Die Hard – Tamara’s Never Seen

Tamara has never seen one of the best Christmas movies ever. Join Tamara as she gives you her review on Die Hard.

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  1. Tamara: “If this is your idea of Die Hard, then maybe I should watch every seq–”
    Me: NOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Yeah, you better stop at the third one. It starts getting old after that.

      • I even think the second one is dull.

        The original is a spectacular classic, DH2 just sort of follows the formula, DH3 with Samuel Jackson is pretty solid and feels like Die Hard, DH4 is watchable but forgettable, DH5 is ugly trash.

        • Aside from DH 2, the first and third are somewhat believable because of their connection. DH 2 is a bit of an oddball but I still like it. I’ve seen maybe 40-55% or DH 4 and less than 5% of DH 5 and I have no desire to finish either one.
          After three movies it just becomes impossible to believe that one mostly average New York cop could end up in so many outrageous plots. I could see a spy being involved in 3 and maybe 4 wild plots but not a cop.
          They just stopped being believable in any way and just seemed like nothing more than cashgrabs made to milk more money out of an aging character. Willis really should have turned down 4 and 5 and let the studio reboot the franchise with a new actor. Surely there were other movies out there he could have acted in while someone else took over.

        • Snorgatch Pandalume

          I never saw DH5 because everyone who did hated it. It’s hard to disagree. It was rated PG-13, so Bruce Willis couldn’t even utter his character’s catchphrase.

  2. I love those cat photos. So cute. ^.^ Also, I’ve never seen Die Hard either.

  3. ISignedUpJustToSayThis

    Am I crazy, or did this come out last week?

  4. Yes, this movie came out when I was a kid, and I remember watching it on VHS and being blown away. I’m glad you noted the scene where Jon McClain and Hans Gruber have the cigarette and talk, that to me was the best scene.

    You’ll probably be let down by Die Hard 2, it’s not bad…it just lacks the chamistry of the first. Die Hard 3 is pretty good and features a lot of the tension and excitement of the first…especially the first half, it doesn’t wrap up as well as the original though.

  5. Snorgatch Pandalume

    Fun fact: Die Hard is based on the novel “Nothing Lasts Forever” by Roderick Thorp. In the novel, Bruce Willis’s character (who is named Joe Leland) was an ace fighter pilot in WWII who is pushing 70 years old! He’s just a really fit and spry senior citizen. Ironically, if they did a remake today that adhered more closely to the original novel, Willis would now be about the right age to play the part as written. 🙂

  6. I like that Tamara has her own show. I think she has more personality on her own than when she plays second fiddle to Doug and Malcolm. Or third fiddle? Or maybe Malcolm is third fiddle? I don’t know. Anyway, I just think it’s cool she has her own show now.

    Malcolm doesn’t have HIS own show yet!

    I just had a thought: at the end, when the building blows up, they should have had a sample of, “DID I DO THAAAAT?”


      Urkel is dead. Please don’t bring him back. Even in undead form he’s too gawddamn annoying.

      I hear captured ISIS fighters are being tortured by the CIA who force them to watch the last three seasons of Family Matters to get them to talk and the CIA doesn’t even have to translate it into Arabic.

  7. Jesus’ full name was probably something like ‘Yeshua ben Yosef’; ‘Joshua, son of Joseph’.

    The ‘H.’ in that expression stands for ‘Holy’.

  8. I find it funny that you immediately pick up on the 80s-ness (though I can’t really deny that), because I think Die Hard is easily one of the more ageless cases of the era. In addition to a thorough writing that gives weight to smallest of events and objects, and develops actual character arcs and relationships in a way that wasn’t seen in most boneheaded action films before or since, pretty much everything from music to cinematography and the all-around flow of it endures incredibly well to me.

    Then again, I’m sure you were only half-serious about it based on your overall positive reaction.

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