Disney Sequels We Want

With all the Disney sequels nobody asked for on DVD and in theaters, here are some that would actually be cool to see!

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  1. Sorry for being nitpicky, but… “Monsters University” wasn’t rated PG. It was surprisingly rated G.

  2. This seemed like a very lazily put together piece. So, why exactly are Robin Hood and The Great Mouse Detective more deserving of sequels than Pocahontas or Hunchback? Just because you personally like them more? All you’re suggesting for the former two is ‘Well, there could be more stories!’ whereas the latter two actually tried to continue the characters’ journeys (with Quasimodo finding someone who could love him and Pocahontas travelling the seas and meeting her future husband, and resolving things with John Smith). They didn’t do these particularly well, but surely they had more of a reason to exist than just ‘There should be more’. But also: who wants to see a Disney film with none of the original cast in? Alice in Wonderland you’ve got a case for, but Disney recasts have sounded terrible in other films (Cinderella 2/3, Bambi 2, Return to Never Land, Dan Castellaneta in Return of Jafar), so why inflict that on Robin or Basil?

    Also, as I’m sure others have pointed out, Enchanted IS getting a sequel.

    It’d seem more thought out if you’d entered into some discussion on which Disney sequels actually worked (although you may be saving that for December). Here… you’re just kind of throwing out titles for Disney films you like that don’t already have sequels (or could use a better one, as with Fantasia).

  3. I always thought that if there was a sequel to Monsters Inc. It would show Mr. Waternoose and Randell, breaking out of prison. And going after Mike, Sully and Boo. And maybe show some of the other kids walking into the Monster World.

  4. Some good ideas. I can’t say I love all of them, but I get where they are coming from.
    Enchanted 2: My idea for this follows Giselle. Now that she married McDreamy, she is a stepmother and her Fantasyland nature compels her harm Moppet #5. There is a legend of one stepmother who is actually good, so the whole family travels to Fantasyland to undo the stepmother curse. One problem: Fantasyland amplifies the curse causing Giselle to break bad even faster.

    Great Mouse Detective 2: This would be a cross over with Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers featuring the Rescuers. Bernard and Bianca approach the Rescue Rangers to join their Mice UN. This leads them to discover an unsolved case of Basil’s. The story goes back and forth as Basil and Dawson work the case in the 19th century, while Chip, Dale, Gadget and MJ uncover the clues to solve it in the present.

  5. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to see another Fantasia sequel! It was one of my first introductions to classical music as a child and I’ve been in love with the great composers ever since. Today’s kids should learn about classical composers and who better to do it than Disney? Your other ideas are pretty interesting and I’m definitely on board for a Robin Hood sequel and one for Inside Out. I know it’s just a pipe dream, but I would love it if Frozen 2 expanded more on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale it was based off of, The Snow Queen. There are so many female characters in the story who have agency over the plot and act and do things and for all of Disney’s wanting to give girls female role models, why not include some of those ladies in the sequel?

  6. I want to see a live action version of “The Black Cauldron”. I know the movie sucked and it did so bad at the box office that Disney would probably want to see it disappear but come on! You have dragons and swords and armies of zombies and a pig that can tell the future! Take out all the attempts at Disney animated whimsy and you have a really cool story!

  7. My idea for monsters Inc 2.
    they make boo literally come out of the closet.
    Could be about her entering her closet. Then leaving with a sense of self and independence. Without monsters.
    As a metaphor for ” coming out ”
    Instead of making elsa gay like a lot of people want.

    • The Real Silverstar

      Not saying such a story shouldn’t be told, but that wouldn’t be Monsters, Inc. People going to see a Monsters, Inc. want to see the monsters, not some coming out story. Boo’s sexual identity has nothing to do with the monsters, who are the focal point of that movie’s universe. Again, I’m not saying that there shouldn’t ever be script like that, just that it doesn’t belong in a fantasy setting like Monsters, Inc.

  8. The Cartoon Physicist

    I actually think the Inside Out sequel should be about a different kid and his/her emotions. You know how each human character had a leader emotion, why not have a movie about Fear as someone’s leader emotion to focus on anxiety disorder? Ever since I watched the film, I realised that’s what anxiety disorder feels like to me. Maybe there’s some way to fit Riley in, but I doubt it.

  9. Having read what the sequel to Treasure Planet would have been, I would really love to see a sequel to it. The Premise (from Wikipedia): Jim Hawkins and Kate, his love interest and classmate at the Royal Interstellar Academy, must team with Long John Silver to stop the villainous Ironbeard from freeing the inmates of Botany Bay Prison Asteroid. Willem Dafoe was set to voice Ironbeard.

    As for Atlantis, I would much rather see Shards of Chaos happen! I do NOT accept that compilation of tv episodes they called “Milo’s Return” a legit sequel!

  10. I almost thought I was gonna get through this one, and then it froze two thirds of the way through.

    That being said, considering historically speaking, King Richard died shortly after returning from the Crusade, making John officially the King of England, there is a possibility for a sequel to Robin Hood.

  11. The only one I didn’t agree with was Robin Hood. In my opinion, Robin Hood told a perfect one-off story that doesn’t need to be expanded upon. Yeah, it’s a great film with a fun universe, but the story feels complete enough on its own and I feel like a sequel would ruin the integrity of the original. All the other ones I totally agree with, especially the Pixar ones. Inside Out was a brilliant movie that made me sob, laugh, and jump in equal measures. Since the mind is constantly adapting and changing, it should be easy to find a new story to fit in with the original. New characters or sudden changes in balance/power could be really cool to explore. And I’ve been saying for years that Monster’s Inc. needed a sequel. Don’t get me wrong, the prequel was fun and all, but Doug said exactly what I was thinking: This isn’t the continuation we wanted. In my case, I always thought that Randall could come back through another door. We don’t know for certain if he was beaten to death by the hicks in the trailer, and if Mike and Sully could come back from the Himalayas to the Monster World through a door somewhere in Nepal, then why couldn’t Randall find another door to slip through? I always loved him as a villain and I still think you could wring out a good story with him in it. Though truth be told, Doug’s idea for a Monster’s Inc. sequel sounds better than mine ^^’. The only two on here that I didn’t see that I kind of wouldn’t mind sequels to are Hercules and Oliver and Company. I am aware that there was that “Zero to Hero” movie and a TV series for Hercules, but I believe those were prequels to the original story, and damn it, you can’t go wrong with more Hades. That’s probably why I want this sequel the most :p. Oliver and Company is an underrated movie in my opinion, and I totally wouldn’t mind a look into the lives of the main characters after they went their separate ways at the end of the film. Maybe the dogs could find a home or maybe Oliver realizes that he misses his friends from the streets and tries to find a way to connect with them again. I don’t know, maybe someone else could make a better story out of this than I can, but I really loved the music and characters from that world and I wouldn’t mind seeing them again if only for a little bit 🙂

  12. There actually is going to be a sequel to Enchanted:


  13. I’m sure some people wanted The Lion King II and was happy to get it. I love The Lion Guard as well.

    and this is a nitpick but the word is “anthropomorphic”. “animal”, is not it’s root word because it also applies to inanimate objects given human characteristics. it’s used mostly to refer to humanish animals because they are more often anthropomorphized then other non human things.

  14. prime-10@hotmail.co.uk

    For Disneycember (probably not this one) I’d like him to look at all the Marvel and Star Wars Shows. The ABC & Netflix ones which are tied to the MCU and he should review them by season. The same goes for the Star Wars shows. He should review the cgi Clone Wars series by season and the movie and the Rebels show also by season. I’m unsure if he should review the 2d mini Clone Wars series as it is not considered canon (thank you very much Disney) but he should probably forget those Ewok and Droids shows. Also he should look at the 5 mini Marvel One Shots in one video. It probably won’t happen this year but something to consider for next year.

  15. I’d absolutely want more of Inside Out, but probably as an animated show, not movies.

  16. GreenGoblinsOckVenom86

    I’m in the minority but I liked Return of Jafar and Aladdin and the King of Thieves.

  17. as far as an Alice in Wonderland sequel goes, they took a lot from what was in the second book and put it in the first movie, so there’d be a lot you couldn’t use because it’s already been used, and they’d have to add in a bunch more of their own material (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if you’re not opposed to a sequel not jiving with the book), instead of it being a direct adaption from the second book. The Dom actually did a Lost in Adaptation episode about Alice in Wonderland where he talks about this.

  18. Doug-there is going to be a sequel to Enchanted, but your idea sounds better than what they might come up with.

  19. How about Old Yeller 2? Scratch that. Old Yeller Z!

    Inside Out 2, I want to see a dysfunctional personality dynamic, particularly of the types that early teen girls tend to exhibit. I think the best candidate would be mean girls style bullying, as we could see Joy delivering perverse pleasure at the harming of Riley’s “rival” (all touched off by some petty, unintentional sleight the Anger gets fixated on). End of the movie would obviously be Riley going to assault her victim and Disgust stopping her by unleashing her power when Riley sees her reflection.

    For Incredibles 2, I see a lot of potential conflict with new heroes, as the Incredibles have a lineage and tradition going back the the sponsored age of superheroics while the new heroes are, well, new. That means that one follows a real-world refined playbook and code of ethics that might not be entirely relevant in the modern societal and governmental/regulatory context while the other is either working off of preconceived notions/”logic,” making stuff up as it goes along, or just dispensing with consistency and playing by ear, all resulting in very varied decision and outcomes. Some new heroes would join the police force and act openly and by those regs, others would go Punisher and leave a trail of blood, and yet others would try to act within the narrow confines of alter ego defense and citizens arrest. Think a more nuanced version of Kingdom Come.

  20. Heck, if they continue The Great Mouse Detective, the book it’s based on, Basil of Baker street, actually has several sequels they could adapt.

  21. I actually have a request for a future review the Tyler Lautner action movie Tracers. A movie where you can use more of your twilight jokes. Ha ha.

  22. Definitely there with The Great Mouse Detective. I remember watching that growing up, and wishing that’d be one they’d do, with the direct-to-video sequels released back then.

  23. I was going to suggest a better sequel to Fantasia…lo and behold! 😀

    My big problem with 2000 was it not being purely classical. Rhapsody in Blue and Firebird Suite do NOT go together. The pop culture infusion was also a bother. Fantasia was meant to be high art. Keep it that way.

  24. “Dreams come true”? Really Doug, really? Come back to me with that when Disney grows a spine and makes an animated movie with a male gay romance in it. Until then… cut the bullshit.

  25. Actually they said they were interested in an Inside Out 2, when they have enough time after their current sequels.

    Also Monsters inc had a sequel and even had some scenes removed to make way for a sequel. But was scrapped, picked up and scrapped again; only to be rewritten from the beginning again to be Monsters University.

  26. also, there were comic continuations of The Great Mouse Detective focused on Olivia.

  27. There’s actually going to be a sequel to Enchanted. It’s going to be called Disnenchanted. I’d provide a link to some sources, but the last time I tried to, it didn’t get posted for some reason.

  28. Okay 1 I know Doug isn’t going to ready this, and 2 this has mostly been said already, but I’m not going to read through all the comments to find out. No, this will be for those who find this comment. Fantasia’s sequel wasn’t Fantasia 2. That honor goes to ‘Make My Music’ Doug for the most part got some of it right, they did break some of those parts of Make My Music’ for their own shorts.

  29. *sigh* Looks like another Disneycenber will come and go with no mention of The Cat from Outer Space! Shame.

    The Monsters Inc sequel *I’d* like to see is the monsters introducing themselves to humanity. Just think about it: “Hey folks! I know we’re scary monsters who have been terrifying your children by breaking into your house at night for decades (if not centuries), but we also have technology that turns child laughter in to clean and plentiful energy!

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