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The most psychotic game show is back and giving you something to hang your towels on!

If you’d like to be a contestant and live in the Chicago area, send us an email with a link to a short ‘about me’ video here.

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  1. This almost makes me want to move to Chicago just so I could be on it.


    But I think I’ll stay in California.

  2. Is mitchell a boy or girl?

  3. Three Degrees of Bacon

    Discovery Channel Documentary was one of those overdone Scary-Movie-But-A-Different-Genre knockoffs. You know, like Hero Movie, or Epic Movie, or Disaster Movie, or Date Movie.

  4. So happy it’s back!

  5. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Glad its back guess brads epicness made it implode(oh,well guess he’s too awesome for this show).

  6. These contestants aren’t very good.

  7. I was very excited for this show’s return, but damn, this episode was bad. Both contestants seemed bored, and they sucked ass- very unknowledgeable which made for a boring ass show. Please get contestants who are either funny or smart next time.

    • It’s not that they were bored, it’s that they thought they were hilarious. They were making jokes even when they knew the answer instead of just answering, and their jokes were mostly bad or just charisma-less. ZZ Top Beard Guy started to realize it part way through, but it was too late by then.

  8. I don’t usually insult the contestants on this show, but it was actually kind of therapeutic watching Doug verbally tear down the unfunny try-hard with the disgusting ear spacers. It’s too bad the good General didn’t get to shoot him first.

  9. Why I do want to live in Chicago area! I should sent a video in

  10. Srowning the Stars.

    You know you’d watch it.

  11. Please don’t flame me for this, guys. I’m not trying to be a smart ass, I’m honestly curious, because I feel like I’m missing the point here. Is the whole premise of these quizzes JUST for the contestants to come up with dumb answers? Because I feel like ANYONE with even a slight knowledge of movies would get 99% of these questions. This is the second one I’ve watched, and it’s funny for a few minutes…but it gets old really quickly just seeing people (apparently purposefully) answer things as stupidly as possible.

  12. This was terrible.

    Of course, what do you expect for $100 prize money

  13. I think the process for potential contestants should be a little more than the individual sending an email to CA stating they want to be on the show. They should have some sort of knowledge of films, because it seems that Mitchell has never seen a movie his entire life.

    Just horrible.

  14. Late Nakagawa Ryou

    Glad to know I’m not the only one tired of contestants ONLY trying to make Doug laugh rather than actually playing the game. It’s not usually this bad, but this was just frustrating.

  15. I was surprised that Mitchell got the Large Marge question wrong. LOL! 😀 This was so funny that I laugh-cried.

  16. Doug still can’t say Aragorn’s name right…

  17. the cringe is real.

  18. They really missed a good occasion there, with the costume… With the number of ‘Elf’ quote/referencing, they should have put an Elf one.

  19. Is this show getting even more unfunny or is it just me? The contestants don’t even try to give the correct answer anymore because they’re too busy coming up with “funny” answers. Too bad the “funny” answers are just unfunny, contrived, forced and annoying.

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