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Walter, Aiyanna and Bryan discuss DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Beth checks out AlleyCat Comics in Chicago. The comic picks of the week are also discussed.

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  1. Robert Bateman

    The character Mae is Japanese.

    Therefore the correct pronunciation of her name is “mæeɪ”.

    The pronunciation “meɪ” is incorrect.

  2. Yay. I watched every episode on Demand since freeway traffic is rough on Thursdays. Hawkgirl/Kendra annoyed me at times though and Vandal Savage was hit-or-miss. I didn’t realize that Rip was Rory from Doctor Who. O.O (SPOILER?) Captain Cold was my favorite character, especially since I saw The Flash first. I stopped watching Arrow after the middle of Season 1. I actually felt chemistry between Cold and Sara throughout the season.

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