Disney Sequels We Want

With all the Disney sequels nobody asked for on DVD and in theaters, here are some that would actually be cool to see!

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  1. Is there anyway you can review the Japanese versions of Ironman, Wolverine, X-men and Blade?

    Can you also talk about the MTV series Good Vibes and Daria?

    And on a side note, I mention this all before, why don’t you review a classic horror like this one I’ve finally found after all these years after just seeing a few scenes of it and never knowing how it ended. It’s called Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama. You might like it. Maybe.

    Also what do think of these TV series shows called:
    John Doe
    Forever Knight
    The Misfits (British Show)
    Misfits of Science (Movie and series)
    and The Zeta Project
    (I think some of these shows are like Sonic the Hedgehog a.k.a. Sonic Sat a.m. They all have incomplete ending.)

    P.S. Is there anyway you can review the Japanese versions of Ironman, Wolverine, X-men and Blade? I’d also really like to hear what you think about the FX series Archer and Chozen.

    P.S.S. And I never found out if you were going talk more about the Disney Afternoon shows Gummi Bears, Chip N Dale’s Rescue Rangers, Talespin(even the hour uncut movie special I found about it) and Darkwing Duck. Also you never answer my question, If you hate the Goof Troop song: “Gotta Be Gettin’ Goofy” then does that mean you hate The Darkwing Duck Rap?.

  2. i can not watch a single vin of the NC on this site! dose anyone else have the same problem?

    • Yeah. I have to wait for the youtube version. I wish he’d just switch to the player SF Debris uses. That always works.

      • And now that I can see the YouTube version I can comment.

        You want a sequel to the animated ‘Robin Hood’? Dude, just … dude. 🙁
        It’s essentially a series of connected shorts made into a feature with an ending that was sufficiently wrapped up. I know ‘Zootopia’ made you appreciate this more, as it did the same to me, but this movie isn’t suitable to make a sequel from. Aside from ‘Talespin’, ‘Robin Hood’ is the best prequel to ‘Zootopia’ there is, aside from the narrator directly addressing us humans that is.
        ‘Robin Hood’ is just too compact and the world isn’t built nearly as well as ‘Zootopia’. If you really want a sequel then they’d have to remake the entire movie to build the world properly so there’d be enough to actually accommodate for and justify the existence of a sequel.

        Now, I’d like to see a sequel just as much as you but I know that it just wouldn’t work and it wouldn’t be satisfying if they made it. Better just to treasure what we already have than give Disney ideas that lead to them ruining the legacy the film we already love for what it is.

    • Are you trying to watch it on an apple device or something? I’m not having any problem watching his movies.

    • It could be the browser that you’re using. I’m using Google Chrome and other than having to set it to a lower resolution at the beginning, the video played just fine for me.

    • Nu issue for me with Firefox. But if you use a mobile device, I have experienced I need to hold down on the picture where the video should be before getting the option to play it and go full-screen.

    • Yes, I have the same problem. I’ve found right-clicking the video and click ‘show controls’ and hitting the play button solves the problem. I don’t know why this site has this ‘bug’ because I haven’t experienced it anywhere else, but that’s how I resolved it nevertheless.

    • Yep. Fails to work on Firefox, fails to work on Chromium.

  3. Omnipotentmonkeych

    You missed one HUGE ONE.

    The original was based on JUST the beginning of Arthurian Myth, primarily borrowing from the beginning chapters of A Once and Future King. can you IMAGINE HOW AWESOME A MORE EXPANSIVE EPIC DISNEY MOVIE BASED ON ARTHURIAN MYTH WOULD BE?!

    • And, maybe, if and when that film is released on DVD/Blu-ray, Doug and Lewis could make a crossover episode.

    • I was just about to suggest that! The Arthurian Mythos is so expansive and you can do so many things with it. You can make it funny, light-hearted, gritty, tragic, adventurous, slice-of-court-life, and to see it done by modern Disney with the roll they’re on? By all means, make another! I don’t care if they stick to White’s rendition or not, I just want to see them do another Arthur movie. It’s gotta be better than Quest for Camelot, at any rate.

    • Yeah, I remember watching it the 1st time and I was like «Finally! Now we’re moving to the interesting part!» and the film ended…

      • That was my dad’s reaction to the entire film. Throughout the whole thing, he was scratching his head wondering when they were actually going to get to the sword, and then by the time they cleared it up, he was like ‘They didn’t spend very much time on that, did they?’

    • thatchickwithlonghair

      YES. I would so watch that. I want more Disney movies that take place during the Renaissance with sword fights and dragons and shit. XD

  4. I know it’s live-action, but I don’t really care. SKY HIGH 2. It was going to be a quadrology, but the film wasn’t successful enough. Am I the only one who wants a sequel?

    • I read that Disney had initially planned to turn Sky High into a TV series had the movie been successful, but the disappointing box office sales of the movie killed the project.

    • Having just watched the movie for the first time recently (I know, I’m late to the party), I have to agree with you on this. Sky High was an incredibly clever kid’s film and it had a really fun universe set up. Even though I’m 23, I would totally watch another one of these films or a TV series if it ever happened. Pity it didn’t.
      Also, while we’re talking live action Disney films that need sequels, Hocus Pocus 2 needs to happen! It’s such a cult classic and has developed a huge following in recent years, so it would definitely be profitable. Heck, even the actresses who played the Sanderson Sisters (or at least Bette Midler-Winifred) said that they would totally reprise their roles if there was ever a sequel. It looked like they were setting something up with the spellbook at the end of the film, so have the kids of the main characters from the first film find the book and resurrect the witches accidentally, or something like that!

  5. I’m so excited for Disneycember. That’s one of the only times I’m really excited about anything Disney. YAY. Although, I remember only liking only 3 direct to DVD sequels as a kid. I never saw the original Robin Hood. I will TOTALLY agree with Monster Inc. 2. I’ve been waiting for it since I was a kid. *sigh* Sad days. Oh, and I am privileged to be number 2. ;D

    • YES!! That’s what I always wanted to see as far as a Monster’s Inc. sequel goes. I was so disappointed when they made it a prequel. The Sully/Boo relationship was the heart of the first one in my opinion, who DIDN’T want to see more?

      And while I never really considered “Enchanted” to be sequel-worthy, I think that’s a really cool idea for a sequel, so much that I want to see it now!

  6. I honestly don’t mind most of the sequels… save for, Lady and the Tramp 2 and that mid-quel to Fox and the Hound, and the prequel to Little Mermaid, but still.

    Yeah I admit, Hunchback of Notredame 2 was inferior to the first film but I honestly don’t think it’s that bad, just mediocre at best. :/

  7. Please don’t go the CGI route for films like Robin Hood or the Great Mouse Detective. Not every animated films has to be CGI. Also the 1st Fantasia was a bomb which is why a 2nd one took decades to come out so with the failure of the 2nd one yeah not going to happen.

    • The Great Mouse Detective did indeed leave the opportunity for another film, but frankly, I never cared for Disney’s Robin Hood because it employed the Saturday morning convention of turning human characters into animals for no reason (probably because the film was released shortly after The Jungle Book). Little John was just Baloo in green tights. Sir Hiss was Kaa, etc. there was no reason for the cast to be animals; they just were because it was a kids’ movie. I’m not a huge Robin Hood fan, but if Disney wants to tackle that story again, the studio should do it properly with a human (albeit animated) cast.

    • They do if Disney’s going to be making them; they shut down their real-animation studio for good. Which is why almost none of the ideas on this list will ever happen.

  8. I hope He does the Indiana Jones Movies and the Star Wars The Clone Wars Movie that was released in Theatres for Disneycember!

  9. Disney also does sequels in forms of TV series like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Hercules, The Emperor’s New Groove, and even new ones coming out next year with Tangled and Big Hero 6.
    As for Fantasia, instead of releasing a new sequel, why not do a series of animated shorts like the ones they do for Disney features before the movie like Feast and Paperman? At least that way they can return doing Fantasia.

  10. Wow, you’re actually going to tackle the sequels. I thought you were primarily avoiding the majority of those (With the exceptions being saved for special occasions) so most of your reviews would be positive, but okay. (Also, I really hope you decide to do an actual Disneycember review for The Good Dinosaur. The Vlog was fine, but I don’t really count that as a Disneycember review, especially since you have started reviewing films that you already did Vlog reviews for, like Frozen)

  11. Aladdin 4: Jafar May Need Glasses of course!

  12. Be careful what you wish for. Because a lot of sequels we wanted in the past, wedid end up getting… and they sucked. As a kid, I wanted a Lion King Sequel and Aladdin sequel. We got them… and we’ll never speak of them again.

  13. Great video! Honestly, it never truly occurred to me about what I think which Disney film deserved sequels. I think seeing the Great Mouse Detective is a good choice in my opinion. Heck, it could make a great tv show that could introduce young kids about Sherlock Holmes. Different adventures, timeless characters, and great mysteries to solve.

    In terms of Disneycember, I hope he talks about Kingdom Hearts. Yeah, I know it’s a game. But it is part of Disney property and he also reviewed a couple of videogames in the past. On top of that, Kingdom Hearts was briefly mentioned in his Freddy vs Jason review. So I HAVE to know what his thoughts are on the series. Whether he likes or hates it or just shrugs about it, my curiosity is rapidly increasing. I am dying to know, NC or not!

  14. I can’t wait for this Disneycember. It’s going to be amazingly miserable.

  15. I don’t want sequels to ANY Disney movies. What I want is new movies. I REALLY want The Samurai’s Daughter to be made into a movie.

    Inside Out was better when it was known as Herman’s Head.

  16. I don’t want a sequel to inside out. Period.

  17. I know it’s not a movie, but Adventures in Wonderland.
    That was such a odd but enjoyable series in the late 80’s/early 90’s.

  18. Speaking of Christmas, can we please stop putting this off and finally talk about the greatest Christmas Special of the 90’s? Its finally time to heed the calls and discover the wonder of Arnold’s Christmas.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Calluna already made that video last year, and indeed the Hey, Arnold! Christmas special was on her list.

      • That was 2 whole years ago. AND IT WAS #1! Just because one of the lesser known creators has good taste doesn’t excuse Doug and Rob from being ignorant of this masterpiece. It is time to bring this to the masses.

  19. cant wait to see The Incredibles 2., it been too long.,,.

    • The Real Silverstar

      I guess I’m in the minority in that I’d have been OK with The Incredibles being a one-and-done. That was such a good movie that I kind of feel like any follow-up to it would be a disappointment, but since Brad Bird will once again be at the helm, I’ve got my fingers crossed. I just hope the actual movie is better than some of these gawdawful Incredibles 2 fanfics I’ve read, and I REALLY hope they don’t do a time-skip; I hate those.

      • A time-skip is the only way it COULD work. How else are we going to get Jack-Jack’s coming-of-age story?

      • I reckon its been too long for Pixar not to do a time-skip. For one thing, Dash was voiced by an actual kid who’s grown up now meaning his voice has long changed, so it would be a bit of a dick move to keep the rest of the cast from the first film but replace him.

  20. I’d have loved for The fox and the Hound to have gotten a proper sequel rather than that abominable midquel they went with instead (which really interrupted the original’s plot and timing).

  21. I’d like a sequel to The Black Cauldron. I know the film was not very successful, but I enjoyed reading the books (The Chronicles of Prydain), and there’s a lot of material left for some good movies.

  22. What’s with all the hate for monsters u i thought it was good and one of the best prequels

    • Yeah, looking back, I am a little disappointed with the direction they took, but I felt like character-wise, it was an improvement over the first one as they gave everyone more depth.

  23. Weren’t emotions already become bullies in the first movie?….I mean joey was pushing around sadness till she (sadness) made a mistake…hell at first Sadness is forced into a corner by Joey then she’s put into a circle…

  24. Have fun with this years Disney-cember, Doug. I’ve only seen a few of them, and according to the Nostalgia Chick’s 2009 review of Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas, …it’s gonna hurt.

    I actually saw Monsters University at my own free will. I don’t think it’s bad, but I agree that it’s not as good as the original film.

    Looking forward to what you have planned for Christmas 2016. I hope you do a review on “Surviving Christmas” starring Ben “one of the best actors to play Batman ever” Affleck.

  25. I think that Tim Burton film you hate so much was meant to be the sequel to Disney’s Alice in Wonderland

  26. Imagine if they did a remake of Robin Hood but with the characters from Zootopia. I don’t know why but there’s something of a charm with that.

    • The Real Silverstar

      No offense, but I wouldn’t see the point of that. In Zootopia, the characters being animals served a purpose: they were an allegorical representation of differing races and classes and how said races and classes reacted to one another. In Robin Hood the characters were just animals because kids love animals and it was a kids’ movie. Zootopia was a good stong story on its’ own merits; I’d rather not see the cast relegated to doing genre parodies. That would be so Saturday morning.

  27. [Referring to Monsters U.] “I don’t want to see a PG rated version of Animal House, I HAVE THE R RATED VERSION FOR THAT!”

    Monsters University is actually G rated.

  28. Yay! Next week is the beginning of the NC’s Christmas reviews… If you shall excuse me, I’m going to go rent a bunker and hide out for a couple weeks. He blew up the world last year.

  29. Nightmare before Christmas could be an interesting option. They made Oogie’s revenge for the PS2, which took place after the movie, and there was a GBA game that took place before with Jack vs Oogie. The idea of the holiday towns definitely opens alot of doors (pun intended) for movies. Even spin-offs or prequels could work. You could even make a Nightmare before Christmas TV show with Jack trying to find new ways to make Halloween scary every year and villains interfering or causing mischief. The only thing I can think of being more difficult is a direct sequel, but the setting itself has alot of ideas for more stories

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