Critic and Nerd: TMNT 2014 Review Preview

The preview for tomorrow’s review from the Critic and the Nerd.

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    Can’t wait to see NC and NNEEEEEEEERRRRDDD reunite!!

  2. So much epicness. My computer can’t take it!

  3. That is one hell of a teaser! This is going to be interesting indeed!

  4. looks the best out of any of the turtles reviews so far,like an event.

    The heart of the Ninja Turtles thing kinda worries me,just from hearing that you know he’s going to try to tell us our business at the end

    I’m also worried that they may vindicate the people who hate on haters of this movie for no reason,because let’s be honest,the majority of NC fans don’t have minds of their own and unless they have a strong opinion on something already,they’re essentially like “What he said.”

    • I have a mind of my own, and I like movies like Daredevil, the Ghost Rider films, The Matrix Trilogy, and this one. Also, I’m not that negative unless it’s for good reasons. For example, too many people like Family Guy, and I hate it, because of the constant use of cutaway jokes, joke that will eventually be dated, unlikeable characters, and jokes that go on for too fuckin’ long.

      • Hey! I also like Ghost Rider, I also like Daredevil, I also hate a popular cartoon series (South Park, It could be so much funnier if it didn’t rely on shock humour so bloody much) and I have mind of my own!
        It’s almost like we’re…human beings! With our own personalities and interests!!!

        • if you get past the shock humour, south park is actually the most brilliant animated show ever. is way too clever to just see it as shock humour, thats just their style

      • >I hate it, because of the constant use of cutaway jokes, joke that will eventually be dated, unlikeable characters, and jokes that go on for too fuckinโ€™ long.

        I can’t tell whether you’re talking about Family Guy or Nostalgia Critic.

      • i forgot to say I’m the same way(if I don’t care about the subject enough)

        It’s undeniable after a TGWTG or CA(whatever) producer has an opinion,in following comments sections more people agree with it,than not. Just try to go to a comments section,outright disagree with say,Linkara,and see how many commenters attack you.

  5. This episode is gonna be full of nitpicking, and I actually like the 2014 film.

  6. Moviemantweeter1999

    That was o.k. but can’t wait to see the cruddy movie be Tared apart

  7. Wish they could bring in someone that knew the newer cartoons honestly im sick of people acting like the 80’s cartoon is the only thing in the TMNT that matters it would be like if Batman fans only talked Adam West. Ah well James reviewed the comics so I guess they atleast know the basics

    • You didn’t watch the Critic’s crossover with the Blockbuster Buster, did you? There was a bit in there that made it pretty obvious that the Critic enjoys the Nickelodeon Turtles series.

      • Pshaw! Do you honestly expect a fan of the Nostalgia Critic to watch other people on the site? If there’s one thing the fan reaction to the Nostalgia Critic ending taught us it’s that to most fans only the NC exists on this site.

        • well. most other reviewers in this site suck. i like rap critic and renegade cut, sometimes i watch new guys or the snob and the blockbuster buster out of sheer boredom and they never get a laugh out of me. if anything i wanna punch the blockbuster buster, he annoys me

        • Actually MegaNerd I watch Linkara Cinema Snob Midnight Screenings and Todd in the Shadows your ignorant assumption is false.

      • Chainzeros that was done for a joke and should not be taken at face value good sir.

  8. Spoiler: The heart of the franchise was selling toys.

  9. Woooo! I’m really looking forward to this! It’ll be great to see the Nerd and the Critic team up again…

  10. I know this movie is ot everyone’s liking but I still love it. Plus the sequel is going to fulfill what the old ones didnt.

  11. I’ll watch but I’m afraid they’re in the end going to say that it’s bad but it’s a good kind of bad or a kind of bad that has some good aspects of it. I haven’t seen it, not do I want to, I’ve boycotted Michael Bay and Megan Fox movies completely and I don’t care if it’s nostalgic, I won’t watch anything that involves directors, producers or actors or anyone major contributor that I hate. I won’t even partake in this stupid thing everyone calls ‘hate-watching’.

    • Hate-watching? What the flying friggin’ heck is that?

    • pirate it. dont give money to those people. thats what any good citizen does

    • What with all the stupid Michael Bay and Megan Fox hate? People always say thay hate these people, but give no reason to why.

      • then probably you never really listen or read beyond “I hate them because..” PEOPLE ARE ALWAYS SAYING WHY THEY HATE THEM, on Michael Bay is quite simple: all of his movies are overused CGI and explosions with really crappy stories in other words shit, Megan Fox is not an actress she is just a piece of ass (an overrated one at that) for you to stare a for the whole whatever movie she’s in, in other words with a bay/fox matchup screw the story, screw character development, screw creativity, is just explosions, CGI and ass.

      • Megan Fox’s acting is just plain awful. When she’s on the screen she’s just there, taking up space. I can’t decide whose acting is worse. Hers or Kristen Stewart’s. I haven’t seen the TMNT 2014 movie yet. Not sure if I ever will. I grew up on the comic books and enjoyed the characters, including the villains. The Shredder was actually terrifying to me, as he should be. And April in the comics was intelligent, resourceful, and interesting. Megan Fox epically fails at portraying any of those traits in movies I have seen her in.

  12. Great! Can’t wait to see it tomorrow! This was a great teaser!
    (humming) “thirty something nerdy critics…”

  13. Got to see this at Zenkaikon. Amazing time getting to meet you and Rob. Was so glad to see you pop into the Charity Auction as well.

    • Sounds cool, You’re lucky, I would kill just to meet any of these guys just once in my entire life.

      PS Hey buddy, would you by any chance happen to be blue da ba dee da ba die?

  14. Hey everyone! Who do you think the NC hates more; Michael Bay or M. Night Shyamalan?

    • The smartest choice would be Shyamalan, because he hasn’t made the big bucks since Signs, because all his movies since Signs suck hard. Bay’s Transformers movies a still making money, because they know their audience. Oh, and the Bat hate has gone overrated since the release of Revenge of the Fallen.

  15. This is going to be good!

  16. Who did the song? Was is Skitch, or Rob Scallon, or both?

  17. but if they find the heart of the franchise that means that they’ll find out that the franchise was technically destroyed since the 80’s cartoon, people seem to forget that that was the first time the turtles where used as a big commercial to sell toys

  18. This is going to be shit
    *the shit*
    The best shit that anyone has shat.

  19. That made me happy

  20. Catchy theme song. Though I’m kinda worried the ‘heart of the franchise’ thing will be something pretentious when let’s face it it started as a parody comic of Daredevil and then turned into a silly cartoon to flog toys. :p

  21. Also, having seen the 2014 TMNT, I can say…it was just okay. Fairly average blockbuster flick, and it had some nice parts, like the turtle’s personalities and their interactions with Splinter. Yeah there were also some annoying bits, like Mikey’s weird infatuation with April and the lame bad guy plan, but overall it at least didn’t bore me like Transformers 4.

    And, as James said, it was better than Turtles 3. Maybe not saying much but oh well.


    The best weapon to temporary vanish Michael Bay is boxes. Can’t wait.

  23. Everybody knows that the best TMNT are the early two thousands version.

  24. Even though I don’t really liked the Nerd, I’m still really excited for this episode to come today. ๐Ÿ˜€

  25. Multi-Voice Reviewer

    Save April O’Neil the pornstar with the same name or the caracter herself? lol ๐Ÿ˜€

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