Cinema Snob: The Penetrator

It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. But you can f&*k it.

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  1. The title….
    I’m just leaving that here:

    Ah, lenghty boring driving scene with a guy on a motor bike. Now thats how you start your porno.

    01:20 Ha! Okay, that was almost mildly funny. And the dude at least looks the part.

    17:25 *Bwahahahahaha* Okay, that face got me XD

  2. Not quite as funny as the Terminator remake; but still good. Also, FIRST ( I know it’s silly but I always wanted to do it).

  3. Wouldn’t Sperminator fit as a title better?

  4. So I wonder what his policy is on newer porn spoofs. Like Strokemon perhaps? Come on snob, you know you can’t resist that sweet, sweet nightmare fuel… }:)

  5. There’s a sequel to this spoof.

  6. A PG-13 rated fifth film in a line of all R-rated action movies starting with a critically-acclaimed classic in the 80s… worked for Die Hard, didn’t it?!!!

  7. I’d rather see a movie about Terminator Cat Lloyd than Genisys.

  8. Well, seeing the end goal of the ‘Terminator’ wouldn’t a better title be ‘Inseminator’?

  9. Ha! Take that stupid porn ads!

  10. Is it just me or the penetrator looks like more duke nukem than arnie?

  11. They really missed an opportunity to have her name be Sarah Cumonher. I should write a porn spoof! I kind of felt Ron Jeremy phoned this one in, he’s a much better actor.

  12. When I saw the title “The Penetrator” I thought it was a spoof of “The Punisher” Now I feel stupid.

  13. Sooo where’s the Taboo review? someone remembers that one? Wasn’t there a ripoff of it with Ron in it?

  14. SailorRustyBacon

    Farrah Goners… That name’s worse than Foreskin Humps! So Ron DOESN’T get laid in this one?? 😮

    Yeah… that Penetrator sure has an uncanny resemblance to Duke Nukem. *Has flashbacks to footage of that stripper shooter game* Well… THAT happened, too. :/

  15. If I found out that two dudes from the future came back in time to get me pregnant I’d be going for a hysterectomy, not having sex with either one.

    Oh, wait a minute, too late, had one last year. TAKE THAT FUTURE!

  16. “Can you fuck it?”
    “I said, can you fuck it?”
    This time, the answer is yes.

    Also, really, they couldn’t have called it the Sperminator? Or is that a different porno altogether?

  17. Personally I think it should be The Sperminator. It stars Arnold Assholefucker. He went back in time to fuck Sarah Boner. In 1997, Judgement Day happens where all of the vibrators in the world gain consciousness.

  18. Ron Jeremy isn’t even the most prolific porn star. Both Peter North and Tom Bryon exceed him. Ever heard of them? There must be something you’ve reviewed with them in it. Well, not both of them. Penetrator II: Humpment Day?

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