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The Cinema Snob looks at the Philippines answer to Wonder Woman!

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  1. I guess after last week with releasing 10 episodes in a day, The Cinema Snob’s anger knows no bounds.


    Walt Right is already more creepy than The Snob’s twin brother, and he loves rubbing mayonnaise on his nipples and shove SpongeBob’s house in his ass.

    The Planet Women look like they made a wrong turn on their way to the set of a Powerpuff Girls porno spoof.

    A crippled person who gets god like powers, huh? So, she’s like Captain Marvel Jr. from the DC Universe.

    9:10- Serves the sexist prick right for giving a shitty review on DCEU’s Wonder Woman.

    18:48- I also wish this were a film version of Katy Perry’s Extraterrestrial music video, but with no Kanye West appearance.

    I’d like the Laurel & Hardy movie to win, because it’s too damn early for a review of Until September.

  2. Snorgatch Pandalume

    I hadn’t realized that Zsazsa Zaturnnah was a parody of Darna, since like most Americans I’m entirely ignorant of Filipino pop culture (for those not in the know, Zsazsa Zaturnnah is a musical about a transvestite who swallows a magic rock that lets him turn into a female superhero). It is indeed a national shame that it has taken this long for Wonder Woman to have a feature film made about her when Darna has already had ten. Also, I don’t think that’s what that little boy was saying in Tagalog.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      You are absolutely right about that. Wonder Woman is 1/3 of DC’s “Holy Trinity”. Superman has had his own film franchise; Batman has had TWO franchises (Burton/Schumacher and Nolan). It’s way past time Diana got her own film.

      I have to wonder how much of that is the fact that they never seemed to know how to write the character. Even the comics are wildly inconsistent with how they treat her. Still, it shouldn’t have been that difficult to tell a story about an Amazon princess coming to America to beat up bad guys. But even the failed 2011 TV show couldn’t do that right. And let’s not even talk about that Catwoman movie!

      • Snorgatch Pandalume

        It’s due to the fact that Hollywood, in its infinite wisdom, decided that men didn’t want to see movies featuring attractive women in skin-tight outfits.

        • TragicGuineaPig

          Or women who KICK BUTT while wearing skin-tight outfits.

          • Snorgatch Pandalume

            I dunno about that. In the ’70s when I was growing up, Charlie’s Angels was one of the highest rated shows on TV, and they kicked plenty of butt. Plus the only science-fiction show ever to hit #1 in the ratings was The Bionic Woman, and Lindsay Wagner kicked plenty of butt there too. I think a more likely explanation is that Hollywood executives are just stupid.

          • TragicGuineaPig

            70s TV also had Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. So it appears we’ve come full circle.

            (And Lynda had such beautiful blue eyes… sigh!)

            Oh, and lest I forget: there was some show I used to watch on Saturday morning called Isis, about a teacher who took the form of the Egyptian goddess and fought crime.

          • Snorgatch Pandalume

            “Oh Mighty Isis-Isis-Isis!” Yes, I remember that one well. It was a half-hour live-action show done by Filmation as part of The Shazam!/Isis Hour. Isis served as a female counterpart to the show’s other superhero, Captain Marvel, much like She-Ra and He-Man, which were also done by Filmation (note both Isis and Ra are Egyptian deities, and all four superheroes had to transform from normal people). Isis and Captain Marvel even teamed up in a few episodes.

    • Oh yeah…I watched Diamanda Hagan’s review of Zaturnnah. 🙂 A lot more makes sense now.

  3. lol! “In reality, she’s swatting at squirrels.” XD

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