Cinema Snob: Staying Alive

Musical March (in September) returns as The Cinema Snob takes a look at Sylvester Stallone’s 1983 sequel to Saturday Night Fever.

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Brad Jones portrays The Cinema Snob, a pretentious film snob who is stuck with reviewing Z-Grade exploitation flicks of the past. I'm a big guy. For you.


  1. Very funny review! Good work!
    Movie looked boring but really bad? I dont get it.

  2. Similarly, 1941 has been erroneously referred to as a box office bomb. The movie made money, it just wasn’t the financial juggernaut the studio expected.

  3. So if John Travolta’s character is Silvester Stallonne, does that mean that in this reality he is Rocky?

  4. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Speaking of studios thinking there movie was a box office bomb but in reality it was a success,Disney and marvel say that they think avengers age of Ultron was a big bomb but it was actually a huge success making 457.7 million in the united states(still I don’t get why Disney said that just because it made less then the original and didn’t reach 500 million does not mean it did horrible I mean at least it crossed 1 billion worldwide). Also wthelk Slyvester Stallone you wanted this movie to be dumb and stupid then why didn’t someone on the production crew tell the studio and have them fired from the project.
    Still a good review brad and love the gallows reference(givin that movie was terrible I’m suprised you even mentioned it again).

  5. I’ve been waiting since you announced you’d be reviewing this film during your Two of a Kind review last year. And since then, I got the chance to watch Saturday Night Fever from start to finished, and NOT the TV edit version.

    3:46- Please review Rhinestone, Brad. I’ve seen clips from that movie of Stallone singing, and it deserves to be reviewed by someone like you.

    7:00- Yeah, I already knew about Sylvester Stallone’s cameo in this movie.

    The only other thing called Satan’s Alley is the fake trailer in the beginning of Tropic Thunder, and the major difference between the two is that the play within the movie is not an erotic gay story.

    24:15- At least this play doesn’t suddenly end with Tony going in a spaceship to go on an interstellar search for alternative fuels.

    If I want a movie that ends with a play, I’ll stick with Black Swan, thank you very much.

  6. Oh man, I’ve been waiting for this review as well! I can recall way back when Brad and his mom were doing a Midnight Screening of Saturday Night Fever, which made me want to watch it with my bf (had to convince him that it wasn’t a fun, campy disco romp) and then Staying Alive, after Brad mentioning it being a horrible sequel!

    Wow, that was just the strangest fanfic fantasy Stallone had ever put out about Tony Manero (who incidentally doesn’t even act like Tony Manero), with his real life brother Frank, inserted. I could also swear that the Satan’s Alley show took up 1/3 of the movie, while the rest just felt like a cheap daytime soap opera (with those longing or jealous gaze shots).

    3:55 – I would have gone with a Red Foreman joke, about him having to have dealt with Kelso, doing a Tony Manero impression, in That 70’s Show.

    4:15 – Patrick Swayze?? (Seriously, later on in the film, during their rehearsals, I think Swayze shows up as a back-up dancer, in a brief shot).

    9:16 – Tony never got as butthurt as this, when he first tried breaking the ice with Stephanie.

    20:40 – Yeah, we sure could use more Driller, a Sexual Thriller.

    23:15 – This could use some “Wild Boys” from DuranDuran.

    Disappointed that there’s no Cinema Snob strut 🙁

  7. They really didn’t know how to make a trailer back in those days.

  8. Seen ” The Forbidden Zone ” ? Work of genius !

  9. I never saw Saturday Night Fever or Staying Alive, but I don’t know if I would like the former, part of it having to do with the indecisive rating for it. But apparently, it’s PG since that’s the rating for these shenanigans called a sequel… (I don’t watch R-rated movies unless the reason was blood-shed.)

    I think Tony’s an idiot for crushing on Laura since he supposedly has Jackie, and Laura seems slightly annoying. Wait, did I hear “brain operation”? How appropriate… Also, why does Walter Peck’s long-lost cousin care about Tony’s love life? It’s none of his business!

  10. I read Ebert’s review of it. I wonder what Siskel thought of it? Too bad for him. Yes, this is quite edgy for a PG movie. Well, nowadays it would be rated PG-13. Everything is.

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