)

  22. thatgirlinthewheelchair

    I know that you don’t read the comments but that was a very sweet review – both funny and heartfelt. I knew that you were going to address the negative comments about the new style eventually and you did it perfectly! I’d say don’t ever change, Doug, but maybe instead, I should say, keep changing for the better!

    • Even if said change distracts away from what makes a review a review? I’m sorry, I’m all for change, but when something doesn’t work, it doesn’t work. His “new” way of reviewing just isn’t as funny or insightful. I don’t care if Doug thinks they’re ok or doesn’t care what others say, sometimes ignoring criticism can be a very harmful thing. If people don’t tell us what’s wrong, we can never get better as we go along.

      • Except the people who dislike the new style are just the vocal minority. I regularly rewatch both his older and his newer reviews, and I generally prefer the newer style. They seem more insightful, carefully thought through and there’s a lot more appreciation and love in them. The old reviews pale like cheap gag reels compared to that. Nowadays he’s actually *reviewing* the movie in a style that reminds me of professional critics, rather than just throwing out random jokes about what’s happening on screen without adding anything new.

  23. Charles Carmichael

    Nostalgia Critic, how about doing “Jingle All The Way”?? with Ahhnold and Sinbad? And, just as a side-note, doing your old 2007 throw-back critic style was a great idea! Really enjoyed it!! Simple, elegant, classic.

  24. I liked his old reviewing stile better. I usually skip his sketches.

  25. You know, Critic, after watching this review, it made me actually miss your old way of reviewing films. I mean, the memes like “I was frozen today” and “Big Lipped Alligator Moment”… I miss those. It’s certainly better than a lot of your newer “reviews” like Jurassic World and Hocus Pocus… Though Mad Max is the only exception. But yeah, go back to the way it used to be BEFORE you started doing Demo Reel, because your clipless reviews just feel like you’re still bitter about it being hated by people and that you’re trying to sneak it back in somehow. Dude, if we didn’t want it the first time, we DON’T want it the second or third, or FOURTH time!

    • So you entirely missed the point of the speech at the ending? He’s NOT going back to the old style. He has changed, and is happy with it. Why should you demand him to stop doing things the way he loves? He’s the artist, you know.

      • Because he sucks at it is why he should stop. The skits aren’t funny & go on too long & all these heartfelt speech he does in reviews are garbagewith as much emotional manipulation like Modern Family Guy. The old days weren’t exactly great but they were quick, Didn’t need to have a tacked on lesson as if it’ll actually be inspirational for someone & most importantly it was funny.

        Doug can go fuck himself with this review if this is how he views the material that made him popular & the people who liked those jokes & made him popular.

        • Yeah, the speech was just a way of saying “I’m not going back to the old way of reviewing, so all of you out there who don’t like my new “reviews” are just tasteless assholes and need to grow up and shut up. Nyah, nyah, nyah.”

          • But that’s exactly what you are, and you keep affirming that by thinking he’s calling you an asshole and reacting in such a way. He’s been doing this new style for YEARS now, and yet you can’t seem to come to terms with it. Grow up.

          • Quite Frankly, if you’re that resistant to change, then it’s a goddamn miracle you haven’t offed yourself the moment you hit puberty.

          • If you hate the evolution of someone’s craft then I suggest you you only watch films from the turn of the 19th century for the remainder of your days.

          • Exactly .If he isn’t going to change it,then just don’t bother about it not like your complaints about the new style will change anything.Plus if you don’t like his new style of doing it .Why are you still watching his reviews?You can always go watch other reviewers.

          • His conclusion wasn’t about the fanboys at all, ya dignus. Stop making it about you.

        • I can agree in that the videos are way longer than they used to. Some even passing the usual short movie time frame.

        • Someone completely missed the point. He said that you shouldn’t be ashamed of your past (which he was ACTING like he was), but that you shouldn’t stop change from happening altogether (which he feels the movie did poorly). Why don’t people get that the clipless reviews and skits all work towards his commentary and verdict of the movie?

        • After watching the video again, I must way… I take it all back. The speech was very heartfelt and it did strike a chord with me? I guess I was just so angry at first that I didn’t really hear it the first time. now that I have…I wish to apologize for my behavior. Though I do wish for Doug to TRY to bring back some of the old memes, cut down the length of some of the skits he does, and to stop doing clipless reviews… Bad ones, anyway. Mad Max was still pretty awesome.

    • Glad I’m not the only one who thought that.

  26. “The acting is like something out of the 50s.” Well, even in the 50s this movie would’ve sucked. This is a perfect example of talented stars just cashing a paycheck. There ought to be a law preventing garbage like this from being distributed and released to the public.

  27. Don Bluth has reached his goal. It’s a christmas miracle!

  28. really doug you must make trailer for toys for tots and saying as ending by santachrist approved that shall really funny

  29. For as bad of a movie as it is, Christmas with the Kranks did infact do 1 thing a lot of movie adaptations didn’t do, and that is stay nearly identical to the source material. (though personally I think the book on tape is much better than the movie 😛 )

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