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The smash hit over Thanksgiving has everybody raving. Did Doug have the same thoughts as everybody else? Lets talk about Pixar’s Coco.

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  1. I was curious about your reaction to this movie. I’ll be skipping it no matter what though.

  2. Coco is terrific.

    Frozen short is an abomination which never ends. It. Never. Ends.

  3. Another short film that looks a lot like Coco and Book of Life AND Corpse Bride is called “Hasta los Huesos.”

  4. Your reaction to Coco reminded me of how you felt about How to Train Your Dragon. Both movies used tropes you disliked but they were handled so well that you were able to look past that and really love them.

    Tropes are just tools after all. When put in the right hands, even the most “bad” ones can make for a really great story and experience.

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