Demo Reel: Rachel and Malcolm Auditions

Malcolm and Rachel’s Demo Reel audition.

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  1. I really liked Rachel. I hope I’ll end up seeing her in other stuff, like movies or TV shows.

    She has my support.

    • Malcolm is cool, too. I like his voice.

    • I remember when Demo Reel ended and how supportive we were as a community to still have Rachel and Malcolm still remain involved with the NC.

      I still miss Rachel, but Tamara’s been amazing in all of her NC eps so far. Glad to see how both Rachel and Malcolm got their start here.

      • Three Degrees of Bacon

        Right there with you. Rachel was great. I hope her new path is treating her well. I’m sure many of her fans would be thrilled for an occasional cameo. Too bad about how her sendoff video got deleted. I’d love to at least see the script for that. Know how it went. Or did we get that and I missed it?

        • I assumed the sendoff being deleted was a joke, given they still had her record a bit in her actual final episode.

        • ThatManWithTheHeadband12

          Her “sendoff video” was the original version of the Face/Off review. This version more echoed the plot of Face/Off itself (Think Shining Miniseries review). Search Face Off Nostalgia Critic on YouTube, and you’ll find two different Behind the Scenes videos. Both are from the original filming day

    • Seems a shame you never had her do an song parodies, like Bart Baker & Key of Awesome.

  2. This explains the Shakira bit in that one Nostalgia Critic video. These were fun to see. Wow, Doug really kept them on their toes for this one. So glad that these two got picked

  3. (falls to knees)

    Why???????!! 🙁

    First the lost episode of Demo Reel, now this? Stop playing with my emotions, channel awesome!

    There was only, what, 6 episodes made? You guys barely give it a chance.

    I miss Demo Reel so much 🙁

    • If you weren’t here at the time, the reaction was REALLY negative to Demo Reel. Had they started doing it *while* Nostalgia Critic was still running, it might have done better and had a chance to go through growing pains, but as NC’s replacement it was just sort of universally hated.

      • Obviously, i was here. Because i saw it all and the comments.

        The reaction was not negative as you make it seem, as if everybody had hated it. Mainly, half were just on the fence about it, and the other half was complaining because there was no new NC episode.

        And the whole time Doug & Co were getting cold feet about the whole thing because it just wasn’t raking in the ad revenue $$$$ that NC episodes were.

        But it was only the 6th episode. Who cancels a show after so little time??? Actually, i don’t think Demo Reel even made it to 6 episodes.

        R.I.P Demo Reel. You were taken before your time 🙁 🙁

        • You could say that all the haters were thumbing up hate comments. If only they had taken away the thumbs up when they had taken away the thumbs down.

          & of course, the hatred was just the butthurt over Doug being bored with the NC thing & wanting to try something new.

          Oh & Doug, if you read this, I’m still waiting for episode 3 of the Bjork Show.

          • Well… To be fair, Demo Reel was pretty dull… I did my best to like that series, and it seemed to be slowly but steadily improving, but save for a single episode and a few scenes here and there, it never really made me laugh…

            I was really sad that Doug’s first venture post-NC failed that hard, but IMHO, it’s not fair to just blame it on haters. Demo Reel just wasn’t very funny. Many of my friends pretty much gave up on it after an episode or two, not because we had no more NC episodes, but simply because they didn’t find DR amusing enough to visit the site. Even I was losing interest…

            Sadly, this kind of thing happens… Sometimes shows don’t have the opportunity to prove themselves because they don’t attract enough viewers to keep them afloat for the first few episodes…

            I do hope that Doug and the rest of the crew find the time to try new things. I understand they pretty much depend on NC to make money, but if a series is good enough, it could at least alternate weeks with the NC.

          • Yes, DR might have fared better had it not been NC replacement, but a parallel show. Still, regardless of that, I think it just wasn’t a good show, and that “haters” were partly right in hating it. I remember giving it an honest chance, again and again, and never being able to truly enjoy it. It wanted to be too many things at once – a sitcom, a parody show, a sarcastic take on movies.. but ultimately it just ended up as a giant mess.

            Had it run longer, maybe it might have gotten better. We will never know. Had Doug handled the NC cancellation better, and instead of killing him off simply alternated Demo Reel with old-school NC, maybe today we would have best of all worlds. I don’t know. But what I do know is that I like having NC back. Regardless of how Doug feels about this character, this show is his comfort zone, something that works.

        • Yeah, I remember on the old TGWTG site that the comments on Demo Reel were mostly mixed at best. I would think that the haters mostly spoke by not visiting the site.

          The general consensus for years here on CA/TGWTG is that most of the fans only come for the reviews and don’t really like skits or narrative stuff aside from the anniversary specials.

          It’s very clear Doug wanted to go in a more skit/narrative/story direction but was shot down by the fans. If you watch the Demo Reel finale “The Review Must Go On”, Doug and Rob are very capable of writing profound narrative stories, but because their livelihood and business relies on the NC and reviews, they can’t risk venturing out to other territories because they need to focus on the NC to keep the bills paid.

          I’m glad the recent talent pickup brought more narrative/skit people like Lucky Six, Battle Geek Plus, and Gaming Wildlife (who all really deserve more recognition here), but I hope Doug and Rob still consider giving another original, non review show a shot again.

    • They did give it a chance, and surprisingly gave it closure when it had to be cut short. Demo Reel only came out every two weeks (there were no editorials), and was based around parody of films soon after release – which would be okay since viewers who hadn’t seen the films could wait, except that the presence of a uniting storyline meant they’d have to miss that, too. I think we’re giving DR too much credit just because it was cancelled – it was a mess of a show, and I’m glad that we have regular, good content again. I’m not saying that NC was the only show that could have replaced it, just that it’s a GOOD replacement with more frequent updates.

      • I felt it was getting better when they hit The Lost in Translation episode with Uncle Yo. The first couple of eps were definitely messy as Demo Reel was still trying to find it’s footing. Too bad it was cut short before it finally found it’s 2 legs to walk on.

      • Running With Scissors

        I don’t think the show itself was that bad, it just needed to find its footing. There are a lot of shows on actual television that take a while to get on track. If they focused a little bit less on satire and movie criticism (that focus was probably from wanting something NC-esque but not knowing where to put it), and more focus on the stories, it would have turned out better. And I did feel like they were really getting somewhere by the last few episodes, so it had the potential to become a dang good series. Even in the earlier ones there are some impressive moments mixed in with the more cluttered bits.

        For the record, this is me talking from seeing it only about a year ago, after hearing how badly it was received. But compared to a LOT of the content on the internet, and even just in a general sense of quality, I didn’t see where the hatred came from. BUT, I also hadn’t been there when it replaced NC, so a lot of the criticism fueled from it replacing the Critic didn’t apply to me.

        There are the beginnings of really interesting character arcs in there, too. Most of the main characters have some sort of shame, slightly embarrassed about what life has handed them and facing rejection and disapproval from the people who should be closest to them. There are little bits of having something all over this show, and this is probably my favorite.

        Overall, clumsy? Yeah. But so are a lot of things, and I can still watch it and enjoy it, even admitting to myself it probably isn’t prime entertainment. And given how these guys have proven they can make some really quality stuff (The Review Must Go On, the halfway between NC and Demo Reel, kicks considerable ass), if it was given a little bit more time, maybe one or two rewrites and more consideration of what should be at its core, it could have been really good. If more episodes were allowed so the show could find its niche before diving into the more important overall plot points, it could have REALLY reached something.

  4. ThatManWithTheHeadband12

    I wanna see Fard and Tamara’s auditions too!

  5. good audttion.

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