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Famed Italian splatter director Lucio Fulci makes his debut on the show with “City Of The Living Dead” (1980).

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    Dunwich isn’t really known for its zombies. It’s more well known for its giant tentacle monsters with human faces.

    Dr. Pepper? Don’t you mean DK Pepper? My advice: cut down on the Stains’ Gate.

  2. Well, technically Salem was name of whole region of which city of Salem was a center. But in fact most accused of witchcraft live in “Salem village” which is current Danvers, but also spread on several neighbor towns like Beverly.

    Also speaking of Lovecraft references so called “Lovecraft country”, a imagined region where his stories take place in fact is located slightly on north from Salem replacing the real region. Arnhem basically is in place of Gordon or Wenham, and Dunwith is smaller town somewhere close, most likely Topsfield.

    • Correction. Not Topsfield. I misquoted. I meant that Arnhem is in place of Gordon and Dunwith is Wanham, as Topsfield is where this fictional land end.

      As I write post already I could add that Bolton is Hamilton, and Kingsport is in place of Endicott. Also Miskatonic River is non existing branch of Ipswitch river what go through that region (it doesn’t really exist as there is no major river there).

      Anyway.. Ironical part is that this whole region in fact is old North-East Salem.

  3. Chicken Puppet

    Thanks for another great review!

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