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It’s nostalgic commercials on the march, let’s see how many of them screwed us up when we were little!

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  1. Happy birthday!

    • These are always great,and this might be the best,one hilarious part after another.The whole episode was good and never lost momentum.
      That’s a nice touch how they made the creepy dad the same character from the NC:Jurassic Park 3.

      And Don Bluth,holy shit. The Man Who Made Disney His Bitch. The Gold Standard Animator is on NC.

      • You know guy or girl probably a guy, I as a Russian-American living in New York City nearly would of died of laughter or from laughing so much, I don’t think I will even live on to the age of 80 even with some medicine, those years of life have probably been taken away, not only just because of watching this 295th episode of nostalgic (Mostly children’s products) commercials produced on American television in the last two decades of the twenthieth century, but also because of discovering and watching all kinds of Doug Walker’s Nostalgia Critic review episodes of all kinds of movies, tv and cartoon shows. I’m glad I took that cough drop earlier, seriously my head hurts and my almost heart would hurt too though my nerves, but now I’m coming a little down now so yeah.

      • And how in the hell did Doug get or contact freaking Don Bluth enough for him to agree to join his webshow for a while? I know once Doug and Rob got Mara Wilson (If you heard of her) at the end of their review of her role in the crappy kids film A Simple Wish (1997), but really how did Don Bluth agree? if you have time whoever you are let me know okay. I might send him (Don Bluth and his longtime partner Gary Goldman) some money on Kickstarter so they could they produce their I think 2D animated movie of their Dragon’s Lair video game from 1983. I believe Don Bluth wants to be remembered by general audiences again and not just nostalgic animation fans or who know more than the Disney fare before he dies someday.

    • OMG, i forgot about that PSA…it is totally hilarious!

      But I am a Canadian.

      I love the foreshadowing, can’t wait to hear Don Bluth!

    • The girl in the doll telephone add is Mila Kunis

  2. Actually they did make a Dragon’s Lair TV show for Saturday Morning back in the day. Every so often they’d have a decision to make like fight the goblins or jump the chasm. It would then show the bad choice followed by what Dirk would do to succeed.

    It was admittedly pretty bad but you can see them on youtube for the nostalgia factor.

  3. yay, commercials!!!!

  4. I would like to be a creepy voice dad. That would keep all kids under control in birthday parties.

    • I’m gonna say this is the funniest NC so far this year. Great selection of commercials, the skits were fantastic, especially Doug as the scary dad, and especially getting someone as big and influential as Don Bluth.

      I literally forgot so many of these commercials existed but I immediately remembered them again like it was yesterday. Especially the coach being disappointed at the Spaghettios and Zestfully Clean!

      Also cool you included some video game commercials and SEGATA SANSHIRO! XD

      Great work as always Doug and can’t wait to see what else you have in store with Don Bluth.

      • Also to the haters:


        If only the whiners and haters could be wiped away ZESTFULLY CLEAN style. 🙂

        • My curiosity can’t be contained: Why did you point out there are “clips” in this episode? I’m scratching my head so much I’m leaving trails on my skin.

          • Because the last non-editorial episode was a clipless review of Hocus Pocus.

          • Because there have been several reviews recently without any clips (notably Hocus Pocus, Jurassic World, and Fury Road) and a lot of people have been rather vocal about not liking those. Particularly the Hocus Pocus review, which was an older movie (the other times he’d done clipless reviews, they were movies still actually in the theater).

            Personally, I think Hocus Pocus was one of the most fun reviews he’s done in a long time, but nonetheless. A lot of people hated it.

          • A half hour skit isn’t in everyone’s favor. It’s a great way for the NC crew to demonstrate their talents/creativity but it’s so far what some of us would expect from a *review*. If there was one every six months or so that’d be fine but as of right now these clipless skits are a tad too close in proximity of one another.

            Then you have the crowd who doesn’t like the minimum amount of cutaways and actual reviewing like Doug did before his hiatus (pre-Review Must Go On) and Demo Reel. To the point, on topic, and a few references/memes thrown in. There’s no pleasing some people.

        • How dare these people have an opinion that’s different!

          let’s just be douches and call them haters and/or whiners.
          that will show them.

          how dare they not roar in laughter at the appearance of Don Bluth and the cringe worthy skit they used with him (teddy Ruxpin called to say it was really rather boring & he won this skit years ago)

          how dare they not howl in delight at the massive mugging of Doug during that creepy dad stuff. and the one liners of tweedle dee and tweedle derp
          why they must not recognize comedy at all?

          how dare those people give a decent well mannered opinion, it’s almost like a charcter with the word “critic” in the name couldn’t handle a bit of replying?

          this is internet get used to it


  5. I’m going to have nightmares about Doug’s creepy father character tonight. Either that or the “Segata Sanshiro” song stuck in my head for all eternity…

  6. I love seeing these commercials, so very funny (and very, very frightening)

  7. I'mVeryAngryIt'sNotButter

    Doug, you do know that the Pokemon video games had and still have a considerable adult following as well, right?

    • Yeah… I was a college student who was into Pokemon.

      Granted, it was my younger brother who coaxed me into playing it in the first place, but the game itself was good enough that I couldn’t stop playing.

      Neither of us ever stopped.

    • ᵗʰᵉNight★Star

      Exactly. That part of this video REALLY pissed me off, if I can be honest.

      Speaking as a 35 year old man who is and always will be a moderately big Pokemon fan, I was honestly more than a little offended by Doug’s self-centered, and biased ignorance with his Pokemon bashing that was honestly, very inconsiderate, inaccurate, VERY unnecessary, and only speaks for himself, while pretending to speak for many people in an age group he DOESN’T actually speak for.

      I was born in 1979, and am pretty old all things considered, I grew up in the late days of the Atari 2600, and was there during the very beginning of the Nintendo and Super Mario Bros. I’ve always been a gamer and an anime fan WELL UP to the year Pokemon was released to the US, and continued to be, in addition to Pokemon as well.

      Doug’s entire spiel about Pokemon was crotchety, very ignorant, disrespectful, self-centered, more than a little hateful and entirely intolerant and ignroant of other people’s fandoms and personal likes. And tacking on an “if you grew up with it that’s fine” line before outright BASHING a franchise he doesn’t get and self-admits he doesn’t even “care” about, while attempting to speak for people like me, who didn’t “Grow up” with Pokemon, but embraced it, nonetheless, I found was very dickish and rubbed me entirely the wrong way.

      I almost stopped watching the video, there. That was very dickish, pathetic, ignorant and not funny at all. Not to mention, entirely uncalled for. He clearly doesn’t respect other people’s interests and is very dismissive and insulting to anything he doesn’t understand, or care to. I’m 35 years old, and have never been the “Get off my lawn” type, but apparently he is.

      I really did not like that, or how he handled that at all.

      • As I am the biggest Pokémon lover, Nostalgia Critic shall PAY for this! I do not even forgive him for calling Frozen his 6th favorite Disney movie and Inside-Out his third favorite.

        Fans of Pokémon, unite! Let us show this nostalgia weeny the error of his ways!!

        • Rather then express frustration on the comment section, I think next time someone goes to a convention he is at, they should give him a Gameboy and a few of the old pokemon games. Get him to do some videos on his impressions until he beats one of the games( By beat, I mean sees the final boss like Mewtwo or Red).
          If he can devote entire vlog series to things like Adventure Time and Gravity Falls, I think he can give the second best selling video game franchise of all time a fair look. Especially if he is going to devote some time talking about them, in myy opinion anyway.

          • just you know, not first gen, first gen didn’t age well at all, Pokemon games hit their stride at 3rd gen when the depth to the mechanics was realized.

            And before anyone starts. every gen has at least 1 or 2 crappy/stupid looking pokemon.

          • I’d recommend one the later gen games. Seriously, the older Pokemon games have balancing issues that would likely piss him off if he was to try playing them.

        • Are…are you effin’ serious? Dude, for one, he’s being purposefully over-dramatic about it, as he is playing a character here. And for another thing…it’s OKAY for people NOT to like things, and you shouldn’t take their not-liking-of-things to such a personal level. Chill out.

      • tastetherainbowmothafuka

        Dude…. Chill

      • It’s his opinion and he’s allowed to express it as he sees fit. Getting THAT upset because he’s not head over heels for Pokemon or cares for it comes off as sad and pathetic and down right fanboyish on your part. I’m 34. I enjoyed the original 151 content, but stopped caring after that. He’s bashed things that I personally love and enjoy, but he’s giving his views and opinions on it. It’s not gonna bring my world crashing down and make me lose respect for him. The fact that you’re 35 and can’t handle criticism shows that you still have a lot of growing up to do.

        • I think people are upset because it seems hypocritical of Doug to seem so vindictive towards a slightly younger generation’s nostalgia when he clearly knows nothing about the property outside from the fact that it’s popular.

          It just makes him come as a curmudgeon. Especially given the fact that his nostalgic properties *cough* Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles *cough cough* executed a similar pop culture blitz in their day.

          • No, these man-children are upset because the dark humor that Doug chose to portray were taken as personal attacks, and thus the likes of Night Star & Matt Hole reacted as such… Much like how Doug’s fanboys & fangirls react whenever there’s any amount of criticism directed towards his vids, showing up on these comments.

            I got into Pokemon casually in 1999 up until Ruby & Sapphire. I don’t even care much for the franchise at this point (inb4 HOW DARE YOU HERETIC! Oh lay off the Frosted Mini-Wheats & grow up). I enjoy MLP, and I’m not going to get buttraged over people bashing it. But then again, I choose to be assbothered by people who act like overly-sensitive, entitled raging children.

            Oh yeah, and about Pokken: to quote Nurse Joy from the first Pokemon movie, “Pokemon weren’t meant to fight like this! )-;”

          • He’s also been trying to be more lenient and accepting of media and their fanbases (like tiptoeing around MLP among other things, saying ‘well, it’s not all bad, there’s also a lot to like in it’ in almost every review, watching and making extensive vlog series about current “kids'” shows, etc.), yet he comes down with a blind hatred on Pokémon of all things? Something that hasn’t been irritatingly oversaturated in over a decade and he knows has a wide fanbase of lots of different kinds of people? It doesn’t really seem fair. As far as I know, he doesn’t really have some personal reason to fixate on Pokémon as something he hates without knowing about it. He doesn’t have to try to get into it himself if he’s not interested in doing so nor does he even need to stop being irritated about how it was EVERYWHERE at one point (I do understand that feeling); it would just be nice if he tried to give the same respect as he has been for anything else for a while now.

      • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

        Nightstar, Justin Carmical was 42 when he unfortunately passed away, and he LOVED Pokemon. Several other present and past CA contributors are Pokemon fans. Hell, Lindsay Ellis, the Nostalgia Chick didn’t become a Pokemon fan until she started working on the anime dub! AT THE AGE OF 29! The sick joy he got out of the crushing (and tacked-on headcanon visualization) was WAY OFFPUTTING

        • That Canadian commercial was off-putting, and you chose THAT Pokemon bit as offensive? I can’t believe I’m going to whiteknight HIM, as I’ve whiteknighted for legit concrit AGAINST him, but: You ARE aware that he was just ACTING in an exaggerated manner (like he always does) for comedic effect, don’t you?

          Now, how about we all return to his editorial about “When Is a Joke Too Far?” This was apparently it.

          • Yeah, it’s like these people don’t even know why they started watching the critic in the first place. He’s said time-and-time again that this is all shtick, that he’s not being 100% serious. Although I am curious as to whether or not he honestly believes only people who grew up with Pokemon can possibly like it. There are a lot of things I didn’t like when I was a kid, tried them out years later as an adult and grew to love them. I just really hope he doesn’t honestly believe that’s impossible.

          • Doug isn’t the one responsible for our sick, offputting, and irritating PSAs, though, so I don’t think that’s a proper alternative target.

        • What the hell? How does what those people like and what he says here have anything to do with each other?

        • Dude that comment was uncalled for. Turn the rabid fanboy idiot mode off for a moment, and try to realize he was *overexaggerating* his hatred for the sake of comedy. Doug doesn’t really think like that.

      • Dude. I’m a Pokémon fanboy and all but… calm down. Bashing Pokémon is part of his character.

        Yes, it is annoying that he never acknowledged the mear existence of the fanbase, any of the time that he spoke about it, but really, do you watch the NC for Pokémon talk ?

      • You do realize that you sound exactly like teenage girls did when someone dared to insult Twilight, right?

        Grow up, dude. And I don’t mean in regards to Pokemon.

      • I love your passion, and I honestly fully agree with you. Doug gets away with bashing a lot of stuff that a lot of people love, all under the pretense that it’s a joke and everything is worthy of being mocked. But, after a while, it really does start to get annoying. So, I’m proud of you for saying this. Others can say that you need to calm down, but I’m glad you have a voice and you can get so pissed about something that a lot of us hold dear to our hearts.

      • I totally agree with you. I love Pokemon. I may not be as old as you NightStar(I was born in 1993) but that bit did seem offensive. But also I was satisfied when Canada scarred him as payback

      • I’m a 41 year old Pokemon fan. Those were days.

      • To be fair, I’m pretty sure he was talking about the huge oversaturation of the late 90s, but I agree he was way over the line when mentioning things other than that, such as claiming people who weren’t kids at the time hate Pokémon. He was also showing collections of figures, plushies, etc. from well past 1st Gen even though that was a 1st Gen commercial and that was when the oversaturation was at its peak.
        He seems to be on a real Pokémon hate trip lately with the joke in the Hocus Pocus review and this.

      • You need to lighten up and relax chuckles. Where did he say you were a weirdo loser for liking it? It’s his opinion on something that he didn’t get and was barraged with.

      • Someone needs to gift him a 3DS with a copy of X and Y.

      • I wouldn’t take Doug too seriously. He’s a big Internet celebrity and will say just about anything. He’s said some not-so-polite things about certain groups of people in the past before that made me really uncomfortable. He’s taken a shot at pretty much every kind of person and straight up offended them with over-the-top screaming and bug-eyed expressions. That’s just his way, and it’s better to shrug it off and move on with your life than get upset about it.

        He’s getting paid to say all of this stuff, and I doubt he cares how you feel about it 😛

      • Wow, he dislikes something you like. Get over yourself.

      • As a casual Pokemon fan. I relate to Doug. I loved my first Pokemon games but the success of the franchise was so big to my liking. I eventually got tired of it. His only mistake was implied you had to be young when the thing started which yea is a little offensive but don’t exaggerate.

        I was way more ofended with his Daredavel movie review. His hole review was forced and he made some really unfair accusation to that movie. But I came to realize is inevitable he make fun of things I like so I can forgive him that from time to time. If it happen to you too often the he is simply not the comedian for you.

    • Sure, the games have value for adults. But the cartoon IS aimed at 5 years olds. It’s perfectly legitimate to feel its way below your age bracket and not give it any attention.

    • Eh, I was only bothered at the lack of an accent over the “e” in “Pokémon.” C’mon, it can’t be that hard to look it up on Wikipedia and do a copy/paste. XÞ

      Granted, seeing that commercial for the first time in years I honestly thought it was going to end with the pocket monsters being crushed into the card game.

  8. I’m kind of dissapointed that you didn’t include the Nationwide commercial with the dead kid. I don’t care if it’s not nostalgic, I wanted it on here!


  10. The McDonalds commercial made me think of the joke in the “Doug’s First Movie” Review. Anyone remember “Fucky Town?”

    • Also, Seriously people! Donate to the fucking Dragon’s Lair Kickstarter! It only has 8 days, and we need to make this happen!

      • Yeah, it’s kinda sad, actually. This is something people wanted for a long time and yet it’s not even halfway near its goal. Come on, guys!

        • Maybe if it was a kickstarter with an actual real product to make, it would have some momentum, but its just to fund a pitch reel to try and get a studio interested. They already have a pitch reel, the original game! It’s hard for folks to get enthused about funding a demo. If they were shooting for a higher amount but were going to make an actual product, they might be having more luck. (Also, the donation tier rewards are pretty weak.)

          • Also if the next video came out before just a day or two left for the kickstarter and/or actually explain what’s going on to the viewers who don’t know what’s up. Having Don Bluth staring creepily at Doug/the audience doesn’t help the cause if you don’t know why.

      • Is Barry Manilow on to compose the music? If so, I’m in. If not, forget it.

      • Lets hope we can get this thing funded, or at least get it extended so we have more time to fund it.

  11. That intro Doug. You’re such a child at heart!

    • oh he was a child alright, a sugar hopping, massively annoying and downright obnoxious one in the intro.
      As a nostalgic speaker (and adult) could he not open the episode in a more laid back fashion?

      and the mc donald skit? a waste of time

      “they clearly said friends,folks & fun but if I holler and scream and bounce around like a drank a bucket of redbull before filming long enough then the laughs will come as if by magic


  12. Don Bluth on the Nostalgia Critic. What a birthday present for Doug.

  13. with all the shit happebn with Paris, that make me less happy with humanity, you sneak in with your make a wish infomercial, that bring abit of joy into my heart, and by far, didnt thik to see Don Bluth in your show 😀

  14. i still have a saturn console

  15. Wait, is Bluth gonna have you review one of the films you didn’t review or is he gonna have you look at the Dragon’s Lair TV show as a ‘Was That Real’ review?

  16. These commercials were always great, except you Canada! Sorry my Canadian buddies, but you guys are sick! I’ll never be your buddy, guy, or friend! Keep your PSAs to yourself!

    It’s awesome that you got Don Bluth to be there, but you’re coming back with him next week? You’re killing me man!

    And lastly, RIP Macho Man! Snap into a Slim Jim with Rowdy Piper with the other greats!

    • LOL! In our defense though, that commercial was a totally different type of commercial from the others: this wasn’t designed to sell a product or service. It was a PSA like you stated, about workers rights and utilizing proper health and safety in the workplace, and that really does make it an entirely different thing.

      As a point of interest, because of this and other similar initiatives, we actually have very good labour laws and health and safety laws up here, by comparison of what I’ve seen for US federal level laws, and the laws of many states. (I work for a US based company as a trainer (Work at home, still living in Canadaland!) so I’ve gotten a pretty good point of comparison)

      It’s harsh, and it’s a little shocking to watch, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing, right? It makes people think, and be cautious. I worked at a restaurant years ago, and saw someone slip on oil in front of the deep fryer and end up with his right arm submerged in hot oil, past their elbow, and it was because our boss didn’t adhere to health and safety practices. 18 year old kid worked for the company 2 weeks, and ended up losing most the use of his arm, months of pain and surgeries, and horrible scarring. If I could avoid ever seeing something like that again, I’d watch 100 of these commercials.

  17. “[Segata Sanshiro]’s like Chuck Norris fully realized.”

    Doug, there’s an episode of ScrewAttack’s “Death Battle” that you absolutely need to see.

  18. Was….was that little girl in the Telephone Tammy commercial Mila Kunis???

  19. Wow, Don Bluth! Getting to actually meet him must have been awesome! …And now I gotta wait to see what happens next. Great.

    Also, screw that Canadian PSA. I understand what they are for, but is it REALLY worth giving children (and adults) weeks worth of nightmares?!? No thank you, I already have enough mental scars as it is!

    • the one PSA he showed is not as disturbing as the other ones, and yes there are more

      • …Joy. What the hell, Canada?!

        • As a Canadian, I guess it’s a good thing I haven’t watched much tv in a long time, and what I do watch is PVRed so I can skip the ads, but Canada has some entertaining and non-disturbing PSAs too. Thankfully the rape whistle one is the only one of these disturbing ones that I remember actually seeing on tv. @InfiniteSky Should I even inquire about what these more disturbing PSAs are? That actually sounds terrifying.

          • Even the ones that aren’t disturbing are still annoying and have loud noises like a car horn or alarm steadily blaring for like 15 seconds. Our PSAs suck; they do more to make you hate the organization putting up the ad than they do to make you aware of/sympathetic to the issue being addressed. Kind of like normal commercials make you hate the product rather than want it, come to think of it.

    • I think giving you mental scars was the point of it. It was supposed to stay with you and haunt you so that you wouldn’t forget it, so that you would take the lesson from it and act on it. It must have worked, because I see tons of people saying “I remember that PSA.” Of course, the majority of us don’t end up working in kitchens… so that doesn’t apply to everyone who is watching… so I don’t know what the purpose of it was, really. I feel like it should have been shown at a job orientation rather than on TV.

    • That particular PSA was part of a series of (I believe) four which focused on safety in the workplace. There were also posters in bus shelters to coincide with the campaign. They were released only about 8 years ago. I had to leave the room or change the channel if I was watching TV and one of them came on, and I was halfway through university by then, not some little kid! They were also shown during daytime hours, which really shocked me.

      I think there must have been backlash against the campaign for being too intense and graphic, because I don’t believe that these PSAs are shown anymore, while lots of our “classic” PSAs from 15-20 years ago are still seen on TV every so often.

  20. *sighs* Sugar doesn’t cause diabetes! Does no one research anymore?

    • Maybe not sugar, but whatever they frost min-wheats with probably does.

      • Not exactly. Type-2 Diabetes can be caused by waaaay too many carbohydrates (definitely including sugars like glucose and fructose) causing the body to drastically increase insulin production to keep up, eventually causing the body to become resistant or immune to insulin.
        Type-1 Diabetes (often erroneously called juvenile diabetes because it generally emerges when the person is a child: for example, I was about 12) is when the pancreas shuts down and cannot produce insulin anymore, requiring insulin to be injected to help regulate blood glucose levels. It’s something that just happens to certain people from genetic predisposition or something; as far as I know, there’s no way to cause or prevent Type-1.
        When someone says that something increases the risk of diabetes, they’re referring to Type-2, which is the more common one (about 9/10 diabetics are Type-2).

    • Doesn’t seem like it now a days.

  21. I am assuming the distant follow-up will be “The Commercials vs. Gamera”

  22. Don Bluth…. AND a cliffhanger?

    Jesus Christ.

  23. that’s mila kunis on the telephone tammy commercial

  24. My jaw just hit the floor! Oh my god THE Don Bluth

  25. I dont even hear what the Mc Donalds commercial ACTUALLY says.

  26. The guy in the Sega Saturn commercials(Hiroshi Fujioka) is actually more famous for playing the first Kamen Rider(back in the 70s), which is a series that is similar to the one that got adopted into Power Rangers.

  27. I had a Bedtime Barbie. Seeing that ad does make me very nostalgic, but, yeah, in hindsight they probably should have phrased that “soft body” stuff differently.

    You know, that Canadian PSA just got me thinking. A LOT of PSAs, no matter where they were made, are often really disturbing and confusing, and not very helpful. I remember seeing a lot of American anti-drug PSAs as a kid, and many of them threw in a lot of shocking and disturbing imagery without enough context or information. For the longest time I was convinced commercials were designed to scare the hell out of the audience for no reason at all.
    As for that one, I THINK they’re trying to emphasize workplace safety but it’s so broad a message and yet so narrow a scenario I’m just really confused what the intended goal was.
    Sorry to ramble, but PSAs in general that throw in violent shock imagery really piss me off in hindsight because they seem to create more nightmare fuel rather than getting an important message across. (Even the “Rape Whistle” PSA was just enough of a shock to get people to briefly pay attention without being so disturbing that it’s distracting.)

    As for that Don Bluth cliffhanger, I’m gonna be on pins and needles for a week now. I look forward to it. 🙂

    • That PSA was about the preventability of workplace injuries. It was saying it wouldn’t have happened if she had cleaned that spot on the floor, and that it was her fault for not doing so. It’s a really bad PSA. Most, if not all, of our PSAs use shock horror, gross-out horror, shaming, fake-outs, and/or obnoxious noise, actually.

      • Clearly the woman didn’t realize that you never discuss your future plans when a camera is pointed at you. If she were older, she’d probably been a week until retirement.

    • That “this is your brain on drugs” PSA would scare me when I was about five years old, but it didn’t exactly scare me away from drugs. All it did was scare me away from the commercial. I didn’t know what the hell “drugs” were and I didn’t care. I saw that commercial probably hundreds of times while growing up, and by the time “drugs” were introduced into my education, that PSA was meaningless.
      Not that the education system taught me anything whatsoever about the dangers of certain drugs, either. They just always said “drugs bad! Grrrr!”

  28. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    That was totally Mila Kunis talking to Telephone Tammy

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