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The mean-spirited superhero has come to make fourth wall jokes, but do they work? It’s time for Doug to review the Deadpool movie.

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  1. I’m going to go against popular opinion on this one. I don’t consider ‘Deadpool’ a comic book superhero movie. I consider ‘Deadpool’ a comic book movie with superheroes in it. I also tend to think of the character of Deadpool as more of a rogue who does heroic things from time to time.
    I loved the movie and the fact that it made fun of the last attempt to put Wade Wilson on the big screen. THAT character was NOT Deadpool. I barely know anything about Deadpool and I know that THAT travesty was not Deadpool. THIS … THIS movie has the real Deadpool and it was worth the wait.
    If you haven’t seen it and you think you’re gonna like it, go see it because you will. 🙂

  2. Sounds like a terrible experience going to the cinemas in the US of A if that kind of audience you describe is the normal one.

  3. I saw this movie on Friday with my girlfriend after work and we loved it. It did feel a bit smaller in scope in comparison to recent Marvel movies but that was a good thing.

    I felt that Deadpool didn’t emphasize too much one thing and balanced out the comedy, characterization, and the action. I also love how this movie made fun of itself and so many of the obvious budget cuts like only affording 2 of the Xmen and making fun of Ryan Reynolds within the movie as well.

    You can tell Ryan Reynolds had such a blast making this and I’m glad he pushed so hard to get this movie made. I still remember being blown away by that test footage from years back and now not only is it a reality, we’ve also been guaranteed a sequel!

  4. Bob is a loser Hydra mook who became a good friend of Deadpool in the comics. But the Fox X-Men movies don’t own the rights to Hydra, so mentioning him was all they could do.

  5. I actually didn’t like this movie as a whole. While there were a select few moments that made a laugh a lot, all in all I feel that this movie really resorted to cheap and easy humor and it didn’t feel as smart as it clearly thought itself to be. I get that this was a fan movie so in that regard I have a certain amount of respect for it, but even so I just didn’t care for most of it.

  6. I think Ryan Renolds personally producing this film was a saving grace. It’s pretty obvious that Fox was playing it as safe as they could considering how standard and generic the story and even some of the characters are. Ryan helped push to have Deadpool be Deadpool which is how we managed to get as much of the character as we did. Hopefully being such a wild success at the Box Office will convince Fox to take bigger risks with the sequel, and it seems to be doing just that considering they really are looking for someone to cast as Cable.

    Don’t get me wrong. The humor, character, style, everything about Deadpool was spot on. A perfect film representation of the Merc with a Mouth. But again, I think that was all thanks to Ryan’s input in the film. Really shows how big of a fan he is and how important it is to have these kind of faithful fans on production staffs.

  7. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Definitely an interesting review and seeing the movie for myself on Wednesday so no SPOILERS I’m glad there weren’t any herw but too bad I’ll have to wait for the bum review.

  8. This is Tim Miller’s first film as a director, so I’d be shocked if we got something on the level of Edgar Wright

  9. Negasonic Teenage Warhead was the other X-men`s name

    • Although she had Cannonball’s powers because they decided not to use him so they could avoid the trap of making him a dumb hick. And then they decided on her because they were looking through a list of minor X-Men characters and had pretty much the same reaction to her name that Deadpool had.

  10. Ahh, I’m so spilt. On the one hand, I love superhero movies and I know that the last time there was a PG-13 Deadpool on screen it didn’t work out so well. On the other hand, I don’t like raunchy humor and I have a no R-rating rule.

  11. Deadpool is not that cruel of a superhero

  12. When Bob showed up I literally squealed like a little girl.
    He wasn’t from Hydra but I’ll take it.

  13. Wait for the directors cut, Doug and everybody else who felt like there weren’t a whole lot of jokes, seriously, wait for the directors cut. According to Ryan Reynolds and T. J. Miller, there was hours of footage left on the cutting floor, not just to meet the 1:30 mark, but because Fox wanted to play it safe and because the R rating was getting to the point where they’d probably couldn’t get it past the suits.

    Otherwise, I fucking loved it, good god I just got home from seeing it and being a Deadpool fan, they nailed it. People seem to be going in with the wrong expectations though, yeah Deadpool is a lot about jokes and what not but he’s also a very serious character at times. He’s dead inside, dead, literally insane to the point where he hallucinates or quite possibly is in a relationship with Death, and most forget he was extensively tortured in his beginnings. He’s very much a character of contrasts, he’s not like Batman where Bruce Wayne is Batman and Batman is Bruce Wayne, they’re very much separate entities that struggle trying to figure out where which one begins and ends.

    Wade is very much a person who struggles with trying to remain sane from the constant pain he’s in from his cancer basically constantly eating away his body while his healing factor keeps him alive. Deadpool isn’t so much randumb as he is a catharsis to the slow eating agony and mind breaking insanity that he holds trapped. He’s fourth wall breaking because he literally sees no other possible way of explaining away his torment, agony and cruel luck, other than him being a tragic comic book anti hero.

    There is so much complexity to the character and Ryan Reynolds does a fantastic job of setting it all up for later films. I pray Fox can get their heads out of their ass so we can see a Deadpool/Captain America moment. Good god, Tony Stark actually being introduced to Deadpool would be fantastic.

  14. ok. this is ONE AND ONLY love story I EVER can NOT say “aw fukken bollocks!!!” to.
    Because it actually SHOWS what LOVE IS!!! Fucking oinking boinking MORE FUCKING and some JOKES and making each other feel comfortable with bare ass!!!
    That’s all there IS TO IT!!!!!


  15. Did anyone else have that first glance at the Xć-girl and go “OMG WTF IS THAT TAMARA CHAMBERS DOING CURIOSA AGAIN???”

  16. I thought this was better than “Kung Fu Panda 3”, so by default, it’s my favorite movie of the year. Yes, I know there’s lots of Deadpool cosplayers! They are the craziest of them all! The jokes mostly hit spot on. It did come off as uneven with the dramatic parts, but they were still really well done. I know more than you do about the character.

    Can’t wait for a review of the My Little Pony movie where you’ll probably say the same thing.

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