Deadpool and How to Be Single – Midnight Screenings

Brad and Sarah check out Deadpool, while Irving sees How to Be Single.

Brad and Sarah review Deadpool.

Irving reviews How to Be Single.

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  1. >.> The Jurassic World hate…

  2. I’m shocked by the fact not one Deadpool review I’ve seen mentions the final act takes place on a heli-carrier

  3. Side-boob? This movie has full front topless strippers and it’s definitely not suitable for children.
    Great movie though.

  4. I live in New Mexico, where much of Independence Day was being filmed, and Brent Spiner walked through my store. Sadly I was freaking out so badly just being like was that really him?!? That I didn’t get a chance to say hi. The man moves fast, he was like racing through the shops.

  5. Deadpool (to me) – fun fun fun, Ryan’s passion project paid off big time and “Stewart or McAvoy”

    Can’t wait to buy it on Blu ray (and listen to Ryan on the commentary???)

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Might just see how to be Single just so I can see Rebel Wilson’s quips(and her talk about her vagina cause there was a joke in the trailers for that) even though Irving pretty much ruined it all but I don’t mind;)

    About to see Deadpool this Wednesday so will definitely stay after the credits and watch out for the nudity(which is gonna be awesome to see woman’s tits cause I’m 16 and I like that stuff but liked the how to be Single review a bit more since I loved you guys interacting and making wise cracks but definitely loved the Deadpool review(especially with how hot Sarah looked) 🙂

  7. I’ve seen a lot of Deadpool reviews so I just skipped that one today.

    I haven’t seen many reviews for How to Be Single. I already knew that I didn’t want to see it since 1. I don’t like R-rated comedies and 2. I don’t care about dating at all. A character who’s a paralegal though? That’s kind of awesome and at least that makes these types of movies a little relatable to me for once. Oh, and I agree with you about Kristen Stewart’s improved Twilight acting.

  8. My screening was full of under-aged kids! They probably had to either get an 18-year-old family member or friend to get them in, or the people at the ticket counter couldn’t be arsed to give that group of tweens a refund :/ Oh well, I just said to myself, “Well these kids live in the YouTube & Vines generation. So…” Yeah, pegging!! 😀

    Also, if that would be Stan Lee’s last cameo in a Marvel movie, that would be THE best spot for him to make a cameo!

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