Dave and Sarah v Batman v Superman – Midnight Screenings

Dave and Sarah share their thoughts on Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Saw Batman v superman and got back from it 2 hours ago and found it to be OK. I’ll write a longer discussion later below this comment since I’m currently charging my phone and don’t want my stretching arms to get hurt so you’ll see me discuss more later tonight. See yeah until then

    • MidnightScreeningsman2014

      Yeah so I just thought it was alright. What I didn’t like was I knew exactly that Superman would come back to life and that was eminent by the floating of dirt over his coffin. I personally agree with Dave in that Jason Momoa looked like a terrible aquaman and if they would have cast somebody else as him I would be happier but OK to that is never gonna happen. I also have how Batman killed all those people and Lex Luthor was not convincing in the slightest and I really didn’t care for the character or Jesse Heisenberg’s prrformance. I also thought it was dumb that they made him like the joker where he has quirks and is completely ridiculous how they tried to make him that dumb!!!! What I liked was that the area where Batman fought shockwave before the fight in the city was uninhabited and I liked the subtile touches the movie made and the beginning and set up weren’t that bad. So yeah very mixed but mostly i’d say the movie was alright but see why Dave hates the movie and Sarah too(I guess).

      Also that whole Harley Quinn thing and her being a skater is dumb to me but definitely don’t think it was the fans fault but just the cosplayers for making her more sexy and stuff like that.

  2. Yay! I came because Sarah is my favorite Midnight Screener. I liked Man of Steel except for the head snapping scene. (SPOILER COMMENT) There was a Mask of Zorro poster on the theater at one point. I thought that they covered the Wayne’s death in a good way overall. A short, sweet, and to the point backstory. Batman v. Superman is a prime example of a mixed movie, in my opinion. There’s slightly more good than bad but… there’s definitely bad. The first half an hour was mixed. The three or four dream sequences that had little to no bearing on the plot confused me. Lex Luthor knew things that he would have no way of possibly knowing. I am usually a mindless movie goer with a huge focus on visuals so you know that if I’m pointing out plot holes, it’s bad. LOL. The movie was trying way too hard to be dark and edgy. However, the action scenes were awesome. Most of the acting was good. The best part was Wonder Woman (I liked the outfit too) and the worst part was Jessie Eisenberg as Lex Luthor. Lex Luthor was acting like the Joker for some odd reason. Lex Luthor was in the movie almost more than Batman or Superman and he was the worst part. If they had taken out the dream sequences and replaced it with scenes that repaired the plot holes in the movie and had less Lex Luthor, the movie would have been great. Oh, and there was no after-credit scene. What the heck, DC?! Don’t do that!  But, yeah, I am so excited for the Lego Batman movie. And I will not be seeing that Ghostbusters movie because I don’t like the director and the movie really looks like Bridesmaids (which I hated) with ghosts. Chris Hemsworth looks good though but that might be just because I have a thing for glasses on dudes.

  3. No faith in the DCCU? What about the Suicide Squad? That at least looks like it’ll be good.

    • Personally, I have mixed feelings about Harley Quinn. I also hate her recent costume designs, but reading her comics, she is utterly adorable and pretty smart. So I don’t hate her for the same reason some people don’t hate Bayonetta (I do, but that’s a whole other conversation) There’s enough to the character for me to look past the fan service.

    • No. No it does not.

  4. I take it the Superman in this is from Man of Steel but which Batman is this?
    Did they retell his origin because this is a new Batman or is he The Dark Knight?

  5. dat dude be vapin

  6. and YES, Excalibur was relevant in the movie. No one else seems to be picking up on this. i think its the dirctor’s homage to a movie he loved as a kid. Only reason i got it is because Excalibur is one of my all-time favorite movies. At the end, when Sup impales Doomsday, its an homage to how Arthur and Mordred killed each other in Excalibur. It was very on purpose.

  7. Actually, in the original comic book series, when Bruce Wayne was a little boy (about five years old) he was once playing by himself in the woods near the manor house, when he accidentally fell into a hole in the ground, and became trapped down there, until his father found him, and pulled out of it.
    That hole in the ground is a small opening to what would become the Bat-cave.

    What is “Videophile” (“Video Filie” ?) ?

    • Steve the Pocket

      Apparently Wonder Woman just shows up with a dossier on a bunch of other superheroes that includes video footage that for all intents and purposes are teasers for their respective movies, if indeed such movies are in the works.

  8. I have a request: After seeing how depressed Dave is in this review, can I watch him and some of the other members of Midnight Screening sit in a car and talk about the Supergirl/Flash cross over? I have the occasional issue with the TV shows, but ultimately I think they have the souls of the characters right.

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