Critic and Nerd: Making of TMNT Coming Out of Their Shells

The Nerd and Critic, finally decide to review something together! In this review they review one of the biggest pieces of garbage that they have ever seen: TMNT – Making of Coming Out of Their Shells!

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  1. I may not have ever seen any of the TMNT movies or TV shows, but I at least knew they existed. I had no idea that this rock band or video existed until seeing this review.

    Top 3 funniest Critic comments are:

    It looks like a child-molesting alien.

    In fact, they’re so f***ing good that the music actually plays before they start playing their instruments.

    I think they just gave up on sentences and just started shouting random words.

  2. So why is Mikey wearing a black and white confederate flag?

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