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The team takes a look at Daredevil Season 2. AngryJoe joins in to talk as well. Aiyanna gives you her pick of the week.

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  1. Argh! I’m only halfway through Season 2 so I’ll just wait to finish it before I watch this.

    Why must we live in the golden age of subscriber based television where almost everything is good?!

  2. OH! I almost missed this video! O.O I may check out Daredevil one day (especially since the first season is on ITunes) but it seems a little too dark for my taste. Just in case, I stopped just before the spoiler section.

  3. It was outstanding, until the Hand came in…in just a few episodes the ruined Elektra’s character, botched up the end of the punisher arc and delivered yet another underwhelming finale. I liked it better than season 1 overall, since we got more lawyering (even though Foggy was the one doing it) and Fisk was truly threatening this time around, but if this is their attempts to add mysticism into the MCU, they should better not do it.

  4. And I hated the Matt/Karen pairing. The rain scene was the stupidest corniest nonsense I have seen for a long time.

  5. Joe really needs to go on a diet and do some exercise.

  6. I actually think the Catholic element of Daredevil’s character is great.

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