Cinema Snob: Silent Night, Deadly Night 4: Initiation

What in the hell does this story about witches, demon worms, and office politics have to do with Silent Night Deadly Night?!?

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  1. Yay! Fat Grandma! Show that Cinema Scrooge who’s boss!

  2. Sweet, I’d rather watch it on here than on Youtube, thanks!

  3. It’s nice to see The Snob rip apart a Christmas horror film, especially those of the Silent Night Deadly Night series.

    Thak you fo bringing Fat Grandma back, and I see that Linkara is using an actual wig this time, and not that beard he used before (Seriously, folks, he said that in the behind-the-scenes of the Disney Afternoon episode of The Nostalgia Citic).

    It’s nice to see what Clint Howard was up to before being introduced to Uwe Boll.

    4:26- Nice joke referencing Batman Returns, a movie that has more to do with Christmas than this one.

    As a man who’s all for women’s rights, I can say that every male character in this movie, including Clint Howard, are sexist assholes.

    8:17- I take it that this old man watches a lot of Fox News, and acually believes in their “War on Christmas” bullshit.

    Poor Maud Adams, having to work on anythig just to get a paycheck after appearing in 3 Bond movies; one of them being the titled character, and another one where she was in the background. At least she later guest starred in an episode of That ’70s Show.

    I agree with Linkara. This is a really freakin’ weird bad movie, reguardless of it being an in name only sequel to Silent Night Deadly Night. Even the quality of the VHS this movie was on makes me wanna take an hour long shower.

    • either that or he watches MSNBC news, they tend to do the same as fox, given their similarities of propagations, baitings, & bigotry. either way, he’s gotta be a hardcore lefty/righty, and you know how uneducated & backwards logic they both are. lol

  4. I think if I meet Linkara I think I’d punch him in the face (more a reflex) for creating the MOST UNFUNNY CHARACTER THAT HAS EVER EXISTED!

    It’s amazing how so many people on this site are like “it’s so funny!” and then complain about Tyler Perry’s crap.

  5. I debated a bit about posting, but really have to get this out. I love watching you guys on here. I may not watch every show but Doug, Linkara, Brad & MikeJ are just a few people I never miss a chance to watch. Every show has something great to it & I can’t help but laugh at a lot of the things satirized in various manners. That said, I don’t want to come across wrong. I love Linkara as Fat Grandma. Some of the things he does as the character really make me laugh, but – having lived through taking care of my grandma during her last year of life & dealing with, first hand, the horror that is Alzheimer I can honestly say that the segments in which he acts confused/forgetful & I believe he even stated how his brains were scrambled, hit fairly close to home with me & really left me feeling melancholy rather than the hilarity that it was intended as. Now, I understand this is because of a personal connection to a comedic moment intended for a laugh & not to show disrespect or anything of the nature & I’m not bitter/mad over Linkara’s ‘Fat Grandma’, I just simply wanted to say it evoked some major feeling in me as I watched. I was reminded of how hard things really are when faced with a person dealing with that sickness & it also reminded me of my time with my Grandma. Even if it came about because I was unexpectedly faced with Linkara satirizing such a truly dark situation I lived trough, I was happy to remember my Grandma. Thanks a lot for that you guys. I don’t really think of her that often because of being there with her at the end because it was really hard on me, & around this time of year it really does mean a lot. Despite my feelings of thanks, I would like to ask that you guys do keep in mind some of us have actually lived through things like that & they’re far from funny. Like I said I know it’s comedy, I know it’s satire, I know it’s a character, & I know every bit of comedy is subjective. I just wanted to share my point of view on it, my reasons & say thanks to Brad & Linkara for the unexpected Holiday gift of reminding me not just of the bad times with my Grandma, but the good as well. Thanks

  6. Professor von SCIENCE!!!

    Clint Howard? Jesus man, I know you’re not exactly A-list but Christ on a cracker, man, you can do better than this!

  7. Ok, so this is a doomed timeline then. But how did Linkara and Fat Grandma talk after getting ‘sploded?!

  8. I think I would’ve liked this movie way better if it was about ethics in game journalism…

  9. Great work, as always.

    Also: Blip sucks. Use youtube already. If I have to watch the same corporate bs UPS commercial one more time, I swear I’ll pop a vein.

  10. So does “boys will be boys” hold up in court?

  11. Reggie Bannister is in this? That makes the film worth watching even if he isn’t in it for long.

  12. I resent this movie’s depiction of feminists as evil, man hating, lesbian occultists who sacrifice male children to giant insects, I mean, I happen to be a feminist and also a lesbian and also a giant insect worshiping occultist but that doesn’t mean that ALL feminists are. Those sorts of generalizations are unfair to other types of feminists such as, for instance, those who prefer painting their faces with menstrual blood and sacrificing male children to Gaia or dancing naked beneath the full moon before sacrificing male children to Athena. Preoccupation with the superficial aspects of our culture only serves to draw attention away from our core belief system, that being that all males should be ritually murdered (preferably via castration) before reaching adulthood. You see, it doesn’t matter HOW they are ritualistically murdered as long as they ARE ritualistically murdered. So, in the true spirit of our movement, I would like to extend a generic, nondenominational wish for a happy and safe ritualistic murdering of a male child this holiday season.

    “Cry havoc! And let loose the penis eating dogs of war!” -Susan B. Anthony

  13. So, in this movie, pretty much all of the male characters and a good chunk of the female characters are assholes.

    Good to know!

  14. I get the feeling that this movie could have been decent on some level if it had never received the Silent Night Deadly Night title.

  15. Fat Grandma!!! Fuck Yeah!!!

  16. Fat Grandma is a Christmas miracle

  17. Poor old Earth 42. They’ll never how good could be a “He-Man and the Masters of the Universe” sequel. 🙁

  18. hey! Allyce Beasley!

  19. Fat Grandma cracks me up every time… Truly, that was an… inspired creation. And grand props to Lewis for keeping on reprising her every time.

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