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Having sex with cartoons leads to all sorts of problems, a bad movie being one of them, but is there more to this film than it seems? Nostalgia Critic takes a look at, Cool World.

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  1. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    No new intro? How odd

  2. Ralph Bakshi passed on?

  3. I kind’a wish you mentioned Charlie Adler and Candi Milo, Doug. Sure they may not be as high in profile as Frank Welker or Rob Paulsen, but they’re still voice acting giants.

  4. Huh, I had never even HEARD of this movie until now. Really interesting.

  5. 11:46 But didn’t Doug say that Titus was one of his favorite movies of all time?

  6. Didn’t Doug do this movie a LONG time ago – or was that just in his 2012 “Mind F#ucks” video ?

  7. You scared me, Doug… Bakshi hasn’t died yet. Thank fuck.

  8. Since when was Gaston a superhero?

  9. Poor taste is probably one of my favorite things. This one of your best reviews in a while.

  10. OMFG. This is My Little Pony season 3-6 i na nutshell. Lauren Faust left after season 1 since her ideas were changed constant, then she only helped so little in season 2. she left after that and the rest was….shit history!

    • Thank you for your random rant out of nowhere. We appreciate it very much.

      • He just pretend to be Bakshi with insane random rambling.. also his claim is false as she is still a producer.

        Only reason why there is change in style outside obvious change of the studio (it is why season three is so short). Is that hands of Lauren Faust were tied originally by Hasbro, but after Brony community become a fact they stop resist anymore and show become more rafinad and less for kids. They bring even references to original Lauren design..

        • No, she was a producer for part of season 2, then she left all production of the show completely. Also, Studio B is the same studio as DHX, just under a different name.
          And no offence, but I’m guessing English isn’t your first language.

          • No, she was the creator until season 2 and is creative producer from now one (show is still created according to her guidelines). It is a myth spread by haters that she isn’t involved in production anymore.. after all they claim even that Lunar Eclipse “end the show” even if she make it personally.

            Also, I admit my mistake regarding studio names. What I really meant is that Hasbro originally intended to end series after second season. But as Brony community reach it pick even they noticed that they would kill goose laying golden ang and reassembly unbound previously team. But that obviously cause some chaos and it is why third season is so uneven and short (I don’t asy bad).

            And no offence it is a offence. If you guess that I’m foreigner then why you make retarded comment about that?

          • Honore de Ballsack

            Golden Ang? that kid in Avatar the Last Airbender?

          • All offical sources indicate Lauren Faust hasn’t worked on the show since season 2. Are you really trying to tell me that’s all a conspiracy theory set up by haters? Do you think they’re the illuminati or something altering information and blackmailing her into telling people she doesn’t work on the show? That’s right, she herself has talked about how she quit production of the show completely! If you’re not going to believe her, who are you going to believe?

          • Ok, hold up…Now I’m confused. Were you being rude to be, or you really didn’t mean it. I scrolled down by accident then I saw the…grammer tragedy of responces with “conspiracy theory set up by haters”. Now I’m really lost! Only reason why i was…upset is because I left the brony community since they grew selfish, unkind and dwnright insane! I responded with my comment for a reason, but not to rant, to connect one situation with another that was similar. >.< my head hurts!

      • You know, I don’t think you payed any attention to this video. Yeah, its a comedy review but it has a lesson in filming. If you don’t believe me, look what happened to Mega Man, Spongebob and Ghostbusters. for someone who responds with “Thank you for your random rant out of nowhere. We appreciate it very much.”, you really didn’t care about what the video was trying to say. Yeah, my responce is late, but I don’t care for your rude responce. If you didn’t like mines, why bother responding in the first place?!

  11. I remember seeing this movie as a kid and it not making a lick of sense but being interested in it because of LA/Toon combination and cartoon, sex-starved, Kim Basinger was hot. (Seriously, she works more for me than Jessica Rabbit) The movie ended up not making a lick of sense to me, it was all over the place and just insane not in the good way.

  12. Not gonna lie, absolutely hate his era of animation. Never liked the look, the sound, or the material. A style I really hope never makes a comeback.

    • The problem is most traditionally animated shows are outsourced to China, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc.

      • I don’t think that’s a fair assessment, as I like stuff older than this era like Popeye and the Looney Tunes. The 70’s was just this thick ugly blot on the history of animation where animation suddenly lost all quality control and random and avant garde was equated to genius on those merits alone.
        “It looks and sounds like shit, so it has to be good.”

  13. The drugs involved in this movie…..

  14. You put out more content this week than Spoony put out in the last year.

  15. This movie fucking traumatized me, to the point where even today I can’t bear to sit through the whole thing. Something about Holly’s design combined with the fact that she’s a malevolent character just scared the fuck of me as a kid. It figures this was originally meant to be a horror movie.

  16. Out of all the Bashi works I have never seen “Cool World” so this was a treat. 🙂

  17. Finally he is reviewing something that’s old and in a way nostalgic.

    It’s also nice you finally review something animated that isn’t something super notorious like Food Fight. I wish you did more of these since they can be very interesting to talk about.

    Also loved that you talked about the original concept and how Bakshi got screwed over. Good job!

  18. I first heard of this movie way back in the early 90’s from the trailer that was shown in the opening previews of The Addams Family on VHS. MarzGurl and Linkara reviewed this movie in a crossover back in 2009 shortly after the TGWTG Anniversary Brawl. I already know that this movie is a weird sit.

    I wonder if the Drinking Bar serves Beer Beer from the movie Steel.

    The random bits of animation that serve no purpose are just as important as the cutaway jokes in Family Guy, which ALSO serve no purpose.

    At least Gabriel Byrne gave a better performance when he played the devil in End of Days starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Donald Trump was originally a doodle who got fucked by an air headed bitch of a noid, because none of his logic makes any goddamn sense.

    Did anyone else catch Bela Lugosi from Ed Wood shouting “PULL THE STRING!” when Brad Pitt’s double fell off the building?

    Kim Bassinger pulling out the spike unleashing Cool World reminds me of a cheaper version of Loki using the Tesseract to let loose the Chitari on New York City.

    I actually like the original version of this movie. It just reminds us not to blame the director if their movie is crappy.


  19. Deviantart? pfff, how cute….

  20. I remember you saying you wouldn’t review this, because MarzGurl already did it. Well, you can always change your mind! Why isn’t there a new intro? I knew Ralph Bakshi wasn’t dead. Everyone else died, though! Never heard of “American Pop”.

    • Snorgatch Pandalume

      American Pop follows the lives of four generations of Jewish immigrants living in America and trying to break into American popular music. It starts around 1900 and ends right when the movie came out, in 1980. It’s all done via rotoscoping, a technique where animated characters are drawn over filmed living models to give them a more realistic appearance and movement. Bakshi used this technique in Wizards, Lord of the Rings, and Cool World as well, which is why Holly looks more life-like than the other doodles.

    • Honore de Ballsack

      I’ve seen American Pop. it was weird but not anywhere near as weird as cool world.

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        Well, American Pop was supposed to be a serious drama with realistic characters set in the real world. It did still contain some fanciful elements (like one character who never seems to age over a period of 50 years), but those are probably meant to be symbolic.
        I love that the character who finally succeeds in becoming a star is a coke dealer who supplies coke to the music industry and forces some executives to listen to one of his songs by refusing to sell coke to their band. 😉


  22. Wait… Ralph Bakshi’s original idea sounds eerily similar to Son Of The Mask. They butchered his original concept…. I hate that movie even more now.

  23. How to save this movie with 1 sentence.
    “Cool world is a ghost story”.

    Cool world is the after life.
    The toons are ghosts.
    This also explains why Brad Pitt turned into a toon at the end when he died.

    it also explains the ‘noids do not have sex with doodles’ rules (necrophilia).
    As well as why that is the ONLY rule in cool world.
    They are ALL ghosts, they cant be killed again.

    Now on to Gabriel Byrne.
    the reason he is able to get to cool world, is because after killing his own wife. he have been plagued with suicidal thoughts.

    Finaly why Kim Basinger turned into a ‘noid’ after having sex with a Gabriel.
    here is a simple equation.
    man + woman + sex = man + woman + baby(new life)
    therefor sex = life

    noid = alive
    doodle = ghost(dead)
    noid + doodle + sex = noid + noid
    alive + ghost + sex(new life) = alive + alive

  24. Oh, I remember Linkara and Marzgurl doing this one ages ago (in a review I can’t seem to find). Yeah, there’s going to be lots for Doug to rip into here…

  25. I’d been curious about this movie since it came out, the trailers looked great, but somehow I never could get myself to see it. Thanks to this review, I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I agree there’s some nuggets of goodness in here.

  26. wait Jim was Irish quick Demo Reel Fan Club UNITE!!! oh yeah its just me

  27. I tried watching this movie once because I was at least expecting a feature-length mindf***. I was surprisingly bored out of my skull and gave up by the time Brad Pitt is chasing Kim Basinger through the hotel.

    Much like “Food Fight” this is one of those movies where the behind-the-scenes story is far more interesting than the film itself. Except “Food Fight” was helmed by a total hack who had no idea how animation worked, and I do think Bakshi’s original vision for the film might have been interesting. Maybe not a great film, but how often do you really see gritty horror-themed animation outside foreign and indie animation?

  28. I had never heard of Cool World until your Top 10 Oddest List or whatever it was called. Hearing about the production was really interesting since I never looked it up since first hearing about it.

  29. Critic, did you just call Spider-Man Turn Off the Dark a Broadway hit? Quite probably the biggest theatrical bomb since Carrie: the musical?

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